WarioWare, Inc. (stage)

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The main area of WarioWare, Inc..

WarioWare, Inc. is a stage based on the WarioWare series in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl and set to return in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Normally, the stage looks like a reverse-colored child's drawing of the inside of an elevator, much like in the original WarioWare games. Occasionally, the elevator in the background will open up, and the players will then go through a microgame setting, and have to try and survive the different conditions. The players will be rewarded everytime they complete a microgame, either getting healed, growing big (like if a player got a Super Mushroom), or get invincible (like if a player got a Starman). A Wario Bomb is shown on the side, which acts as a timer. The fuse will be lit at the beginning of the microgame, and when the Bomb explodes, the players return to the main area of the stage. Sometimes, the players will be thrown into another microgame almost immediately after (as evidenced by the main platform not coming back when the players return), resulting in up to three consecutive microgames. It continues on like this, until the fight is won.


This is the list of games that appear throughout the stage.


WarioWare-ChiselIt-SSBB.png WarioWare-Dodge1-SSBB.png WarioWare-Dodge2-SSBB.png
Chisel it! Dodge! Dodge!
WarioWare-DontMove-SSBB.png WarioWare-Jump-SSBB.png WarioWare-PopIt-SSBB.png
Don't move! Jump! Pop it!
WarioWare-Sidestep-SSBB.png WarioWare-StayDry-SSBB.png WarioWare-Taunt-SSBB.png
Sidestep! Stay dry! Taunt!

Starting Songs in My Music[edit]

  • WarioWare, Inc.
  • WarioWare, Inc. Medley
  • Ashley's Song (Normal and JP versions)
  • Mona Pizza's Song (Normal and JP versions)

Unlockable Songs in My Music[edit]

  • Mike's Song (Normal and JP versions) - Earned by picking up CD


  • When a microgame is finished, Wario's voice will come out of the speaker on the Wii Remote (or in the game if the Wii Remote speaker is on mute or if a character is controlled by CPU). What he says depends on how many players completed the microgame.
  • If the song 'WarioWare, Inc is played, whenever microgames are playing the song will play differently until the microgame is finished.