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Spin Space
MP9 Random Space.png
Purpose Triggers a Chance Time event. In Mario Party 9, it causes one of many effects to happen, determined by a roulette.
First Appearance Mario Party (1998)
Latest Appearance Mario Party 10 (2015)

Spin Space (also known as Chance Time Space, or as Miracle Space in Mario Party 6) are among the rarest type of spaces in the Mario Party series. There are generally only one to three of them on each game board. They were called ! Spaces in the first Mario Party game, and players who landed on it would played Chance Time. Also, in boards where the star moves after a player purchases one, the space where the star had been was likely to be replaced with an ! Space. In Mario Party 4, they were called Fortune Spaces, and players landing on it played Reversal of Fortune. In Mario Party 5, they were called Chance Spaces, and players could only make them by placing Chance Capsules on a space. Anyone who landed here played the Round of Miracles.

In Mario Party 6, they are referred to as Miracle Spaces. All names and renames of both the space and the event are essentially the same, differing in name only. In Mario Party 7, they were replaced by the Duel Space because of the game's new rules.

In Mario Party 9 the space returns, with the name Spin Space. In this game, Spin Spaces cause one of many effects to happen which are determined by a roulette.

Effects on the Spin Wheel (Only four will appear out of all):

  • Steal Mini Stars from a Rival!
    • Steal a number of Mini Stars from any player of your choice (random is also an option).
  • Rivals can't use Special or Normal Dice Blocks!
    • Until the player's next turn, other players can't use Special or Normal Dice Blocks.
  • Get a Special Dice Block!
  • Swap Dice Blocks with a Rival!
    • Swaps Dice Blocks with any player chosen (random is also an option).
  • Hit the Dice Block again!
    • Like the Dash Space, the Captain gets to hit the Block and move forward again.
  • Steal a Dice Block from a Rival!
    • Steal a Special Dice Block with any player is choose (random is also an option, if more than one player has any Special Dice Blocks).
  • Item Shuffle!
    • All the dice are shuffled and distributed to random players.

It returns in Mario Party 10 now known as a Steal Space. The Steal Space causes a Chance Time event to happen like in Mario Party 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. First, the player who lands on the space gets to choose a player to steal Mini Stars with spin wheel. And finally, 1/2, 5 or 10 Mini Stars will be stolen from the unlucky player. In a 2-player battle, the opponent will have Mini Stars stolen instead of choosing with the spin wheel.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Casilla sorpresa Surprise space
French Espace ! (MP1 and 2)
Case ! (MP3)
Case destin (MP4 to 6)
Case hasard (MP9+)
! Space
! Space
Fate Space
Random Space