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Wario: Master of Disguise
North American box art
Developer(s) Suzak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date Japan January 18, 2007
USA March 5, 2007
Australia May 17, 2007
Europe June 1, 2007
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB E10+.svg - Everyone 10+
PEGI:PEGI 7.svg - Seven years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
Mode(s) Single player
Nintendo DS:
Nintendo DS:

Wario: Master of Disguise, known in Japan as Kaitou Wario the Seven (怪盗ワリオ・ザ・セブン, lit. "Thief Wario the Seven") is a platform game developed by Suzak for the Nintendo DS. It is the first Wario platform title since Wario World. The title refers to the fact that Wario gets seven disguises in the game, not counting the Thief Wario disguise.


While channel surfing for treasure leads on a listless day, Wario accidentally stumbles upon a television show starring future rival Count Cannoli, a.k.a. The Silver Zephyr. Although he is quick to insult the show's premise, Wario is secretly extremely jealous of this master thief and his wand Goodstyle and the riches he has accumulated. Not to be outdone, Wario dashes off to his secret headquarters (his back room) and constructs the TELMET. With this new device in tow, and an insatiable lust for treasure, Wario enters the television and makes his big screen debut.

Upon entering this new world, Wario inadvertently crash lands on Count Cannoli himself. The impact forces Cannoli to drop his wand. Wario, quick to snatch his first piece of treasure, immediately recovers the wand. Upon seeing this, Cannoli demands that Wario return his wand, as it is the source of his power. Wario is quick to inform Cannoli that he will never be getting his wand back, as Wario is having far too much fun waving it about in the air. However upon doing this, the wand begins to speak, revealing that the wand is a being of its own, known as Goodstyle. Goodstyle, with no harsh feelings towards Wario, informs him of the many capabilities that he possesses and how Wario, who Goodstyle refers to as "master", much to Wario's pleasure, can use these capabilities to his advantage. After a quick lesson about how to use him, Goodstyle transforms Wario into a master thief, the silent but deadly Purple Wind.

Through this new persona, Wario begins an race around the world, along with rival Count Cannoli to collect all the pieces of the infamous Wishstone, believed to grant the wishes of the one who possesses it in its entirety. Throughout their adventures, Wario and Cannoli also run into master thief Carpaccio, who is also in search of the Wishstone fragments. Wario, whose wish is to own all the treasures and riches of the world, stops at nothing and manages to gather all five pieces of the Wishstone through the help of Count Cannoli (who recognizes Wario as the superior criminal) and the mysterious masked maiden known only as Tiaramisu. Wario, Cannoli and Tiaramisu manage to assemble the Wishstone in its entirety, only to have Tiaramisu reveal to them a secret. It is revealed that Tiaramisu is actually a demon known as Terrormisu who was trapped within the Wishstone, and through its reassembling was now free to reign over this world. This doesn't settle well with Wario, who is furious about the Wishstone not granting his wish for treasure. In a fit of rage, Wario and Goodstyle take Terrormisu on and after a heated battle, emerge victorious.

Terrormisu is then banished into an alternate dimension where she can threaten the world no longer. It is then revealed that Goodstyle is actually the first member of the Cannoli clan who enlisted Wario to tackle the foreboding threat of Terrormisu. Wario, feeling used and cheated, expresses his rage and discontent to Goodstyle. Goodstyle quickly informs Wario that through his accomplishments, he has earned the vast amount of treasure and riches that the Cannoli clan has accumulated throughout the generations. Wario agrees to this arrangement and the player is then treated to a clip of Wario being showered with treasure. Wario, content with the events that transpired, resolves to head back to the real world with his treasure.

However upon returning to the real world, it is revealed that the Telmet only teleported Wario to the real world, not his treasure. Upon seeing his treasure on the television, Wario slips into a fit of disbelief and resolves to re-enter the television to collect his earnings.


The gameplay in this game features eight different transformations, every of them with diferent and various abilities for Wario. To use them, the player have to draw it symbol in the Touchscreen (every transformation have a diferent symbol). The transformations are:

Thief Wario[edit]

Main article: Thief Wario
Thief Wario, also known as "The Purple Wind."

Thief Wario, also know as "The Purple Wind", is the disguise that Wario uses throughout the game. This disguise can help him jump higher than his other disguises and can charge by taping the touch screen.

Cosmic Wario[edit]

Main article: Cosmic Wario
Cosmic Wario, with his laser-pistol.

Cosmic Wario can shoot a laser that can be shot in any direction by taping the touch screen. Wario's laser can hit buttons to access hidden areas or open doors. The laser can also hit a certain block that releases gems. When he jumps he floats for a short time.

Arty Wario[edit]

Main article: Arty Wario
Arty Wario painting.

Arty Wario can draw doors, hearts, and stone blocks.

Genius Wario[edit]

Main article: Genius Wario
Genius Wario with the Ultra Hand.

Genius Wario can make mechanical objects like his boxing glove and can see invisible objects.

Sparky Wario[edit]

Main article: Sparky Wario
Sparky Wario using his electricity power.

Sparky Wario can make electricity to light up pitch-black rooms, power up electric machines and defeat enemies.

Captain Wario[edit]

Main article: Captain Wario
Captain Wario in his submarine.

Captain Wario can go through water and even lava.

Dragon Wario[edit]

Main article: Dragon Wario
Dragon Wario breathing fireballs.

Dragon Wario can breathe fire to kill enemies and destroy blocks from distance. He can also swim in lava and gains the ability to breathe blue fire a level 2.

Wicked Wario[edit]

Wicked Wario flying.
Main article: Wicked Wario

Wicked Wario can fly unlimited time.
Along with platforming, there are also minigames (much like WarioWare) that must be beaten to win treasure. These include a sliding puzzle, connect the dots, matching, exterminating cockroaches, and several others.


As Wario acquires more treasure in episodes, he gains a different title, or rank every time the total amount of money exceeds a certain amount.

  • over $50,000="Dabbler of Disguise"
  • over $100,000="Student of Disguise"
  • over $200,000="Champion of Disguise"
  • over $400,000="Paragon of Disguise"
  • over $700,000="Master of Disguise"
  • over $850,000="Mighty Master of Disguise"

There will also be a Wario statue that appears in the TV room for every title acquired as well, as well as extra statues on top of the TV for collecting all the treasure and defeating at least one of each enemy, so that they are listed in Wario's notebook. In addition, collecting all the treasure gives the player a notebook with pink pages instead of yellow, and a medal with a stretched W on it appears in the bottom left corner of each page.


  • Episode 1 - Whose Show Is This Anyway?!!
  • Episode 2 - The Purple Wind Stinks up the Ship!
  • Episode 3 - The Sphinx Sits on a Secret!
  • Episode 4 - A Third Thief Brings Grief!
  • Episode 5 - Picking the Pharaoh's Brains!
  • Episode 6 - A Flower That's Drunk Up Power!
  • Episode 7 - Fouling up the Whole Works!
  • Episode 8 - When Dolphins Ruled the Earth!
  • Episode 9 - More Shocking Than the Next Episode?
  • Episode 10 - The Final Face-Off!
  • Special Episodes 1-5



List of Treasures[edit]

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