Rocket Road

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Rocket Road
Appeared in Mario Party: Island Tour
Theme Space
Unlockable No

Rocket Road is one of the seven boards in Mario Party: Island Tour. It introduces Boosters, which multiply the numbers on the player's Dice roll. Every 4th turn, players play a random minigame to earn extra Boosters. They can also be earned by landing on a Booster Space. The first player to the finish wins the board. This board is based on Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. The length of the board is 25 spaces. Rosalina makes a cameo here, where she waits at the end of the board for the winner and also appears in the celebration for a victory on this board.


  • NTSC: Blast yourself to the finish line by winning minigames and collecting Boosters!
  • PAL: Go rocket racing through outer space! Collect and use boosters to get to the goal the fastest!

Booster Multipliers[edit]

Main article: Booster (item)

Boosters are used to multiply the spaces moved from the Dice Block. No matter how many Boosters are used, 0 must is always on the dice.

Minigame Results[edit]

Minigame Results
First MPIT-BoosterIcon.png 3
Second MPIT-BoosterIcon.png 2
Third MPIT-BoosterIcon.png 1
Fourth N/A


Booster Spaces Green Spaces Event Spaces Duel Spaces Total
Rocket Road 7 10 5 2 24


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Parc aux Fusées Rockets Park
Portuguese Corrida de Foguetões Rocket Race
Big Rocket Race