Wuhu Island

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This article is about the island. For information about other uses of "Wuhu", see here.
Wuhu Island
SSB4 Wii U - Wuhu Island Screenshot.png
Greater Location Earth
Inhabitants Miis, Humans, Animals
First Appearance Wii Fit (2007)
Latest Appearance Wii Fit U (2013)

Wuhu Island is a large, tropical, tourist-filled island, inhabited by Miis that appears in some popular Nintendo games, including Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports Resort, and Pilotwings Resort. It also appears in Mario Kart 7.

Wuhu Town[edit]

Mario gliding on Wuhu Loop in Mario Kart 7.

Wuhu Town is the major settlement on the island, and is home to 20 or more office and residential buildings, a bowling alley, and a basketball court.

The town has a main square with a fountain, and two main roads leading out of the town. There is also a tall building on a grassy elevated area. The pier is where a boat normally docks, and is inaccessible.

Appearances in the Mario series[edit]

Mario Kart 7[edit]

Yoshi drifting on Maka Wuhu in Mario Kart 7.

Mario Kart 7 has two tracks the player rides on Wuhu. The tracks include Wuhu Loop (Wuhu Island Loop), which has the drivers race around the entire island and Maka Wuhu (Wuhu Mountain Loop), which has the drivers race around and inside Maka Wuhu, the volcano on the island. A Battle Stage, Wuhu Town, is also present, which allows the drivers to battle all around the town area of the island. However, it is not possible to drive over to the separate tiny village known as New Town. The Island Loop track takes place in the day, and the Maka Wuhu takes place in the evening, while Wuhu Town takes place at night.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Two biplanes flying near Wuhu Island in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Wuhu Island appears as both a stage in of itself and as part of the background of the Pilotwings stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In screenshots taken during the development of the game, the yellow biplane on which the second part of the battle takes place can be seen flying towards Wuhu Island. Rings from Pilotwings Resort (of which the setting is also Wuhu Island) can also be seen scattered around, suggesting that the biplane may tour the island. The biplane flies over Wuhu Town as one of its touring points.

Mario references in other games[edit]

Wii Fit & Wii Fit Plus[edit]

In Wii Fit, 8-bit sprites of Mario and Luigi can be spotted around Wuhu while playing the jogging minigame. On a few occasions, a Goomba, Koopa, Mushroom or Star sprite may also appear along the side of the trail.

Wii Sports Resort[edit]

In Wii Sports Resort, while playing the Island Flyover event, one can hear the Super Mario Bros. theme by flying near the Hillside Cabins area. The name of a ship in this game, the Queen Peach, could be based on Princess Peach.

Pilotwings Resort[edit]

Similar to Wii Sports Resort, in Pilotwings Resort, while flying next to New Town at night, the Super Mario Bros. theme can be heard. The nighttime description of the town states that one of the dwellers inside is playing the game on the classic NES.[citation needed]


  • The "Wuhu" part of the island's name is a pun on the interjection, "woo hoo".
  • Wuhu Island was originally known as "Wiifity Island" in Wii Fit. It was later renamed in Wii Sports Resort.