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WarioWare: Touched!
Developer(s) Nintendo SPD Group No.1
Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS, Virtual Console (Wii U)
Release date Nintendo DS
Japan December 2, 2004
USA February 14, 2005
Australia February 24, 2005
Europe March 11, 2005
China July 23, 2005
South Korea June 14, 2007
Virtual Console (Wii U)
Japan April 15, 2015
Europe April 1, 2015
USA April 9, 2015
Genre Action
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
Mode(s) Single player
Wii U:
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Nintendo DS:
Wii U:
Nintendo DS:

WarioWare: Touched!, known as Sawaru Made in Wario (さわるメイド イン ワリオ Sawaru Meido in Wario, lit. "Touching Made in Wario") in Japan, is a Nintendo DS game, and the fourth game in the WarioWare series. The game itself is made up of many microgames - tiny minigames with a simple idea. WarioWare: Touched! microgames are based on touching the touch screen with the stylus. There are several characters in the game, and each one has his or her own style of microgames, a concept introduced in its predecessor, WarioWare: Twisted!. New major characters, Ashley and Red and Mike, are introduced in this game. In addition, the game includes many "mix characters" - characters whose games are taken from normal characters. Besides the microgames, the game also includes special "toys" won by achieving certain tasks (like scoring a certain amount of points in a specific game). The player can play with these toys using the touch screen, but they do not affect general gameplay.


The Sewer Guru asks Wario what system he dropped.

Wario is walking down a street after having proudly stolen a Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP, but then he suddenly trips and drops both systems down a manhole. The Sewer Guru then flies up from the hole holding not only the two handheld systems but also a Nintendo DS, and he asks Wario which one he dropped. Wario replies, "Gimme all of 'em!" and lunges at the Sewer Guru, knocking both of them down the manhole. After a brief scuffle Wario emerges with the Nintendo DS. Wario immediately notices that the handheld has two screens, but finds it more peculiar that there are no buttons. Not knowing how to play it, Wario loses a Whack-a-Mole minigame and shakes it angrily, thinking it's busted. However, the stylus flies out into his hand, and Wario suddenly realizes that he must use it to tap the bottom screen. He wins the minigame and then realizes he could make double the profit out of this double-screened apparatus, and so he uses it to make touch-style microgames.


One of the microgames, Party Popper, in action.

WarioWare: Touched! plays very similarly to most games in the WarioWare series: players play a randomized grouping of very small, short minigames (called "microgames") within a small time-limit and a very brief set of instructions. Periodically, the game speeds up the microgame, thus shortening the time and making it more challenging and pressuring to complete the microgames within the time limit. Players start with four tries every time they start a stage. If they lose a microgame, they lose a try; when players lose all four of their tries, the game ends and players must start over from the beginning. Players earn points for every microgame that comes (winning or losing the microgame does not factor into points gained); at the fifteenth point, players play a boss microgame, which is considerably longer and more challenging than a typical microgame.

A unique feature of WarioWare: Touched! compared to other WarioWare games is the touch screen and microphone feature of the Nintendo DS. WarioWare: Touched! does not make use of any of the face buttons and thus, all inputs by the player are received via touch on the touchscreen and blowing into the microphone.

Characters and stages[edit]

All characters in WarioWare get their own microgames. Below is a list of the characters and stages. The first set of microgames the player must complete is always Wario's set. As the player completes more stages, more characters appear in the Games menu. Finally, each stage automatically ends after the player completes the boss stage, but subsequent playthroughs of a stage are continuous, with microgames becoming more difficult after completing a boss stage, until the player has no more tries. Players can get more tries by completing a boss stage, but the max number of tries is always four.

Characters from microgame sets do not introduce any new microgames or any specific touch control, but they mix up microgames from previous employees as described.

Main stages[edit]

Image Host/Microgame Set Greeting
WarioWare - Touched - Artwork 06.svg Wario Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
Touch Training
"Wario here! No offense, but you stink! My Touch Training stage is guaranteed to make you 138 percent less pathetic!"
Wario's Story:
Wario is in his house is eating candy until he gets cavities from eating too much sweets. Wario, under immense pain, jumps to his bike and visits Dr. Payne's Dental Clinic. Dr. Payne then drills the germs infecting Wario's teeth (the player taps them with the touch controls), which makes Wario's teeth healthy again. The doctor then warns Wario to avoid sweets. During his trip back to his house, Wario smells some sweets emanating from The Sweet Spot. He stops and demands Bridget the Baker for ten pies. Before Wario eats the pies, he remembers what the doctor told him; he deliberately ignores the advice and eats the pies anyway. He then jumps in pain from the returning cavities, in a similar fashion to the cavities from the beginning of the arc, and lands back into Dr. Payne's Dental Clinic, where Dr. Payne has expected him.
WarioWare - Touched - Artwork 07.svg Mona Overworld Animated Sprite.gif
Cute Cuts
"Heya! It's me, Mona! You'll have fun jamming with my Cute Cuts!"
Mona's Story:
Mona's story first starts at the Diamond Broadcasting System at Downtown Diamond City. During the Ear Candy music broadcast, Ken the VJ lists the Top 5 songs. Vanessa, the previous #1 spot, is shocked to hear that she has been usurped by Mona, who is a new face to the list. While Vanessa is infuriated, Ken announces that Mona will be playing at the Hawt House tonight. Vanessa then sets out to sabotage Mona. Meanwhile, at Mona Pizza, Mona and her crew, Art and Deco are practicing. Here, the player can play the strings to help Mona. After the practice is done, Mona sets off on her scooter, while Art and Deco follow her on their van. Vanessa, alongside the The Dinosaurs, catch Mona and her crew and hamper them with their mechs. Two of The Dinosaurs, in a hawk-like mech, kidnaps Art. Pizza Joe and Mona's animal friends, such as 4.1 and 4.2, come to help in their air vehicles, but are all knocked away by the hawk-like mech. Deco then ejects and latches himself onto the hawk-like mech, which releases Art and causes the mech to crash. Mona and her crew finally arrive at the Hawt House. During the performance, an infuriated and jealous Vanessa is seen in the back of the crowd. Mona suddenly realizes she has pizzas to deliver and leaves the concert, giving Vanessa an idea. As Garbage Boy approaches the microphone, Vanessa, disguised as Mona, kicks Garbage Boy away and claims that she is Mona. However, the crowd is not tricked and they boo and throw various objects at her.
WarioWare - Touched - Artwork 08.svg Jimmy T Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
Jimmy T.
Dance Club Rub
"Yo! My Dance Club Rub microgames will get you swayin' and gyratin'!"
Jimmy's Story:
At Club Sugar, it is Jimmy's Showtime, as Jimmy dances by himself, with the crowd cheering at him. He then first invites Papa T. and Mama T. to dance with him, and then Jamie T. and James T.. While the entire family is dancing, Scratchy the 'Fro Bug comes and lands on Jimmy's wig, causing Jimmy to have an uncomfortable itch. After the player rubs Scratchy off his wig, the family continues dancing. After the dance is done, the Thang family is seen walking home. Meanwhile, Scratchy the 'Fro Bug comes back and lands again on Jimmy's wig, in which Jimmy screams in discomfort again.
WarioWare - Touched - Artwork 09.svg Kat Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gifAna Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
Kat and Ana
Ninja Scribble
"Hi! I'm Kat! My sister, Ana, has been helping me make some sweet Ninja Scribble microgames!"
Kat and Ana's Story:
The story takes place at Kat and Ana's house, where Ana is hungry and wants a snack. She realizes that her bananas are gone. The top screen of the DS indicates that a monkey stole them and is on top of the roof of the house; as the monkey starts eating the banana, Ana desperately searches her house to find the missing banana. After the monkey eats the banana, Shadow notices the banana peel that the monkey has dropped and alerts Ana. Ana and Shadow notice the footsteps from the banana peel leading to a window; Ana thinks a crook stole the banana. Before she and Shadow search for the thief, she leaves a note for Kat (the player draws on this note). While Ana is trying to catch the thief, Kat catches up with Shuriken, saying that she read the note and that they must hurry. When Kat and Ana finds the monkey eating the banana, they are initially outraged, but immediately endeared. They decide that the monkey is too adorable to punish, and they tame him while naming him Numchuck.
WarioWare - Touched - Artwork 10.svg Ashley Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
Total Drag
"I'm Ashley, and I hope you find my microgames a Total Drag. Good luck trying not to embarrass yourself!
Ashley's Story:
At a mansion, Ashley and Red are brewing a potion. After Ashley tastes it, she demands more ingredients, in which the player drags the ingredients into the pot. A skull appears from the pot, shocking the two, realizing they ruined the potion. As Ashley and Red exit the mansion, Red tries to reassure Ashley that they can retry and the next attempt will be a success. Meanwhile, on the top screen of the Nintendo DS, Orbulon's Oinker gets struck by lighting, forcing Orbulon to abandon ship. Orbulon, frantic, starts running. He accidentally bumps into Ashley, angering her and turning her hair white. Orbulon, frightened at her, apologizes and retreats. After Red asks to Ashley what is wrong, Ashley proclaims that Orbulon is the missing ingredient. Red then promises Ashley that he will catch Orbulon. Red fails, however, and apologizes. Ashley accepts it and tells him that he can be the ingredient instead, much to Red's shock.
WarioWare - Touched - Artwork 11.svg Dr. Crygor Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
Dr. Crygor
Slightly Unscrewed
"Ahem! Dr. Crygor here. My research has yielded a dizzying array of Slightly Unscrewed microgames!"
Dr. Crygor's Story:
At Dr. Crygor's Lab, Dr. Crygor finishes a new invention, the Tri-phonic Undulating Nanobot Automaton or TUNA for short. He tests it by throwing an apple core into the machine, where it recreates a full apple. Dr. Crygor then jumps into the machine, where the player spins the wheel to make the machine work; after the procedure is completed, Dr. Crygor changes from his preceding appearance to the one used in WarioWare: Touched!, and he proclaims to be upgraded. He then blasts out of his lab and into space, and he exclaims that the galaxy is his giant oyster.
WarioWare - Touched - Artwork 12.svg Mike Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
Mic Rocking
"Attention party people: I am Mike, a robot programmed to please crowds with high-impact Mic Rocking microgames!"
Mike's Story:
Back at Dr. Crygor's lab, Dr. Crygor builds a karaoke robot to suit his cleaning needs. He names him Mike, and then tests Mike by turning him on. Dr. Crygor then goes out, while Mike cleans the lab. Mike eventually finds dust on the windowsill, in which the player blows the dust away with the mic on the Nintendo DS. Mike suddenly gets the urge to host a party, and then flies out of the lab to host an intergalactic karaoke competition at an Alien Bunny planet. After beating his competition, Dr. Crygor arrives in Dribble and Spitz's taxi and tells Mike that they need to go home. They then sing a duet, where promptly Mike criticizes how awful Dr. Crygor sings. Dr. Crygor defends himself by saying that he wrote Mike's software, and Mike retorts by leaving Dr. Crygor.
WarioWare - Touched - Artwork 13.svg 9-Volt Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
9-Volt & 18-Volt
Retro Action
"Sup! I'm 9-Volt! My hot collection of classic Retro Action microgames are all about old-school Nintendo flavor!"
9-Volt & 18-Volt's Story:
The story starts at Toy Express, where 9-Volt and his best friend, 18-Volt, bought the recently released game, 36-Volt Man, and head to 9-Volt's house to play the game. After the player sets up the Nintendo GameCube by touching and dragging the CD into the disc drive, 9-Volt and 18-Volt play the game all day long and beat it. To celebrate their success, 9-Volt spins his turntable as 18-Volt dances, as they showcase their Nintendo game systems. 9-Volt and 18-Volt eventually fall asleep, but since they fell asleep late in the night, they oversleep past 9 o'clock and thus are late for school.
WarioWare - Touched - Artwork 14.svg Wario-Man Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
Super Zero
"I am Wario-Man! You never know what kind of touch control you will have to use in my Super Zero microgame mix!"
Wario-Man's Story:
Wario is feeling sick and ponders what will make him feel better. He then thinks that garlic is the answer to his sickness, so he trudges to his refrigerator only to find out that the only garlic he has has turned into a Nasty Garlic. He eats it regardless, where Wario's immune system eats the weakened germs from the Nasty Garlic (where the player involved first taps the Nasty Garlic germs and then drags Wario's fighter cells over the weakened Nasty Garlic germs to eat them), and he turns into Wario-Man as a result. Wario-Man bursts out of his house and proclaims that he is super-powered. Wario-Man then sees a train and wants to crush it; however, when Wario-Man gets in front of it, it knocks Wario-Man away. As Rocky the Reporter notes the success of WarioWare: Touched!, Wario-Man falls into a sewer and turns back into normal Wario. Wario jumps out and does not realize that he has landed on the Sewer Guru; irritated, the Sewer Guru hits Wario with his stick.

Microgame sets[edit]

Image Host/Microgame Set Greeting
JamieT.png Jamie T. Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
Jamie T.
Jamie's Mix
"I'm Jimmy's disco-fabulous sis, Jamie! My mix features the hottest microgames from Wario, Mona, and Jimmy!"
JamesT.png James T. Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
James T.
James's Mix
"I'm James, Jimmy's chick-magnet brother, and my sizzlin' mix is loaded with microgames by Kat & Ana, Ashely, and Dr. Crygor!
MonsterMegaMix.png Pink Bear Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
Monster Megamix
"You never know what you'll play next in this grueling microgame medley!"
HardcoreMix.png White Bear Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
Hardcore Mix
"In this Hardcore Mix, you've got just one chance to prove your microgame mastery!"
GnarlyMix.png Yellow Bear Overworld Sprite Animated - WWT.gif
Gnarly Mix
"This brutal blend of microgames starts off hard and keeps piling on the gnarliness!"

Supporting characters[edit]


Each of the character's stories take place in various locations in Diamond City.


Main article: List of microgames in WarioWare: Touched!

There are a total of 190 microgames in WarioWare: Touched!. Each WarioWare employee has twenty normal microgames (Wario has twenty-one microgames) and a boss microgame. Microgames are categorized by how they are played; for example, Wario's microgames involve tapping or poking objects in the screen, Mona's microgames involve making cutting motions, Jimmy T.'s microgames involve rubbing the screen the right way, and so on. 9-Volt and Wario-Man are the only two employees that mix up differing microgame styles in their microgame mix.


Souvenirs can be unlocked by completing tasks like getting 30 points on a stage or playing all microgames. Souvenirs can both be stored in Games and in the Toy Room. If stored in Games, souvenirs can be found quickly, but amount of souvenirs the player can store here is limited. If the player wants all the souvenirs at one place, the souvenirs can be stored in the Toy Room. Below is a list of the souvenirs.

Note that in the European and Wii U Virtual Console versions, Mona Pizza cannot be unlocked, since players must have a copy of WarioWare: Twisted! in the Game Boy Advance slot on the Nintendo DS in order to unlock it.

Toy Room 1[edit]

Picture Souvenir Description
SnowmanWarioWareTouched.png Snow Man I'm bored… and freezing! Roll a snowball and make a snowman so I can kick it over!
WarSpinner.png Wario Spinner Blow on the contraption to see the gnarliness that is Wario!
WhistleTuneWarioWareTouched.png Whistle a Tune Blow into the microphone to whistle!
Calculator.png Calculator WHAT?! This cheap calculator only adds and subtracts! The salesman told me it could vacuum and bake beans!
JugglyBoy.png Juggle Boy Slap Juggle Boy's hand to keep him juggling! Juggle, boy, juggle!
PianoWareWario.png Piano Don't try to play this mini piano in a concert, because you'll get laughed at. They'll throw things, too... sticky things.
OrbitBall.png Orbit Ball Draw lines to bounce this freakishly happy little ball into orbit. He'll ricochet off stars and UFO's, so watch out!
AirTosser2000.png Air Toss 2000 Blow into the microphone to levitate the ball. Warning: you are guaranteed to look stupid.
WarMetronome.png Metronome This stupid thing won't stop ticking! I threw it against a wall, hurled into an industrial grinder, and even sat on it... and still won't shut up!
WarPaint.png Wario Paint Pick a color from the palette on the top and start painting!
PongPing.png Pong Ping If you want to settle a rivalry once and for all, you've gotta do it with the ultimate game of skill... Pong Ping! Use both the L and R Buttons to settle your spat on the court. The first player to score 10 points wins!
KitchenTimer.png Kitchen Timer Use the kitchen timer to improve your awful cooking. Oh, and hurry up and bake me a pie!
PetBrineBuddies.png Pet Brine Buddies Zoom in on those salty little freaks with the magnifying glass! What does this stupid light bulb do?!
WindChime.png Wind Chime You could cut this air with a plastic spork! Blow into the microphone to cool it down!
Real Reel to Reel.png Reel-to-Reel Spin the reels to play, fast-forward or rewind the film.
BubbleBlaster.png Bubble Blaster Bubbles have only two purposes in life: confusing animals and irritating adults. Choose one and run with it!
MonaPizza.png Mona Pizza Just for forking over your money, you get to watch this hot new video! It hasn't even shown up on the Internet yet.

Toy Room 2[edit]

Picture Souvenir Description
Clacker.png Clacker You don't know old-school gaming until you've tried this thing!
TheyHunger.png They Hunger Don't touch the screen! They're hungry! No...it's too late! They're all over me! Get'em off! Aggghhhh!
Spirometer.png Spirometer This tube measures your hot-air capacity. People say you 're full of it!
PlayByEar.png Play By Ear Hey, Nerdy McGeeker son! You might be a little less of a dweeb if you joined a band! But you gotta learn how to play an instrument, first!
AirDude.png Air Dude Blow into the microphone to keep Air Dude gliding! I tried to fly once, and my face has never been the same.
PartyTooter.png Party Tooter This is a party tooter. Use it to toot at parties.
Turntable.png Turntable Pick a record and press play!
Yoyo.png Yo-Yo Hold your Nintendo DS upside down to play with the yo-yo!
BigHurl.png Big Hurl Spin fast and hurl the hammer! Just don't spin him too long, or...
GrandmaSimulator.png Grandma Simulator Grandma has some advice for you! Blow into the microphone to cool off her tea, and she might share a pearl of wisdom with you. She'll say different things depending on how you blow into the microphone.
PetParrot.png Pet Parrot This stupid parrot imitates everything...you...say. Hey, stop that! SHADDUP!
LightShow.png Light Show Scribble...Ooooooh. Scribble scribble...Ooooooh. Scribble scribble scribble...Ahhhhhh!
SnoreRope.png Snore Rope Blow carefully to keep the miniature senior citizen floating up and over the swinging rope.
GameCreditsToy.png Game Credits This is a list of all the people who made WarioWare: Touched!
PetChameleon.png Pet Chameleon Chameleons blend into their surroundings. If you threw one into a giant mound of butter, it would look like a chameleon-shaped stick of butter! Try pulling down the wallpaper to see this buttery ability in action!
PyoroT.png Pyoro T Grab Pyoro's tail , stretch it back, and let go to skewer insects! Don't let'em land on your flowers!
CustardWarioWareTouched.png Custard Smack that pudding! Jigglejigglejigglejiggle...


Main article: List of WarioWare: Touched! staff

WarioWare: Touched! is developed by Nintendo SPD Group No.1 and Intelligent Systems. As with most WarioWare games, Yoshio Sakamoto alongside Ryoichi Kitanishi produced the game. Also, Goro Abe was the chief director of the game, while Taku Sugioka and Teruyuki Hirosawa were the game's other directors.


Development of WarioWare: Touched! overlapped with that of WarioWare: Twisted!. As the series core staff was already busy with the latter title, the game was primarily developed by staff new to the series and producer Yoshio Sakamoto had to scramble to find a director for the project[1]. Twisted's staff was transferred to Touched following the completion of the title to help complete the game for the Nintendo DS's launch. The game was developed in five months[2].


Main article: List of WarioWare: Touched! quotes
  • Wario here! No offense, but you stink! My Touch Training stage is guaranteed to make you 138 percent less pathetic!
  • Just drag stuff. Even you can do that. (Ashley)
  • Wow! That was some serious funkitude. (Jamie T.)


Three microgames in Kat & Ana's set are impossible to complete on some first-run Japanese DSes. The lines in Bright Idea and The Proud, the Fuse cannot be drawn while the flashlight in Midnight Weirdo blinks on and off [3]. Nintendo provided replacement copies for those affected, and the glitches were corrected in later printings and the Western releases.


For this subject's image gallery, see Gallery:WarioWare: Touched!.


  • European versions of the game are at some points not localized. Despite the game cover in Europe is yellow, the game's title screen and the menu icon are still orange (while in Japanese editions of the game, the title screen and icon are yellow). Also, in the explanation of the microgame Gold Digger, the series' first game is referred to as WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, while the European title of it is WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania. The game also uses American spelling and grammar in all English versions of the game.
  • In Japanese editions of the game, the music that plays when a boss game is announced is the same as the Speed Up music, while other editions of the game have original music.


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