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“The basic gist of it? I suppose you could say it’s kind of like a powerful and personalized hammer. (Or maybe not...)”
Masahiro Sakurai, Smash Bros. DOJO!!

Mario before using a Final Smash.

The Final Smash is a special move that is only possible through the aid of a Smash Ball in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. After breaking open one of these items, its power flows into the fighter, charging him or her up. The fighter's eyes glow white and yellow, at which point the fighter is free to unleash the Final Smash at any moment by pressing the special move button. However, if the fighter does not initiate the Final Smash soon enough, other fighters can take away the Smash Ball by hitting the fighter in possession of it with a powerful attack. When this happens, the fighter's aura reverts to Smash Ball form and can be claimed by other fighters. Each person's attack is a manifestation of their individual personalities or unique abilities. For example, Zero Laser charges up Samus's Power Suit while Peach Blossom is a magnification of Peach's joyful personality.

The game also has a function known as a Pity Final Smash. The Pity Final Smash can be granted to fighters in special circumstances during a stock match. When the fighter is KO'd while being five stocks behind the leading player, the fighter respawns with a Pity Final Smash. A Pity Final Smash serves the same functions as a normal smash, but it has the advantage of not having a Smash Ball form, and therefore cannot be taken away by other fighters.

Final Smashes are phenomenally powerful and can completely tip the scale of battles. However, each is not without its own repercussions. The attacks can cause self-destructs, and Samus even changes into Zero Suit Samus after using her Final Smash.

Due to the extreme power of the Final Smash, they are usually always banned in official tournaments along with items.

Final Smash Types[edit]

While Final Smashes tend to be unique among characters, there are certain categories they can be sorted into.


Final Smashes are either based on the character's individual background in their series, like Zelda's and Sheik's Light Arrow. However, some may have been invented specially for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, like Mario's Mario Finale. Although they were already planned to be included in the original Super Smash Bros.[1], Final Smashes made their first appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and gained considerable attention due to their ability to turn the tide of battle in seconds. Masahiro Sakurai compared the moves to the Hammer item found in all Super Smash Bros. titles[2], as all players rush to collect it, and the ones who didn't flee after it has been collected.

List of Final Smashes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Name Character/s Type Brief description Picture
Aura Storm Lucario Directional Lucario will launch into the air and fire an extremely large beam of aura down damaging opponents. It can be controlled with the Control Stick and can go through any part of the stage. AuraStorm.jpg
Beast Ganon Ganondorf Directional Ganondorf transforms into Dark Beast Ganon, paralyzing opponents in front of him. He can also bury grounded opponents. He then charges across the stage, sending them flying. GanondorfBeastGanon1-Brawl.png
Blue Falcon Captain Falcon Trapping Captain Falcon calls the Blue Falcon, causing it to fly across the screen. If it hits any opponents, they will land on a racetrack and get hit by the Blue Falcon. When the game returns to the normal screen, they will be sent flying. Blue Falcon2.jpg
Cook Kirby Kirby Trapping Kirby transforms into Cook Kirby and pulls out a giant soup pot which draws opponents in damaging them. They are thrown out of the pot with multiple items. Cook Kirby.jpg
Critical Hit Marth Directional Marth charges up with power and then swipes forward with his sword at an extreme speed, dealing massive damage to opponents (it has the potential to instantly KO them). FSmash Marth.jpg
Diffusion Beam R.O.B. Transformation Swirling lasers come out of R.O.B.'s eyes. He can move freely during this, and any opponent caught in the lasers will be trapped and have massive damage dealt to them. ROB-DiffusionBeam-SSBBrawl.png
End of Day Captain Olimar Stage-Wide Olimar gets into his ship and flies off camera, whilst Red Bulborbs appear on the bottom of the screen, attacking opponents. His ship then crashes back down. Anyone caught in the blast radius will take high damage. Olimarendofday.jpg
Galaxia Darkness Meta Knight Trapping Meta Knight swipes his cape in front of himself. The screen then goes black, and anyone caught inside will be slashed powerfully. Bystanders who are close enough may also get caught in the darkness. Galaxiadarkness.jpg
Giga Bowser Bowser Transformation Bowser transforms into Giga Bowser. He can move around freely and his attacks remain the same, but they are stronger, and Giga Bowser cannot flinch (he can take damage but will never be knocked back). Some of his attacks also have added effects (such as darkness). Giga bowser brawl.jpg
Great Aether Ike Trapping Ike jumps into the air and, if he hits any opponents with the first strike, they are caught in the attack as he ferociously swipes them repeatedly with his sword. Great Aether.jpg
Grenade Launcher Solid Snake Stage-Wide Snake jumps into the air and into a helicopter where he gets a grenade launcher which he then fires at his opponents while holding onto a ladder in front of the screen. The Control Stick can be used to control the launcher, and the attack button can be used to fire grenades at opponents. Grenade Launcher.jpg
Iceberg Ice Climbers Stage-Wide The Ice Climbers summon a massive iceberg that freezes and damages nearby opponents. Iceberg.jpg
Konga Beat Donkey Kong Focused Donkey Kong pulls out a pair of bongos and start playing them with Donkey Kong Country music replacing the current background music. The music waves surrounding the bongos will damage opponents. Donkeykong final.jpg
Landmaster Falco Lombardi Transformation Falco will summon a Landmaster which lasts for 18 seconds. During that, he may use its array of weapons against opponents. It has the least power out of all three Landmasters (but it is still powerful). However, it is easier to control in the air, and can easily carry opponents off the top of the screen. Falco Landmaster.jpg
Fox McCloud Transformation Fox will summon a Landmaster which lasts for 18 seconds. During that, he may use its array of weapons against opponents. It is more powerful than Falco's Landmaster, but it is slowest Landmaster. It is generally "balanced" when compared to the other two Landmasters. Landmaster.jpg
Wolf O'Donnell Transformation Wolf will summon a Landmaster which lasts only for 12 seconds. During that, he may use its array of weapons against opponents. It has the most power and speed out of all three, plus the most maneuverability. WolfLandmaster2.jpg
Light Arrow Sheik Directional Sheik takes a bow and fire a beam of light straight across the stage. If it hits an opponent then they will be knocked at same direction as the beam is targeting. However, Sheik's version is a bit stronger (doing about 4% more to each opponent hit.) Light Arrow Sheik.jpg
Zelda Directional Zelda takes a bow and fire a beam of light straight across the stage. If it hits an opponent then they will be knocked out upwards instantly, though it is possible (but difficult) to survive on larger stages. Screen9.jpg
Mario Finale Mario Directional Mario fires a giant wave of flames that travels across the screen. Any opponents caught in it will be damaged and effectively trapped inside. Mario finalsmash3.jpg
Negative Zone Luigi Focused Luigi starts dancing and causes a large green circle to appear, any opponents in the circle's radius will have a variety of things happen to them, such as tripping rapidly, falling asleep, or constantly taunting uncontrollably. Luigi's attacks may also have increased power. Negative Zone.jpg
Octopus Mr. Game & Watch Transformation Mr. Game & Watch transforms into an octopus and then attacks by either extending its tentacles or ramming opponents. The Control Stick can be used to move to the side, and it is also possible to jump. Octopus Smash Screenshot - Super Smash Bros Brawl.png
Palutena's Army Pit Stage-Wide Pit summons Palutena who in turn summons an army of Centurions who then charge forward at opponents causing damage. It is one of the few Final Smashes that can be avoided (though this is still difficult to do). Palutena's Army.jpg
Peach Blossom Princess Peach Focused Princess Peach starts dancing causing opponents to fall asleep and take damage, also peaches which restore damage appear. Peach Blossom.jpg
PK Starstorm Lucas Stage-Wide Lucas summon several PSI Comets which fall straight down from the air damaging opponents. It covers the entire stage, but is less effective on larger stages. PK Starstorm.jpg
Ness Stage-Wide Ness summons several PSI Comets which fall at angles from the air damaging opponents. It covers the entire stage, but is less effective on larger stages. PK Starstorm Ness.jpg
Power Suit Samus Zero Suit Samus Focused Zero Suit Samus summons an energy whirl around her causing her to regain her Power Suit. PowerSuitSamus.jpg
Puff Up Jigglypuff Focused Jigglypuff grows massively in size. Any opponents that touch Jigglypuff will bounce off. They will be knocked back further if hit while Jigglypuff is shrinking. Puff Up.jpg
Rocketbarrel Barrage Diddy Kong Transformation Diddy Kong gets out his Rocketbarrels and Peanut Popguns and starts flying around the stage firing explosive peanuts at opponents. Rocketbarrel Barrage.jpg
Super Dragon Yoshi Transformation Yoshi transforms into Winged Yoshi and can fire fireballs and breathe fire. He can move freely around the stage. SSBB - Super Dragon Screenshot1.png
Super Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Transformation Sonic summons the Chaos Emeralds and transforms into Super Sonic and then flies around the stage at high speeds, severely damaging any opponent he touches. He moves extremely fast and also cannot be KO'd during the Final Smash (even if he flies off the screen). Super Sonic.jpg
Triforce Slash Link Trapping Link uses the Triforce to trap an opponent. He then slashes at the opponent repeatedly, with the final one knocking them away. TriforceSlash2.jpg
Toon Link Trapping Toon Link uses the Triforce to trap an opponent. He then slashes at the opponent repeatedly, with the final one knocking them away. Toon Link's Triforce has noticeably less range than Link's. ToonTriforceSlash.jpg
Triple Finish Pokémon Trainer Directional Pokemon Trainer calls out all three Pokemon and they use their most powerful attacks (Hydro Pump for Squirtle, SolarBeam for Ivysaur, and Fire Blast for Charizard). Triple Finish.jpg
Volt Tackle Pikachu Transformation Pikachu charges up a lot of electricity and then flies around the stage damaging any opponents he touches. If the A button is pressed, more electricity will be emitted. The Final Smash is rather difficult to control compared to other transformations. VoltTackle3.jpg
Waddle Dee Army King Dedede Stage-Wide King Dedede summons a bunch of Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos and Gordos that charge across the screen, damaging any opponents they hit. Waddle Dee Army.jpg
Wario-Man Wario Transformation Wario transforms into Wario-Man gaining invincibility and causing his normal attacks to do more damage. He moves incredibly fast in this form, and his aerial attacks even give him the ability to fly (he will rise in the air whenever he performs an aerial attack, with the exception of his down aerial attack which causes him to plummet downward). SSBB - Wario Man Screenshot.png
Zero Laser Samus Aran Directional Samus unleashes a powerful charging beam that damage and knock opponents off screen. Her Power Suit is destroyed after the attack, turning her into Zero Suit Samus. Zero Laser.jpg

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U[edit]

Name Character/s Type Brief description Picture
Giga Mac Little Mac Transformation Little Mac transforms into Giga Mac, making him far more powerful. It is very similar to Bowser's Giga Bowser Final Smash. Giga Mac.jpeg
Poltergust 5000 Luigi Transformation It appears that Luigi will have a new Final Smash where he uses his Poltergust 5000, introduced in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. However it currently unknown how the attack will act. SSB4 WiiU LuigiPoltergust.jpg
Wii Fit Wii Fit Trainer Directional The Wii Fit Trainer summons a barrage of images of various Wii Fit poses to damage opponents. WiiFitTrainer FinalSmash.png
Zero Laser Samus Aran Directional It has been confirmed that Samus will retain her Zero Laser Final Smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl[3]. However, she will no longer revert to Zero Suit Samus after using the move, as she is now a seperate character from Samus. Zero Laser SSB4.png

Name in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 最後の切りふだ
Saigo no Kiri Fuda
Final Trump Card
Spanish Smash Final Final Smash
German Ultra-Smash Extremist Smash
Ultra Smash
Italian Smash finale Final Smash


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