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Mario and Goombella watch the match between Rawk Hawk and The Koopinator.
An angle view of the arena.
Mario and Goombella watch the match between Rawk Hawk and The Koopinator.
Mario and Goombella watch the match between Rawk Hawk and The Koopinator.

Located in Glitzville, the Glitz Pit is an arena in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Mario takes on the fighter name "The Great Gonzales" and must fight his way through in Chapter 3. There are many fighters here, including Rawk Hawk, KP Pete, Bandy Andy, the Armored Harriers, The Koopinator, Hamma, Bamma, & Flare, and even Bowser at one point, who barges into the ring and fights Mario and his teammates after they defeated the Magikoopa Masters. Grubba, the promoter, used the Gold Star to power his machine that's hidden under the arena. Ever since Jolene's brother, Prince Mush found out about his machine, Prince Mush mysteriously disappeared, so Jolene went undercover and enlisted Mario and his friends' help to defeat Grubba.

The Glitz Pit can be accessed by either the first doorway in the main hall, or the second story door, up a flight of stairs. Mario can talk to spectators but can't get through the dense crowd. The fighters change whenever Mario enters the arena. While watching them, all they do is bump into each other.

Oddly enough, on a poster in the foyer, there is a Bob-omb and a Bulky Bob-omb although no Bulky Bob-ombs are fought in the Glitz Pit. Macho Grubba is the true final boss of Glitz Pit.

Seven Wonders of the Glitz Pit[edit]

According to Bandy Andy, the fighters within the Glitz Pit are said to pass stories of a set of mysteries that surround the arena, at least prior to Mario's interference. Bandy Andy himself sets out to study these mysteries, but is forcibly silenced by Grubba when he learns too much. Throughout the subplot, all seven wonders are encountered, and most of them are explained.

  • The Sealed Wall - The remains of fallen athletes are rumored to be stored behind a sealed wall in a minor-league locker room. The wall is actually a large Yellow Block breakable with Mario's new Super Hammer. The room behind it does not contain the remains of fallen fighters, but research about the Crystal Stars in the form of Dubious Paper.
  • The Man-Eating Toilet - A toilet in a major-league locker room is said to devour anyone that attempts to use it. Mario encounters this toilet while escaping from Rawk Hawk's trap, using the "man-eating" toilet to travel to the toilet in the other major-league locker room for the Championship Match.
  • The Stairs of Mystery - An unknown room in the Glitz Pit has a second floor but no stairs, and groaning voices can be heard coming from above. This room is the Glitz Pit's storage room, which has a hidden switch to reveal the stairs. The groaning voices belong to the fighters that Grubba drained.
  • The Haunted Boudoir - The champion's room is rumored to be haunted. People within the room claim that they hear voices whispering from nowhere, supposedly the voices of athletes who lost to the champion. The voices are actually voices from Grubba's office, which is connected to the Champion's room by an air vent.
  • The Spooky Ring-Lights - Strange lights supposedly leak from under the ring doors when nobody is inside. This light is the light of Grubba's power-draining machine and/or the Gold Star. It is implied that Bandy Andy was caught investigating this secret.
  • The Missing Ones - Sometimes fighters disappear for no reason and never return, including the first champion, Prince Mush. These athletes disappeared as the result of their power being drained by Grubba's machine, and the three known vanished fighters return after Macho Grubba is defeated.
  • Grubba and Jolene - The first part of this wonder is that Grubba is muscular despite being past sixty-years old. This is explained mostly by his use of the power-draining machine. Secondly, Jolene has been known to suddenly vanish. This is explained by Jolene taking up an alternate identity (e-mailing Mario under the pseudonym of "X"), who can frequently be seen in the juice bar outside the arena.

The rankings[edit]

Glitz Pit Fighters
Rank Picture Name Secondary Name Members
Champ RawkHawkPMTTYD.png Rawk Hawk The Feral Nuclear Reactor Rawk Hawk
1 Koopinator.PNG The Koopinator The Razor Blade Brigadier Dark Koopatrol
2 Chompcountry.png Chomp Country The Red Ore Fear Orbs Two Red Chomps
3 Dark craw.PNG Craw-Daddy The Dark Gatekeeper Dark Craw
4 HammaBammaFlare.png Hamma, Bamma, & Flare The Big Bad Brute Bros. Hammer Bro, Fire Bro, Boomerang Bro
5 PM2 MagikoopaMasters.png The Magikoopa Masters The Underworld Servants Red Magikoopa, Green Magikoopa, White Magikoopa
6 TheFuzz.png The Fuzz The Bottomless Vacuums Fuzzy, Green Fuzzy*, Flower Fuzzy
7 PM2 Shellshockers.png The Shellshockers The Turtles of Hurtle Two Shady Koopas & One Shady Paratroopa
8 Poker faces.PNG The Poker Faces The Ultimate Weapons Two Bristles
9 Tiny Spinies.PNG The Tiny Spinies The Thorny Demons Two Red Spike Tops
10 Iron clefts.PNG The Armored Harriers The Iron Adonis Twins Two Iron Clefts
11 PM2 Bob-ombSquad.png The Bob-omb Squad The Big Bomb Boomers Four Bob-ombs
12 Punk Rocks.PNG The Punk Rocks The Green Torture Squad Three Hyper Bald Clefts
13 PM2 Mind-Bogglers.jpg The Mind-Bogglers The Gray Entanglers Pale Piranha, Dark Puff, Pider
14 HanditoversTTYDscreenshot.PNG The Hand-It-Overs The Grim Death Burglars Two Bandits & Two Big Bandits
15 SpikeStorm.png Spike Storm The Midnight Spike-Bombers Two* Spinies & One Lakitu
16 The Dead bones.png The Dead Bones The Bone-Rattling Rockers Three* Dull Bones
17 PokeyTriplet.png The Pokey Triplets The Spiked Terror Triplets Three* Pokeys
18 KP Koopas.png The KP Koopas The Shell Machines of Doom Two KP Koopas & One KP Paratroopa
19 Goomba bros.png The Goomba Bros. The Meteorite Hardheads; however, they are called the Hoppin' Hardheads the first time the player faces them Five Goombas
20 1000yeardoor.jpg The Great Gonzales The Merciless Executioner; known as the Superstar Sequel if Mario enters the Glitz Pit again after Chapter 3 Mario & Co.

In addition, during Chapter 3 the Hand-It-Overs and the KP Koopas are temporarily removed from the roster and replaced with two new teams:

* = Enemies that can duplicate themselves.



For a detailed listing of enemy formations in the Glitz Pit, see here.


Item Icon Found In
Battle Trunks ×20 Battle trunks.PNG All in the storeroom during Jolene's trouble.
Champ's Belt Belt.PNG Won after defeating Rawk Hawk.
Charge P Chargep.gif In the first-floor storeroom, it's among the boxes in the northeast corner. Have Flurrie blow them up first.
Dubious Paper Dubious papers.png In the minor league locker room, it's on top of the shelf to the left.
Gold Star PM2 Gold Star.PNG Given to Mario after he helps Jolene defeat Macho Grubba at chapter end.
HP Plus P Hpplusp.gif In the second-floor storeroom, it's on top of the big box in the left.
Ice Storm IceStorm.PNG In the major-league room, it's in the northwest corner.
Last Stand Laststand.gif In the corridor of the Glitz Pit, it's in a blue box.
Shine Sprite PMTTYDShinespritesprite.png In the second-floor storeroom, it's by the north wall between the boxes.
Star Piece Star Piece.GIF In the lobby, it's under a panel in the wall corner to the northwest of the entrance.
In the office, it's in the drawer near the computer.
In the office, it's behind the plant in the southwest.
In the first-floor storage room, it's under a panel on the floor.
To the right of the second-floor storage room, it's among the rightmost boxes.
Storage Key PM2 StorageKey.gif In the second-floor lobby, it's behind the leftmost poster during one of X's missions.
Wrestling Mag Wrestlingmag.gif In the office, it's held by Jolene and given to Mario during Toodles's trouble.

Area tattles[edit]

  • This is the Glitz Pit lobby. It's pretty nice, actually! Sturdily built, nice decor. And what can you say about that luxurious chandelier except... FABULOUS!!!
  • This is the Glitz Pit itself! That's the ring in the middle. That's where all the magic happens. And by "magic," I mean brutal beatdowns.
  • This is a backstage corridor. Compared to the Glitz Pit, this is so... businesslike. There's security all OVER, so you can't just wander around wherever you want.
  • This is a minor-league locker room. It's kind of, uh... Well, it's pretty disgusting. It's totally different from the first room they showed. The old bait-and-switch... You think they make it totally gross so fighters will try harder to advance?
  • This is a major-league locker room. Everybody here dreams of reaching the top... You can almost feel the intensity of their ambition in the air... It's weird... Speaking of weirdness, there's ALWAYS someone in the bathroom. Creepy! Y'know, it's kinda necessary to have access to a bathroom now and then...
  • This is a minor-league locker room. It's just as gnarly as the one we were in. If you check the lockers or behind the posters, I bet there are stains and graffiti.
  • This is another locker room for major-league competitors. It's opposite the other one. Why was there a hidden room behind the lockers, anyway? What would it be used for? Mysteries are totally everywhere in the Glitz Pit!
  • This is the champ's room. Yeah... This has to be like, the WORST decorating ever! Like that tiger-print bed... I mean, COME ON! Think Rawk Hawk designed it? Or maybe Grubba? It couldn't be...Jolene?
  • This is the Glitz Pit storeroom. They must keep props or something in here. There's a second floor, too. If you see anything odd, don't forget your partners...
  • This is the storeroom. There are lots of wooden crates here, that's for sure. But it doesn't seem to be in use now, does it? I mean, it's COVERED in dust!
  • This is the promoter's room. It's fitting... It has sort of a relaxed authority, y'know? This is where the pairings for each match get decided. Neat!
  • We're in the ventilation duct. It's really cramped in here. And musty. And dank.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese とうぎ
Spanish Arena Dojo
El Coliseo
Dojo Arena
The Coliseum
French Arènes de Yunnanville Glitzville Arenas
German Falkenheim-Arena Glitzville Arena


  • If the player were to choose to return to the Glitz Pit and got back up to 1st place, during the Championship Match, the crowd will chant "GONZALES! GONZALES!". However, there is one who will say "JUMPMAN!!! Wait, who?". This is oddly enough, a reference to Mario's original name in the classic arcade game Donkey Kong, as in the game, he was called Jumpman rather than Mario.
  • Glitz Blade, one of the Sammer Guys in Super Paper Mario refers to the arena.