Western Land

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Western Land
Western Land map.png
Appeared in Mario Party 2
Difficulty 1/3
Availability Default
Western Land logo.

Western Land is a western town in Mario Land in Mario Party 2. Players are dressed as cowboys and have "Deputy" in their names. The main attraction is a train named Steamer, who travels around the board and stops at one of the three train stations. If a player wants to ride Steamer, he or she has to pay the toll of five coins. Once on, the player hits a block that decides which direction Steamer goes. If it shows Toad's head, the train moves forward and stops at the nearest station. If it shows a Goomba, the train moves backward and stops at the nearest station. The Happening Space also makes Steamer move forward to the next station. While Steamer is moving in either way, players that are in the way are knocked back to Start. There is also a Wiggler that owns a milk shop. It asks players that come by if they want to start a hootenanny for twenty coins. If the player accepts, the fee is paid, and all of the other players come to the milk shop area. The Item minigame is Give Me a Brake!, and the Duel minigame is Quick Draw Corks.

At the end of the game, a red Koopa Troopa comes and alerts the players that the board villain, Bowser the Brash, is robbing the Koopa Bank. A cutscene then shows Bowser the Brash telling the Koopa Banker to get him more coins from the bank, despite that the bank has no more to give to him. Then, the superstar comes to confront Bowser. The Koopa hides in his shell as the two engage in a pop-gun quick draw. Bowser misses, shooting just above the winner's head, and gets hit in the stomach by the superstar's cork. He faints, leaving the superstar to be congratulated by the other players, Toad, Koopa, and the Star.

With 114 spaces, Western Land has the most spaces in any Mario Party game.

Space Count[edit]

  • Blue Spaces: 71
  • Red Spaces: 10
  • Item Spaces: 8
  • Happening Spaces: 7
  • Battle Spaces: 8
  • Bowser Spaces: 4
  • Chance Time Spaces: 2
  • Total: 110


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウエスタンランド
Literal translation
Spanish Mundo del Oeste Western World
French Pays Western Western Land/Country
German Western-Land -
Italian Western Land -


  • Bowser the Brash's appearance resembles his Kid Koopa alter ego and Mario and Luigi's cowboy costumes resemble Butch Mario and Luigi Kid's outfits from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode, "Butch Mario and the Luigi Kid".
  • Japanese copies of Mario Party 2 have the superstar and Bowser in an actual quick draw with real pistols. In western releases, it was changed to a fake quick draw with pop-guns.