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This article is about the 1991 NES video game. For information about the microgame with the same name, see here.
NES Open Tournament Golf
Developer(s) Nintendo R&D 2
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Entertainment System, Virtual Console (Wii & 3DS)
Release date NES
Japan September 20, 1991
USA September 29, 1991
Europe June 18, 1992
Virtual Console (Wii)
Europe May 11, 2007
USA June 18, 2007
Japan July 24, 2007
South Korea August 26, 2008
Virtual Console (3DS Ambassador Version):
Japan August 31, 2011
USA September 1, 2011
Europe September 1, 2011
Virtual Console (3DS Full Version):
USA July 5, 2012
Japan August, 8 2012
Europe August 23, 2012
Australia August 23, 2012
Virtual Console (Wii U)
Japan January 15, 2014
Europe February 6, 2014
Australia February 6, 2014
USA March 6, 2014
Genre Golf
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Wiimote Sideways.png Wii Remote (Sideways)
Nintendo 3DS:

NES Open Tournament Golf (also known as Mario Open Golf in Japan and Europe) is an NES game featuring Mario characters. As the name of the game implies, it is a golf game and was one of the first golfing games in the Mario series. In the American version of the game, the graphics and soundtrack has slightly changed. The Japanese version of the game features different playable courses and characters. Although the Japan Course and UK Course are also playable courses in North America version they do not contain the same holes. For example, hole 1 in the Australia Course is hole 9 in the US Course. The game does not take place in the Mushroom Kingdom and instead takes place on Earth, or the "real world". The levels are Japan, Australia, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

A version of this game was made for the Nintendo PlayChoice-10 in America, called Mario's Open Golf. This game has also been released on the Virtual Console of the Wii for 500 Wii Points.






Japanese version[edit]

  • Japan Course
  • Australia Course
  • France Course
  • Hawaii Course
  • UK Course
  • Extra Course

North American and European versions[edit]

  • US Course
  • Japan Course
  • UK Course

Other information[edit]

Tournament Roster[edit]

In the Club House mode in the game, there is a setting called the Tournament Roster. Here the player can change all of the player's names, just like they'd change their own name (which is Mario by default). Here are all the 36 default names on the Tournament Roster.

  • Barry
  • Billy
  • Bruce
  • Carrie
  • Colleen
  • Dayv
  • Denise
  • Don
  • Earl
  • Elizabeth
  • Fred
  • Gloria
  • Jeff
  • Jim
  • John
  • Kim
  • Leslie
  • Lynn
  • Mark
  • Mary
  • Paula
  • Pete
  • Steve
  • Tina
  • Tony
  • Miki
  • Iwata
  • Hiro
  • Nakajima
  • Onozuka
  • Mishima
  • Tsuchiyama
  • Miyamoto
  • Shirota
  • Todori
  • Uemura

All of the names starting from Iwata to Uemura are names of the people who worked on the game.


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