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This article is about the game. For information about the microgame featured in WarioWare: Smooth Moves, see here.
WarioWare: Twisted!
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Nintendo SPD Group No.1
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release date Japan October 14, 2004
Australia May 19, 2005
USA May 23, 2005
Genre Action
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
Mode(s) Single player
Game Boy Advance:
Media GBA icon.png Cartridge
Game Boy Advance:

WarioWare: Twisted!, known as Mawaru Made in Wario (まわるメイド イン ワリオ Mawaru Meido in Wario, lit. "Turning Made in Wario") in Japan, is the third game in the WarioWare series. It is one of only a few Game Boy Advance games to use a motion sensor, another being Yoshi Topsy-Turvy. It is also one of the only two Game Boy Advance games to use a Rumble Feature, the other being Drill Dozer. The gameplay often involves moving the Game Boy Advance rather than actually pressing the buttons. This can cause a wide variety of wacky mini-games, including ones where the player must make Wario move forward by twisting the Game Boy in the direction that he needs to go. Though it was announced for release there, the game was not released in Europe.


One day, Wario woke up and started playing a space shooter game on his Game Boy Advance. His character dies and, in his anger, Wario throws the handheld system at the wall, breaking it. Horrified, he quickly takes it to his friend Dr. Crygor and asks if he can fix it. Dr. Crygor pops it in to a newly invented machine, the Gravitator, and creates a new system that resembles a Game Boy Advance. Wario learns that he must tilt the game in a certain direction to make the character move. Shortly after he discovers how to control the new system, Mona and 9-Volt walk in and try out the new system for themselves. They love it, and this gives Wario an idea. He can market this new item and sell it to make millions, and so the game begins.


Microgame Stages[edit]

Microgame stages are a collection of microgames. Here is a list of microgame stages.

Character Stage Control style, microgame theme or other specialty
Wario Smorgasbord Sampler This is a practice stage without lives and no time limit.
Mona Mini Spin Making little twists with the Game Boy Advance.
Jimmy T. Big Tipper Making big twists with the Game Boy Advance.
Kat and Ana Tap Out No twisting with the Game Boy Advance; only pressing A Button.
Jimmy's Folks Family Scramble Microgames from Mona, Jimmy & Kat and Ana are mixed together, but the boss game is always from Mona. The microgames also start at second level.
Dribble and Spitz Steer Clear Twisting the Game Boy Advance and pressing A Button.
Dr. Crygor Gravitator Twisting the Game Boy Advance to alter gravity on the screen.
WarioWatch (1) Speed Spin Wario's games with a time limit this time. Scoring 50 points or more will unlock the WarioWatch 2 stage.
Orbulon Time Warp These microgames have more time to complete. All controls used.
9-Volt and 18-Volt Spintendo Classics Microgames based on classic Nintendo games. All controls used.
Wario-Man Spandex Challenge Microgames based on Wario. All controls used.
WarioWatch (2) Speedier Spin Essentially the same as the first WarioWatch stage, but with less time to complete the microgames. The microgames can appear at any level, mostly third level, and the boss game doesn't appear.
Skyscraper Skyscraper Sampler Microgames from all characters are mixed here except WarioWatch's ones and boss games, meaning that extra lives can't be earned. The speed increases gradually and without advision. Every time the player completes 20 microgames, they will obtain a souvenir, and the level increases, but after the third level, it keeps at a high speed until the player loses. Scoring 25 points or more will unlock the Tower stage.
Tower Twitchy Tower Essentially the same as the Skyscraper stage (all microgames mixed (except WarioWatch's ones) without boss stages, so extra lives can't be earned), but the microgames are at a high speed, and it also increases gradually (without advision) until it keeps at a maximum speed, almost the highest speed of the game. The microgames are always at first level, though. Scoring 25 points or more will unlock the Mansion stage, and every time the player completes 20 microgames, they will obtain a souvenir.
Mansion One Chance Mansion Essentially the same as the Skyscraper stage, but only one life is available and the player can't earn extra lives due to the absence of boss stages, meaning that if the player loses in a microgame, it's game over. The speed is normal and never increases, but the microgames are all at third level. Every time the player completes 10 microgames, they will obtain a souvenir.

Fronk's microgames appear randomly through the other stages. Fronk does not have his own stage.

Character Stage Control style, theme or specialty
Fronk Frantic Fronk The microgames get half the time to complete.

List of Microgames[edit]

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List of Souvenirs[edit]

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Video.svg WarioWare: Twisted! - The game's opening cutscene.
File info
Video.svg WarioWare: Twisted! - The game's ending cutscene (from Wario-Man's epilogue).
File info
Audio.png WarioWare: Twisted! - The game's main theme.
WWTw TitleScreen.ogg
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Audio.png WarioWare: Twisted! - A remix of the main theme that is heard outside of Club Sugar.
WWTw ClubSugar.ogg
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European Release[edit]

In 2005, when the game was released in Australia and America, Nintendo announced the game for release in Europe. The company later announced that the game's release was delayed because it was still undergoing compulsory LGA testing to ensure its safety. Three years later, in 2008, the Game Boy Advance was discontinued. The page for WarioWare: Twisted! on the Nintendo of Europe Website had been removed as well. In the European version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, when it is mentioned on the Chronicle, the game is marked as "Not Released", indicating the game was cancelled in Europe, possibly because the game failed its safety testing. Even the game possibly not passing the test, it received good reception.


  • The box art of the game shows Wario holding a Game Boy Advance SP, but in the game they never use an SP. Instead they use the original Game Boy Advance.
  • In the Guinness World Record 2010 Gamer's Edition, WarioWare: Twisted! was the game with the most minigames in a single video game. The game had 223 minigames all in one.