Keelhaul Key

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Keelhaul Key
Greater Location Rogueport's surrounding areas
Inhabitants Embers, Green Fuzzies, Flower Fuzzies, Putrid Piranhas
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
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Keelhaul Key is the main area in which Chapter 5 of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door takes place. Similar to Lavalava Island from Paper Mario, Keelhaul is a southern island disconnected from all kind of society of the outside world. During the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario learns that the next location of a Crystal Star is in the southern island of Keelhaul Key. Mario will soon find himself captain of a whole crew, which consists of Flavio, Pa-Patch, Four-Eyes (Lord Crump in disguise), two Toads and some Bob-ombs. While on the trip to Keelhaul Key, the ship, the S. S. Flavion, is attacked by Embers and finally sinks.

Luckily for Mario, the ocean washes the whole crew up to Keelhaul Key itself. Mario will now have to face the dangers of the jungle in order to save his lost crew mates and find a way into Pirate's Grotto, in which the Sapphire Star lies. With the help of Flavio's Skull Gem, Mario makes it inside. At the end of Chapter 5, Mario faces off against Lord Crump in his ship at the shore of Keelhaul Key. After completing the Chapter, the player may return to the southern island on Cortez's Ship, Black Skull, whenever they want. Cortez's Ship will be in Rogueport at all times. There is also a pipe in Rogueport Sewers which Mario can take to Keelhaul Key.

Keelhaul Key is the only place in which Mario can find Keel Mangos, used for a variety of recipes. Additionally, in Keelhaul Key, Mario's last party member, Admiral Bobbery, joins him. Mario can also find several badges and items on the island. After the island goes back to normal activity, Pa-Patch, the two Toads who run the shop and inn, and a few of the Bob-ombs will stay on Keelhaul Key and run a settlement. Don Pianta's daughter, Francesca, and his son-in-law, Frankie, also decide to stay in Keelhaul Key. Creatures in Keelhaul Key include Embers, Flower Fuzzies, Green Fuzzies and Putrid Piranhas.


Items found[edit]

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Name of Item Icon Found In
Keel Mango KeelMango PM2.png In a tree after returning the wedding ring to Frankie (unlimited)
Ice Power Icepower.gif On a piece of ground accessed by using Paper Mode on the bridge
Courage Shell ShellofCourage.PNG In a block near a pond
Whacka Bump WackasBump SPM.png Dropped by Whacka when hit
Jammin' Jelly JamminJelly PM2.png In a hidden block on the cliff near the bridge; use the Super Hammer
Wedding Ring PM2 WeddingRing.gif By the tree where Bobbery was; only appears after returning to Keelhaul after Don Pianta's men request that Mario find Francesca and Frankie
Coconut Coconut PM2.png Found by whacking the tree in the background of the bridge area after getting there through a special pipe (unlimited)
Chuckola Cola Chuckola Cola.PNG From Flavio after informing him of Bobbery's soon "death" and giving Flavio a coconut
Star Piece Star Piece.GIF Behind a rock near the right shore in the town
Shine Sprite PMTTYDShinespritesprite.png Above a brick block across a ledge in the room west of the Keel Mango tree
Skull Gem Skull gem.PNG Lent by Flavio to Mario to open the path to Pirate's Grotto

Area Tattles[edit]

  • This is Keelhaul Key. The sun's brutal, as you'd expect on a southern isle. Blue skies... White clouds... I've always wanted to take an island vacation. Don't you just wanna yell, "Hey, stupid ocean! Look at me! I'm on vacation!"
  • This is a shantytwon built by Pa-Patch and some of the other sailors who came with us. Blue ocean, sandy beaches... A shop, an inn... You could live pretty comfily here. You'd always have to worry about harmful UV rays, though, y'know?
  • This is a totally thick jungle. The flora in this area is unique to tropical regions.
  • We're in the jungle on Keelhaul Key. It's complex... Switchback paths and stuff... I think there's an invisible block here somewhere, so why don't you look for it?
  • Wow, nice rope bridge, huh? I don't think I'll be looking down while we cross, though. Being able to see the water through the slats makes my belly go bleeeeeeeeah! Whoa. Hang on. I'm a little woozy. I might faint...
  • Here are the red 'stache and blue 'stache brothers. Hey, kinda like you and Luigi! The smaller one's like you, and the taller one's like Luigi. Are they...looking at us?

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トロピコアイランド
Toropiko Airando
Tropic Island
Spanish Isla Trópico Tropic Island
French Ile Tropatroce Too atrocious Island
German Isla Corsaria derives from Korsar which means "Barbary corsair"
Italian Isola Tropico Tropic Island


  • The adventure Mario has on Keelhaul Key is very similar to the one he has on Lavalava Island in the first Paper Mario. Both are for the fifth collectible (Star Spirits and Crystal Stars, respectively), and both are underground on a tropical isle. In both, Mario goes with a famous explorer on a treasure hunt, and Podoboos, Buzzies, Fuzzies, and Putrid Piranhas are also present in both. Both places can be later accessed by pipe in the sewers. The player also gains the ability to swim on both, by using Sushie on Lavalava Isle, and Boat Mode in the Pirate's Grotto. Both end successfully, as Kolorado gets his Volcano Vase treasure and Flavio remarks in his diary that he got whatever the player used to convince him to sail them to Keelhaul Key (romance, thrills, or emotion).