Neon Heights

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The map of Neon Heights.

Neon Heights is an American-themed board in Mario Party 7 set atop a skyscraper complex. It is largely based on Las Vegas, Nevada. It is complete with a theatre district, a movie set, a space center, and a baseball diamond. There is also a Mario statue that resembles the Statue of Liberty. Here, Shy Guys are in charge of the attractions, while Top Hat Shy Guys are in charge of the Orb Shops. On this board there are three Treasure Chests, which appear in random squares. If a player reaches a chest, Koopa Kid offers to open it for 10 coins. One chest contains a Power Star, another 20 coins, and the other one contains a Bob-omb, which blasts the player back to Start.

Once the Star has been purchased, three new chests appear. This board may have been under secret control of Bowser, because he and Koopa Kid claim that the chests and Stars belong to him. Additionally there is a toll gate, where Koopa Kid stops players to ask them to pay 10 coins to take the path he is blocking.


Wario shooting Koopa Kid boards.
  • There are many ways to earn coins here. The first is an area that players always come to at the start of the game. It is a movie set, and every time players come by, the Shy Guy director asks if they want to try out for a part in his movie (there were different roles for different players). Accepting lets them play a coin game, where they had to shoot the Koopa Kid panels, but not the Toadsworth panels (doing that ends the game, and the players get nothing). When time was called, he gives a comment on how they did, and coins equal to the total of Koopa Kid panels they shot down.
  • On the opposite side is the baseball field. Here, a Shy Guy with a bat challenges players to a home run contest. Accepting lets them play a coin game where they had to hit the baseballs that is thrown out of the shooter. When time is called, the Shy Guy gives a compliment for how well the player did, and two coins for every ball they knocked out of the park.
  • At the top of the board is the rocket ship. When players land on the Green Space in front of it, a Shy Guy comes asking if they want to "shoot for the stars". Accepting lets the player pump fuel into the rocket until time is called. Then, the player enters the ship, and starts to travel upward into the starry sky, collecting coins along the way, and possibly even a Star if they make it to the top.
  • The last way to get coins is landing on the Green Space in the middle of the board. Here, a Shy Guy lets players play a matching game, where they have to match as many panels as they could before they miss to get coins. Matching all the panels makes Shy Guy award the player with a Star, but if they picked the Bowser panel, Shy Guy reluctantly took 10 coins away from them.
  • The Green Space near the Mario statue and to the right of the elevator above the baseball field, makes an UFO come and scramble the locations of the chests.


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Spaces
Red Spaces
Green Spaces
Mic Spaces
Duel Spaces
DK Spaces
Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 70

When Bowser Time came along, Bowser does one of four things:

  • Takes a souvenir photograph of all the players, and made them pay 10 or 20 coins each for it. Then, he leaves without giving anyone the photo.
  • Steals coins from everyone and put them in one of the chests for players to find.
  • Takes away a Star from the player in first place and put it in one of the chests for players to find.
  • Places a Dark Star in one of the chests. Players who find it lose a star.

In Solo Mode, players have to beat their opponent by getting three out the five Stars that were in five of the eight chests on the board (three of them had Bob-ombs) first by having Koopa Kid open them for a price. However, Koopa Kid always charged 5 more coins for every chest he opened.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラキラシティ
Kirakira shiti
Glitter City
Spanish Ciudad Neón Neon City
French Flash Vegas Flash Vegas (Pun with Las Vegas)
German Neonopolis
Italian Metropoli Spaziale Spatial Metropolis