Grand Canal

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The Grand Canal.

Grand Canal is a board that is based off of the real Grand Canal in Venice, Italy in Mario Party 7. Here, singing Shy Guys are everywhere and in charge of the Orb Shops and attractions. Landing on the Green Space near the start makes the player do a coin game, where the Shy Guys throw coins and Spiny eggs at them (similar to Ukiki from Mario Party 6).


Mario collecting Coins during the Shy Guy ride.
  • Landing on the Green Spaces near the gondola house makes a Singing Shy Guy come out asking if they want a ride. Accepting this takes the player to the gondola house on the other side of the board, collecting coins (and avoiding Spinies) on the way.
  • The Green Space on what looks like the leaning tower of Pisa causes the tower to lean over, dropping players in the water, where a Cheep-Cheep eats them and spits them back out to the start.
  • The Green Space in front of the juggling Blooper activates a guessing game, where Blooper juggles four chests that have: a Star, ten coins, a Ztar, and nothing (in Solo Mode, there is always one Star, but three Ztars).
  • If a player lands on any of the two Green Spaces on the stone drawbridge, the bridge will open and send the player (and any other player on the bridge) to a different area on the board.


Blue Spaces Red Spaces Happening Spaces Mic Spaces Duel Spaces DK Spaces Bowser Spaces Total
Grand Canal 48 9 7 2 2 2 0 70

When Bowser Time occurs, Bowser does one of three things:

  • Takes a souvenir photograph of all the players, and makes them pay 10 or 20 coins each for it. Then, he leaves without giving anyone the photo.
  • Flattens one of the Orb Shops, and replaces it with one of his own (called Bowser City). Koopa Kid stops anyone who passes it, and throws them in the shop, where Bowser sells them a worthless item (or a Koopa Kid Orb) for twenty coins.
  • Uses his Koopa Clown Car to throw Bob-ombs at the bridges, destroying them. New, sturdy stone bridges are then made, which only have Bowser Spaces on them. Additionally, all Character Spaces and Koopa Kid Spaces on the bridges are removed upon doing so.

In Solo Mode, players have to beat their opponent by getting two Stars first by buying them for 20 coins on a random space in the board.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウキウキタウン
Uki Uki Taun
Uki Uki can mean "happy". Each "uki" comes from 浮き, which means "to float".
Spanish Gran Canal Literal translation
French Grand Canal -
German Canale Grande Italian for "Grand Canal"
Italian Villa Naviglio Waterway House