Gloam Valley

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Gloam Valley
SPM GloamValley.jpg
World-Level 2-1
Game Super Paper Mario
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Gloam Valley is the setting of Chapter 2 in Super Paper Mario. The valley itself only appears in the first section of the chapter.


Chapter 2-1: Bogging to Merlee's[edit]

After finding the tower of the Orange Pure Heart in the Flipside Outskirts, Mario and his friends access Gloam Valley through an Orange Door. Mario treks through the valley and meets Boomer along the way, who joins him in his quest. Mario eventually reaches Merlee's Mansion and continues his search for the Pure Hearts.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トワイランド
Twiland, a portmanteau of "Twilight" and "land"
Spanish Valle del Crepúsculo Twilight Valley
German Dämmertal Twilight Valley
Italian Valle Crepuscolo Twilight Valley


  • The background music for Gloam Valley is the same music that was featured in the Super Paper Mario trailer.
  • A person named Lock can be found in Gloam Valley. If any characters other than Princess Peach try to talk to him, he insults them and tell them to go away. However, he is in love with Peach when he sees her.