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Honeyhive Galaxy
Honeyhive Galaxy.PNG 
Area Terrace 
How to unlock Get 3 stars 
Boss(es) Bugaboom 
Comet(s) Cosmic Comet
Purple Comet 
Level(s) Bee Mario/Luigi Takes Flight
Trouble on the Tower
Big Bad Bugaboom
Honeyhive Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race
The Honeyhive's Purple Coins
Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom 
Stars StarStarStarCosmic Comet StarPurple Comet StarSecret Star 
Galaxy Icon The Starting Planet, the Queen Bee Planet, a Honeycomb Wall, and several floating blocks and logs
Not to be confused with Honeyclimb Galaxy.

“Welcome to the Honeyhive Kingdom! Our queen rules this land.”
Bee, Super Mario Galaxy

The Honeyhive Galaxy (also known as the Honeyhive Kingdom and originally as the Honeybee Galaxy) is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This forest-based galaxy is full of flowers and Honeycomb Wall‎s and is inhabited by friendly bees. The kingdom and its bee subjects are ruled by Queen Bee. The Bee Mushroom debuts here, and Mario learns how to use the Bee Suit here. This is one of the three bee-themed galaxies, the other two being the Honeyclimb Galaxy and Gold Leaf Galaxy.


Starting Planet[edit]

The starting planet of the Honeyhive Galaxy.

The first Planet that Mario visits contains many Bees, Boulders, and on occasion, Mandibugs. The first Bee Mushroom is located on this planet. There are also Flipbugs on this planet, as well as a large waterfall in the middle. The area behind the waterfall has a lot of honey on the floor which slows Mario down. A Launch Star at the end of this area will lead the player to the Flower Planet. The Toad Brigade and the first Power Star can be found in a treetop here. On the second mission, Mario can use a Sproutle Vine to reach an area with a Sling Star, leading to another area with a button and a Wiggler around it. When Mario presses it, it leads to the side of the starting planet, an area with boxes on them and a Launch Star leading to the Hat Planets. In mission three, Queen Bee is behind the water, asking for Mario's assistance. A Launch Star appears later on, taking Mario to the Bugaboom Planet.

Observation Deck[edit]

Honeyhive Galaxy4.PNG

The Observation Deck is a wooden platform with three stories. Level two's mini-boss and Power Star are found here. Mario must use a swing here to get across the pit. At the bottom of this pit, a trampoline can be found. If Mario falls into the pit, there is a Life Mushroom guarded by two Mandibugs on the bottom level of the observation deck. Two trampolines can be used to get Mario up to the second level, which also has two Mandibugs and two walls for Mario to wall jump, so that he can get to the third level. In the third level, Mario must ground pound a button while avoiding another Mandibug. After doing so, the windmill starts, and helps Mario to reach the mini-boss: two Mandibugs stacked on top of each other.

Flower Planet[edit]


This planet contains many floating flower platforms. The bottom of the planet is full of lily pads floating in water that work as landing spots for Bee Mario. Several rock-spitting Octoguys and some Piranha Plants reside around the edges of the pond. Mario must reach the spinning flower platforms floating above this planet by using the Fling Flowers and the Bee Suit. In the middle of the floating flower platforms is a gigantic flower platform, above which is a Launch Star that takes Mario to the Queen Bee Planet when used. In between the flower platforms, several fountains are found, which continually blast water into the air and will turn Bee Mario back into Mario if he is hit.

Queen Bee Planet[edit]

The Queen Bee planet.

This planet is what the Bees call the "Queen's castle". This planet contains Queen Bee and some Bees. This planet starts with a honey wall. At the bottom of the wall, a bee and a Piranha Plant can be found. To climb up the wall, Mario must run into it and go upwards. It requires one jump and fly period and the rest is climbing. There are some optional jump and fly periods for shortcuts, coins, 1-ups, etc. At the very top of the wall, a Piranha Plant can be seen holding down a sproutle. When Mario defeats it, it releases the sproutle, which brings Mario right in front of Queen Bee. Queen Bee is hovering in the middle of the Queen Bee planet. The Queen Bee Planet is filled with water and has a rim of ground going around it. It is possible to stick to Queen Bee and climb around her.

Hat Planets[edit]

Honeyhive Galaxy2.PNG

These are two planets which twist around. The Hat Planets have many enemies. Several Piranha Plants are on the top hat planet, which Mario can defeat in order to receive star bits and coins. Then he must proceed to the bottom of the planet. Once there, Mario can jump and land in a ring of star bits on the second planet, which contains two Wigglers. To defeat a Wiggler, Mario must hit it with a Spin and then jump on it after it flips over. If Mario doesn't jump on it in time, it will flip back over and chase Mario angrily. At the bottom of this planet, a Launch Star can be found, which leads to the Rattle Planet.

Rattle Planet[edit]

Honeyhive Galaxy3.PNG

The Rattle Planet is, as its name points out, shaped like a rattle. There is a large bulb at the top and an inaccessible stick at the bottom. On the bulb at the top, many Piranha Plants are found. Defeating them will give Mario star bits or coins. A ? Coin is found nearby, which releases a Rainbow Star so that Mario can defeat all the Piranha Plants.

Bugaboom Planet[edit]

Honeyhive Galaxy5.PNG

Bugaboom is fought here. When Mario arrives at the planet, two platforms are found, each one with a Fling Flower. The first one also has a Bee Mushroom, and the second platform has three coins. Mario must use the Bee Mushroom to reach the Fling Flowers and then fly on to the next platform. This planet is large and has a gigantic tree in the middle of it. There are several Fling Flowers, honey on the tree and a river of water in the way of scenery on the planet. There is also a Bee Mushroom which helps in the fight against Bugaboom.


Bee Mario/Luigi Takes Flight[edit]

Mario in his bee form.

Mario begins this level and all others on the largest planet in the Honeyhive Galaxy. Mario needs to follow the path up the hill with a ? Coin, which reveals the game's first Bee Mushroom. The player has to collect the power-up and fly up to the nearby ledges. At the end of the tunnel, a tree stump with a hole in it can be found. Mario has to jump down the hole and use the slide. After that, Mario has to fly and jump across the ledges with honey to reach the Launch Star. Mario lands next to a pond filled with lily pads, and one of the platforms has a Fling Flower that Mario can spin up to gain height. The flower can be used to reach the flower platforms in the air, and Mario has to carefully fly across them while avoiding the water jets to reach the Launch Star. Here is where the first Honey Wall is located. Mario has to climb up the wall to reach the pond where the Queen Bee resides. The Queen Bee will then complain about a horrible itching plague (she is covered in Star Chips), so Mario has to fly over to her and climb on her to collect them. Then, a Launch Star has to be used to end up at the top of a tree on the main planet. The leader of the Toad Brigade presents Mario with a Power Star. After the completion of this mission, Toads walk around the Comet Observatory and begin construction of the Starshroom.

Planets visited
Names in other languages*
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 飛べ! ハチマリオ!
Tobe! Hachi Mario!
Fly! Bee Mario!
Spanish ¡Mario Abeja! ¡Revolotea! Bee Mario! Flutter!
French (NOA) Envole-toi, Mario Abeille! Fly away, Bee Mario!
French (NOE) Envole-toi, Mario abeille ! Fly away, Bee Mario!
German Flieg! Bienen-Mario! Fly! Bee Mario!
Italian Mario Ape, spicca il volo! Fly away, Bee Mario!
Korean 날아라! 꿀벌마리오!
Narara! Kkulbeol Mario!
Fly! Bee Mario!

*If the player is playing as Luigi, the mission name will change to "Bee Luigi Takes Flight." (This also applies to the names in other languages.)

Trouble on the Tower[edit]

Mario about to battle the Mandibug Stack.
A view from above the Honeyhive Galaxy.

Some enemies from a neighboring planet, the Mandibugs, have taken residence in the Honeyhive Kingdom. With the aid of a Bee Mushroom, Mario must climb up the enormous main planet and traverse a few smaller ones, to end up on the Tower of the Kingdom. Mario begins this level on the starting planet, a 1-up and an "M" of Star Bits are found in this planet. Mario must advance up the path past the boulders.

Mario must then destroy the second stone on the path to release a sproutle which takes him to the next part of the planet. Two trampolines can be found here, the first of which leads to a ? block with star bits in it. The other can be used to bounce up to a Sling Star, which sends Mario to a platform with a Wiggler and a button. Using the button, Mario must open the next part of the path where he must wall jump to the top of a staircase. At the top, he has to proceed to the wooden boards that lead to a Launch Star. The Launch Star leads to the Hat Planets where Mario must first face a barrage of Piranha Plants and later Wigglers. At the end of the second Hat Planet, Mario finds another Sling Star which takes him to the rattle planet. On the rattle planet, several Piranha Plants, one more Wiggler and a ? coin are found. There is a tube for Mario to go through which takes him to the Observation Deck. There, he must defeat several Mandibugs and use trampolines to get to a wall jumping platform which he can wall jump up to get to the upper level. In this level, he can ground pound a button, activating a windmill which takes him to the very top where there is a mini boss in the form of two Mandibugs stacked on top of each other. Mario must ground pound the one on top and then do the same to the one on the bottom to defeat it and release the Power Star that they were guarding.

Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 物見やぐらの異変
Monomiyagura no ihen
Unusual Event in the Observation Tower
Spanish (NOA) Sucesos Extraños en la Atalaya Strange Events in the Watchtower
Spanish (NOE) Sucesos extraños en la atalaya Strange Events in the Watchtower
French (NOA) L'Incident de la Tour d'Observation The Incident of the Observation Tower
French (NOE) L'incident de la tour d'observation The Incident of the Observation Tower
German Notfall am Wachturm Emergency at the Watchtower
Italian Strani eventi sulla Torre Weird Events on the Tower
Korean 전망대의 이변
Jeonmangdae ui ibyeon
Unusual Event in the Observation Tower

Big Bad Bugaboom[edit]

Bugaboom attacks Mario

The Mandibug infestation has hit, and it seems that to end the invasion, the leader of the Mandibugs, the ferocious Bugaboom, must be defeated. To get to him, Mario must travel through the starting planet, once again avoiding boulders, Slurples and Piranha Plants, this time with Mandibugs as well. Using a Bubble Blaster, he must go to the area at the bottom of the waterfall and travel through the tunnel to meet Queen Bee. If Mario goes down a pole, it is possible to stop on the other side of the starting planet, where there is a Life Mushroom and some enemies. Queen Bee asks Mario to help her and gives him a Launch Star so that he can get to the Mandibug Planet.

The Starting Planet

There are two small platforms before the Mandibug Planet which can help Mario reach the planet via the use of Fling Flowers and the Bee Mushroom. Mario then lands on the Bugaboom Planet. To defeat Bugaboom, Mario must ground pound his back multiple times. The first time, Bugaboom charges at Mario on the ground and Mario only has to use a Bee Mushroom to get higher than it, and then ground pound. The second time, Bugaboom starts flying, and Mario must fly up to nearby honeycombs. He needs to remain there until Bugaboom passes, while avoiding the bombs shot out of his stomach. Finally, on the third time, Bugaboom grows angry and starts flying faster, on his side so that Mario cannot defeat him. Mario must use the Fling Flowers with the correct timing to get above him when he is not on his side and ground pound him. When Bugaboom is defeated, Mario gains a Power Star.

Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese クワカブト一家の逆襲
Kuwakabuto ikka no gyakushū
The counterattack of Mandibug family
Spanish (NOA) El Imperio Escarabajo Contraataca The Mandibug Empire Strikes Back
Spanish (NOE) El imperio escarabajo contraataca The Mandibug Empire Strikes Back
French (NOA) Le Clan Skarabée Contre-Attaque The Mandibug Clan Counter-Attacks
French (NOE) Le clan Skarabée contre-attaque The Mandibug Clan Counter-Attacks
German Gegenangriff der Stinkkäferfamilie Counter-Attack of the Stinking Beetle Family
Italian Contrattacco degli Scarafetor Counter-Attack of the Mandibugs
Korean 사슴풍뎅이 일족의 역습
Saseumpungdengi iljok ui yeokseup
The counterattack of Mandibug Family

Honeyhive Cosmic Mario/Luigi Race (Cosmic Comet)[edit]

Cosmic Mario meets regular Mario

Upon entering this level, a cosmic doppelganger of Mario/Luigi appears. Mario has to race Cosmic Mario and Luigi must race Cosmic Luigi for the Power Star. If Cosmic Mario or Cosmic Luigi reaches the Power Star first, Mario or Luigi loses a life. As is the case for every Cosmic Comet mission, the Luigi version is much more difficult, as Cosmic Luigi is faster, uses a lot of long jumps and doesn't hang around one area to make a jump. However he makes one vital flaw - he gets stuck in the honey floor near the end of the race. To begin the race, at the start, Mario must move forward a few feet. Cosmic Mario appears and challenges him. They must both charge down the path to the bottom of the waterfall and backflip up the block to get to the top. One more backflip and Mario is in the tunnel which leads to the tube. Once at the bottom of the slide, Mario must backflip once again to get to the area with honey. Running through this area avoiding the honey and the deadly pits, Mario must get to the end where the Power Star is.



Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 追い越せ シャドウ! ミツバチ王国編
Oikose shadou! Mitsubachi ōkoku hen
Outrun your Shadow! Phase Honeyhive Kingdom
Spanish (NOA) ¡Fantasma! El Reino de las Abejas Ghost! The Bee Kingdom
Spanish (NOE) ¡Corre, corre! Reino de las Abejas Run, run! Bee Kingdom
French (NOA) Devancez Votre Double au Royaume des Abeilles! Get Ahead of your Double in the Honeyhive Kingdom!
French (NOE) Devancez votre double au royaume des abeilles! Get Ahead of your Double in the Honeyhive Kingdom!
German Überhol den Schatten! Overhaul the Shade!
Italian Corsa Fantasma! Regno Dolceape! Ghost Race! Honeyhive Kingdom!
Korean 추월하라 그림자! 꿀벌왕국편
Chuwolhara geurimja! Kkulbeol wangguk pyeon
Outrun your Shadow! Phase Honeyhive Kingdom

The Honeyhive's Purple Coins (Purple Comet)[edit]

100 Purple Coins have been scattered around the main planet of the Kingdom, and it is up to the Mario brothers to grab them all and collect the star. If the player has a Co-Star, the Co-Star can help Mario halfway up the first hill so that Mario can get two of those three coins.

Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミツバチ王国の パープルコイン
Mitsutachi ōkoku no pāpuru koin
Purple Coins in the Honeyhive Kingdom
Spanish Monedas en el Reino de las Abejas Coins in the Bee Kingdom
French (NOA) Les Pièces Violettes du Royaume des Abeilles The Honeyhive Kingdom's Purple Coins
German Lila Münzen der Honigbienen Purple Coins of the Honey Bees
Italian Monete Viola nel Regno Dolceape Purple Coins in the Honeyhive Kingdom
Korean 꿀벌왕국의 퍼플코인
Kkulbeol wangguk ui peopeul koin
Purple Coins in the Honeyhive Kingdom

Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom[edit]

Luigi's postcard requesting help

After rescuing Luigi from the Haunted Mansion of the Ghostly Galaxy, Good Egg Galaxy and Battlerock Galaxy, his fourth destination is the Honeyhive Galaxy. Once again, he needs Mario (or the playable Luigi) to rescue him, this time from a 'big, scary bug'. He can be found clinging to a tree in the first mission of the Galaxy. After completing this mission and meeting up with the NPC Luigi in the Comet Observatory, he decides that searching for Power Stars is too scary, and gives up. In this mission, Luigi gives Mario a Power Star. To get to Luigi, Mario must use a Bee Mushroom to fly up the hill at the start of the level into the next area. In that area, he must climb up the thin wooden wall to the top without falling off or use the Bee Mushroom. At the top, a tree is seen, which Luigi is clinging to because he is afraid of the big scary bug, which is actually a simple Flipbug. When Mario jumps into him or shoots a Star Bit at him, he falls and gives Mario the Power Star.

Planets visited
Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミツバチ王国の ルイージ
Mitsutachi ōkoku no Ruīji
Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom
Spanish (NOA) Luigi en el Reino de las Abejas Luigi in the Bee Kingdom
Spanish (NOE) Luigi en el Reino de Abejas Luigi in the Bee Kingdom
French (NOA) Luigi au Royaume des Abeilles Luigi in Honeyhive Kingdom
Italian Luigi nel Regno Dolceape Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom
Korean 꿀벌왕국의 루이지
Kkulbeol wangguk ui Ruiji
Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom

Other appearances[edit]

Mario Golf: World Tour[edit]

Part of the Honeyhive Galaxy appears in Mario Golf: World Tour during Rosalina's Eagle, Albatross, and Hole-in-One animations. As well, the music of the Wiggler Park course is a cover of this galaxy's music.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハニービーキングダムギャラクシー
Hanī Bī Kingudamu Gyarakushī
Honey Bee Kingdom Galaxy
Spanish (NOA) Galaxia del Reino de las Abejas Bee Kingdom Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Reino de Abejas Bee Kingdom Galaxy
French (NOA) Royaume des Abeilles Kingdom of the Bees
French (NOE) Royaume des abeilles Kingdom of the Bees
German Honigbienenkönigreich Honey-Bee-Kingdom
Italian Galassia Dolceape Sweet-Bee Galaxy
Korean 허니비 킹덤 갤럭시
Heonibi Kingdeom Gaelleoksi
Honey Bee Kingdom Galaxy


  • Another galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy, the Gold Leaf Galaxy, looks almost exactly like a mirror version of this galaxy, except with an autumn environment on the main planet and a few minor changes to the surrounding planets.
  • There is a group of Star Bits to the immediate right of the starting area that form a large letter "M", most likely referring to Mario. There is another group of Star Bits in the Gold Leaf Galaxy that are in the same position as these Star Bits (mirror-wise, of course), which form a large letter "L", most likely referring to Luigi.
  • The battle at the end of the Trouble on the Tower level is extremely similar to the battle at the end of the Puzzling Picture Block level in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2, as these two levels are the only levels between the two games where a little Mandibug stacked on top of a big one is fought at the end of the level.