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Woody from Mario Party 2.

Woody is a kind, smiling, sentient tree that appears in the Mario Party series. He first appears in Mario Party 2, where he resides in Mini-Game Park. After the player plays a minigame, Woody will offer that game for sale when the player visits him. The player can use the Coins gathered from other modes to purchase the games. When a minigame is purchased, it shows up in Mini-Game Park. When the player warps into the park, there he can meet the trees that hold games that can be bought. There is one tree for each Minigame type. Once all the minigames have been purchased, Woody will be bearing a pear on his left, which when selected, will take the player to a whole new minigame, Driver's Ed.

Mini-games that appeared in the first Mario Party are cheaper, while mini-games that save records and mini-games with multiple variations are more expensive.

In Mario Party 3, Woody has his own board called Woody Woods. This is where Warukio, his evil counterpart, is introduced. He also appears in the background of the minigame, Picking Panic.

Woody from Mario Party 6.

In Mario Party 6, in Towering Treetop, Woody can be seen at the top of the giant tree. In daytime, he is good; however, in nighttime his mean counterpart replaces him. Apart from the similar names and appearances however, there is no evidence for both of these being the same character.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノキオ
From ki meaning "tree" and "Pinocchio". May also be ki incorporated into Kinopio, Toad's Japanese name.


  • Woody greatly resembles Whispy Woods from the Kirby series of games, as both are sentient trees, with full human-based faces.