Yold Desert

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Yold Desert
SPM Yold Desert.png
World-Level 1-3
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss O'Chunks
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Yold Desert is an area in the outskirts of Lineland from Super Paper Mario. Throughout the desert, there are clues that the Ancients left on signposts on how to advance and reach Yold Ruins.

Chapter 1-3: The Sands of Yold[edit]

Storyline text

With a bold quiver of his magnificent mustache, Mario let loose a hearty sneeze.

A single grain of sand had flown along the warm wind and tickled the hero's nose.

It wasn't long before Mario and Tippi found the source of the sand: the Yold Desert.

Along the endless, sunbaked expanse, Mario and Tippi continued their search...

Following his trek through Yold Town, Mario advances along the desert until he meets O'Chunks, who was sent by Count Bleck to defeat the plumber. Mario eventually outpowers O'Chunks, who retreats after the battle. After some more trekking, the plumber comes upon a blue platform which requires the player to press the One Button and Minus Button buttons at the same time when Mario is on the platform. The entrance to the Yold Ruins is revealed after completing this task.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コダーイさばく
Kodāi Sabaku
Kodāi Desert, Kodāi puns on kodai (Ancient)
Spanish Desierto Antico Antico Desert, Antico puns of Antiguo (old)