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Greater Location Earth
Capital Canberra
Inhabitants Humans, nonhuman animals, etc.
First Appearance Mario is Missing! (List of games by date#1992)

“I love Australia!”
Mario, New Super Mario Bros. Wii Sound Board from Nintendo Australia

Australia (also known as Australasia or Oceania; official name: Commonwealth of Australia) is a continent (and a country) on Earth, located in the Southern Hemisphere. It consists of the countries of Australia itself, New Zealand as well as various smaller islands in the Pacific Ocean. Australia is also the smallest of Earth's continents.

Australia has had a few references throughout the Mario series. However, most of these were in the Mario TV series. Firstly, it was mentioned on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, in the live-action segment, "Alligator Dundee". Alligator Dundee, an Australian man, appeared at the Mario Bros. Plumbing building, where he was hunting the mysterious sewer creature, the Ratigator.

A land similar to Australia, known as Down Under Land, was featured in the episode "Crocodile Mario".

Australia eventually appeared in an episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, "7 Continents for 7 Koopas". When Bowser tried to conquer the entire Real World, he ordered Cheatsy Koopa to capture Australia. Cheatsy used his Magic Wand to turn all of the humans into kangaroos, except for a Crocodile Dundee-type hunter, who was transformed into a prawn. Princess Toadstool eventually stole Cheatsy's wand, and restored everyone back to normal.

Australia also received a brief mention in the Super Mario World episode "The Yoshi Shuffle". During a football game against the Koopas, Mario was tackled by Bully Koopa, and questioned if they were playing by Australian rules. Bully responded to this remark by saying that he was going to put Mario six feet "down under".

During the events of the game Mario is Missing!, Luigi traveled to Sydney, the most populous city of Australia. Also, the city of Perth was seen on the game's world map, the Globulator.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オーストラリア
Spanish Australia
French Australie -
Dutch Australië -
German Australien -
Italian Australia -
Portuguese Austrália -
Russian Австралия
Korean 호주
Chinese 澳大利亞 (Traditional)
澳大利亚 (Simplified)
Romanian Australia -