Last Five Turns Event

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Koopa Troopa predicting the winner will be Luigi during the last five turns event in Mario Party 2.

The Last Five Turns Event is an event from the Mario Party series that takes place when there are only five turns left in the (board) game (four in Mario Party 7 due to Bowser Time).


Mario Party[edit]

It is first seen in the first Mario Party game. In this game, Koopa Troopa talks to the players playing the game to announce the current standings, then predicts who the Superstar is at the end of the game. The predictions make no effect on the outcome of the game. Then, for rest of the game, Red Spaces and Blue Spaces are worth twice as much when landed on (i.e. six coins gained or lost), and Koopa gives twenty coins to players who pass him.

His prediction is chosen randomly, even if it is many Stars apart of other players.

Mario Party 2[edit]

In Mario Party 2, the event is hosted by Toad (and Mini Bowser in Bowser Land), who first gives the current standings then introduce a character to predict the Superstar. Usually, a green or red-shelled Koopa Troopa predicts it, but sometimes Whomp makes the prediction (who will always choose Mario). However, it is always Bowser who makes the prediction in Bowser Land. The predicted player is given ten coins from the predictor (minus ten if Bowser is present). From that point onward, Blue and Red Spaces' value are doubled again, and players that land on the same space as another player play a Duel Minigame with that player before activating the space.

Mario Party 3[edit]

The Millennium Star Star predicting Donkey Kong's victory in Mario Party 3.

In Mario Party 3, the event is the same as the last game, but it is usually the Millennium Star (and rarely Whomp) who predicts who the Superstar is, giving them ten coins. Sometimes, Mini Bowser hosts the event and lets Bowser predict who the loser is. The predicted player ends up losing ten coins to Bowser. Afterwards, Blue and Red Spaces' value are doubled once more, and players that land on the same space as another player play a Duel Minigame with that player before activating the space, as in the last installment.

Mario Party 4[edit]

Mario Party 4's version of the Last Five Turns Event. Here, Boo is announcing the lottery drawing.

In Mario Party 4, there are new changes to the event. Here, the board's host does a lottery if at least one player manages to get a Lucky Party Ticket from the Lottery Shop earlier in the game. The host spins a wheel showing all four players' faces. If a player's ticket matches all three faces shown from the wheel in order from left to right, they receive a Star. After that, the standings are given, then the host lets the player in last place spin a special roulette. Then, for the rest of the game, the board has one of these four new rules:

  • Coin Multiplier: Blue and Red spaces were worth twice as much (an event from the previous Mario Party games).
  • All Red Spaces become Bowser Spaces.
  • All Red Spaces become Fortune Spaces.
  • Star Present: The price of Stars changes from twenty coins to being absolutely free (this event sometimes doesn't appear in the roulette).

Mario Party 5[edit]

In Mario Party 5, Bowser hosts the event. He first gives the current standings as usual, then makes the player in last place spin the roulette. Then, for the rest of the game, the board has one of these four new rules:

  • Blue and Red spaces are worth three times as much.
  • All Red Spaces become Bowser Spaces.
  • All Red and Blue Spaces become Capsule Spaces; existing Capsule Spaces are overridden.
  • Five Stars are now on the board at all times.

Also, when two players are on the same space, a duel minigame between them starts.

Mario Party 6[edit]

In Mario Party 6, the event is hosted by Brighton during the day and by Twila at night. Whoever is hosting it gives the current standings like always then lets the player in last place spin a bonus wheel, giving them one of the following:

  • Blue and Red Space amounts are tripled (as well as landing on one's own Character Spaces, too).
  • Receive 40 coins.
  • Have five of their Character Spaces added to the board.
  • Bowser Revolution: Bowser comes to take everyone's Coins and splits them evenly among all the players.

There is no gaming or bonus differences between Brighton & Twila during the Last 5 Turns event. Only difference is their quotes.

However, Twila appears in this event much more frequently than Brighton. But it all depends on how many turns a human player sets it to before beginning a game.

If both players land on the same space, then it will trigger a Duel Minigame.

Mario Party 7[edit]

Bowser confronting the losing team in The Last Four Turns Event.

In Mario Party 7, this event is called the Last Four Turns Event, since the Bowser Time event occurs every five turns. Bowser also hosts this event, but makes Koopa Kid give the current standings (in reverse order, too). Bowser summons the player or team in last place to spin his roulette wheel and obtain one of the following bonuses or rule changes:

Since Mario Party 4, if more than one player/team is in last place, the player/team in the bottom of the ranking column will be the one to spin a roulette.

Mario Party 8[edit]

The special event, Chump Charity.

In Mario Party 8, this event is replaced altogether by a new but similar event called Chump Charity hosted by MC Ballyhoo. First, Ballyhoo gives out the current standings; this is done by the host in previous games also. He then gives the player or team in last place a piece of Duelo Candy. If the game is being played on Koopa's Tycoon Town, Ballyhoo gives the player or team 30 coins instead. Then, his hat, Big Top, showers the entire board with coins, placing a Coin Bag on each Red Space and one coin on every space unoccupied by players at the time.

In Star Battle Arena, there is a very similar version of this event called Special Bonus. Here, MC gives out the standings then lets the losing player use the dart wheel to earn a prize. The prize could be candy, 20 coins, or nothing.

Mario Party DS[edit]

Final 5 Frenzy

In Mario Party DS, the Last Five Turns Event is renamed Final 5 Frenzy. In it, Bowser gives out the current standings as usual and gives the losing player a bonus, chosen by a wheel. All Friend Spaces are also changed into Duel Spaces.

Possible Prizes presented in the Final 5 Frenzy:

It will never be possible for the yellow prizes to be landed on. When stopping the wheel, players see that the wheel can stop on the yellow prizes for two seconds, before Bowser rigs it to land on a different prize. Furthermore, the player can't get a 100th Star as the counter will stop at 99.

If more than one player is in last place, Bowser will this time randomly choose one player from last to spin the roulette, instead of the player who is in the bottom of the ranking column.

Mario Party 9[edit]

In Mario Party 9, due to the new gameplay, games are no longer played based on the number of turns, but rather how long it takes to reach the end of the board. However, a similar event still occurs. The event is called Almost There!, and it occurs when the players are almost at the end of the board, when they pass by Green Toad. His green-spotted flag pops up beside him as he gives out the current standings. Last place players get a Slow Dice Block. Even tied players in last place or everyone tied for first will get Slow Dice Blocks.

Additionally, minigames are now selected by the player currently in last place, not the captain (unless the Captain is in last). This does not matter who is hosting a minigame; the boss minigame is still selected by the captain, regardless of their position (except at Bowser Station and DK's Jungle Ruins, where players are not given the option of choosing which boss minigame to play).

  • If two players tie for last place, one of them is randomly chosen to pick a minigame, regardless if the player is a human or CPU.
  • The Captain can still choose a minigame after the Almost There event if any of these situations occur.
    • The Captain is the one in last place
    • Everybody is tied for first place
    • Three players are tied for last place (when playing with 4 players)

During the event, Bowser also appears and asks the captain if they want "a whole bunch" of presents; if the captain agrees, he turns three to six predetermined spaces into Bowser Spaces; the spaces that he chooses never change. If the captain refuses Bowser's offer, he gives the players "a few" presents by turning 2 or 3 predetermined spaces into Bowser Spaces. On some occasions, Bowser will chastise the captain for being "a stick in the mud", and act as though they accepted his offer. If the Captain in this event is a CPU, then they will always accept Bowser's offer to turn three to six predetermined spaces into Bowser Spaces. In Bowser Station, the choice is not given at all; Bowser automatically adds five Bowser Spaces to preset locations on the board. Four of the spaces are placed within the last six spaces of the route, along with a Jackpot Space and a Back Space; the latter's presence increases the odds of players being stuck in the gauntlet of Bowser Spaces for as long as possible.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Evento de las Últimas 5 Rondas (Mario Party 1-6)
Evento de las Últimas 4 Rondas (Mario Party 7)
Caridad para Bobos (Mario Party 8)
Frenesí Final 5 (Mario Party DS)
¡Ya falta menos! (Mario Party 9)
Last 5 Turns Event
Last 4 Turns Event
Charity for Fools
Final 5 Frenzy
Not long to go!