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The beginning of the battle

The majority of Sammer Guys from Super Paper Mario have a name which is a pun on something Nintendo-related.


Chapter 6-1 (Rounds 1-25)[edit]

Jade Blooper[edit]

The guardian of the first gate. His name is a reference to Bloopers, though it may also be a reference to the Jade Raven from Paper Mario. Jade Blooper constantly talks about honor and shame, and he smells strangely fishy. He is a Green Sammer Guy with a mustache. He loves horror movies. ( He has 10 HP Like the card description Says)

Hills With Eyes[edit]

The guardian of the second gate. His name is a reference to the various hills and other background objects that have a set of eyes, but possibly also to the film The Hills Have Eyes. He is a Green Sammer Guy. He claims to always be watching the player. Even after his defeat, he will continue to watch the player. Hills With Eyes once lost a staring contest to King Sammer and hasn't recovered since.

Puffing Fist[edit]

The guardian of the third gate. His name may have some relation to Huff N. Puff, a cloud with fists. It is also possible that his name is a pun on "puffer fish". Puffing Fist has "studied in the ancient Pwaaang traditions". When he loses, he decides he must go train at the cloud temple.

Squatting Birdo[edit]

The guardian of the fourth gate. His name is a reference to Birdos, though it may also be a reference to how Ostros and Birdos names were mixed up in the Super Mario Bros. 2 credits as he mentions they are a type of flightless bird. According to Tippi/Tiptron, he's the true master of the "Squatting Birdo Stance."

Leeping Cheep[edit]

The guardian of the fifth gate. His name is a reference to Cheep-Cheeps. He spends his days awkwardly attempting to leap out of the water. After being defeated, he is upset that his Cheep-Cheeps couldn't have helped him in the fight.

Master Wiggler[edit]

The guardian of the sixth gate. His name is a reference to Wigglers. He says "haikus" and "wiggle" frequently. According to Tippi/Tiptron, this abstract haiku poetry has quite a following in literary circles.

Shoe of Kuribo[edit]

The guardian of the seventh gate. His name is a reference to Kuribo's Shoe, even though Nintendo had previously changed the name of the shoe to "Goomba's Shoe". He has a habit of saying "STOMPOW!" often, and goes through several pairs of shoes a month.

Guy Who Fry[edit]

The guardian of the eighth gate. His name is a pun on Fryguy. He also has a tendency to exclaim, "YOU FRY NOW!" He is the master of the Dripping Magma Punch, and is currently on a special Sammer Guy diet, consisting entirely of deep-fried foods.

Screaming Mantis[edit]

The guardian of the ninth gate. His name is a spoof on an unrelated Mario animal, the Preying Mantas. As his name implies, he shrieks and screams quite often, so much so that he must take lozenges when his throat gets hoarse. He is often on the injured reserve, due to the hoarseness of his throat. His name can also be a reference to Psycho Mantis, a Metal Gear Solid character.

Koopa in Winter[edit]

A Big Sammer Guy who is the guardian of the tenth gate, named after Koopas. For unknown reasons, he cries every time he looks at a sunrise, although it may be because since his name implies that he is a being of snow, the tears represent him "melting".

Footsteps of Coins[edit]

The guardian of the eleventh gate. He asks the duelists if they ever wondered who put the coins all over the place. He claims that it is him, and that it isn't right for anyone to be taking his coins all the time. He is probably a reference to a rare enemy called a Moneybag. Beating him forces him to take a loan from his mother. He also has a lesser-known brother called Footsteps of Meat. This could be a reference to a side-scrolling mini-game from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in which the player controls Bowser in a Super Mario Bros. setting and collects pieces of meat as power-ups.

Urchin Lung[edit]

The guardian of the twelfth gate. His name is a reference to Urchins and the phrase iron lung. He was once King Sammer's personal trainer, until an unfortunate sit-up incident.

Crow Who Eats[edit]

The guardian of the thirteenth gate. Though it is unlikely, his name may have some relation to either Ravens or the Crows in Luigi's Mansion and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It may also refer to "eating crow," meaning to be proven wrong after taking a strong position, which is further proven by the fact that, upon defeat, he actually states that it is "he who must eat crow." Due to his many taunts before battle, it is very awkward when he loses.

Swollen Tongue[edit]

The guardian of the fourteenth gate. He is a Green Sammer Guy with a mustache and a spike. He often makes malapropisms because of his bad tongue (for example, when he wants to say "Bye now!" he says "Buy now!").

Slipping Grip[edit]

The guardian of the fifteenth gate. His name comes from the fact that he is the second best student at Sweaty Palms Martial Arts Academy. The two Sammer Guys after him are his brothers, and like him, are blue with a mustache. Could possibly be a reference to early Wii Players losing grip of their controllers due to sweaty palms.

Clammy Hand[edit]

The guardian of the sixteenth gate and brother of Slipping Grip. Clammy Hand is also in Sweaty Palms Martial Arts Academy. Tippi claims that he must have pretty bad first impressions.

Forbidden Slap[edit]

The guardian of the seventeenth gate. He is a blue Sammer guy with a mustache who got expelled from Sweaty Palms Martial Arts Academy. He used to be the top student, but was expelled for using forbidden slapping techniques too many times. The two Sammer Guys before him are his brothers; in the end, they convince him to rejoin the academy, which he does (notably, they enter from the right, even though Slipping Grip and Clammy Hand guard the gates before him). It is implied that he became the best again. His name possibly comes from a move Peach does in the Super Smash Bros. series, her iconic slap. Peach, however, also has a slap glove as her starter weapon in Super Mario RPG. Additionally, the Sweaty Palms academy and its students' names may be a cultural joke based on early reports that Wii players would get sweaty hands while playing, lose the grip on their remote and subsequently throw it into their television, furniture or other players.

Hairy Arantula in the Grass[edit]

The guardian of the eighteenth gate. His name is a reference to the Arantulas. He has a habit of hiding in parks and leaping out at people.

Another Castle[edit]

The guardian of the nineteenth gate. His name is a reference to Toad's famous saying, "Thank you, Mario. But our Princess is in another castle!" (even saying "Well done...but your prize is in another castle... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." once he's defeated). Tippi states that he takes his name too seriously and once dug a moat around himself.

Rolling Thwomp[edit]

The guardian of the twentieth gate. This might refer to Spiny Tromps. He is a big Sammer Guy that likes to roll all over the place. When Mario and Co. first visit, he is the last Sammer Guy fought before Count Bleck appears, and is the one who runs off to try and warn King Sammer. It is unclear if he makes it due to the fact that Sammer's Kingdom is consumed by The Void shortly afterwards. Rolling Thwomp loves kittens, especially white and fluffy ones.

Thrashing Prawn[edit]

The guardian of the twenty-first gate. His name is a reference to the prawn, a type of shellfish similar to shrimp. He has a habit of putting butter on everything, which happens to be a very popular way of eating shellfish.

Thousand-Year Roar[edit]

The guardian of the twenty-second gate. His name is a reference to The Thousand-Year Door from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He spends his weekend mornings sipping coffee and quietly reading the paper.

Unshy Guy[edit]

The guardian of the twenty-third gate. His name is a pun on Shy Guys. He claims that public speaking offers no problems for him. When Mario defeats him, he says his confidence is shattered. Unshy Guy makes piles of coins by making appearances during the Sammer lecture circuit.

Useless Badge[edit]

The guardian of the twenty-fourth gate. His name is a reference to badges that were only for novelty, such as Attack FX Y or badges that players would seldom equip like Slow Go. He knows that he stands no chance, and announces it before and after the fight. He reasons that Mario got so strong from eating mushrooms, which he hates.

Sunshine Flood[edit]

The guardian of the twenty-fifth and final gate of Chapter 6-1. His name is a pun on the game Super Mario Sunshine and F.L.U.D.D.. He is a white Sammer Guy. He apparently puts a lot of importance on cleanliness, and as Tippi/Tiptron puts it, "you should see his kitchen!"

Chapter 6-2 (Rounds 26-50)[edit]

Grand Master Kickface[edit]

Grand Master Kickface does not seem to reference anything in particular. Once defeated, he sees a turning point in his life as this was the first time his face received foot for a change. He also tries to teach clinics on the usefulness of "proper foot-to-face contact".

Soaring Cape[edit]

This is a reference to the Cape, first used by Cape Mario in Super Mario World. Soaring Cape claims to have a cape enabling him to fly, but apparently somebody got rid of it. He tended to always wear it in public.

Yowling Yux[edit]

The guardian of the twenty-eighth gate. His name is a pun on Yux and the fact that he always yowls. In fact, when the player fights him and wins, he says that that was the first time he had to fight as others ran away from his pointless screaming, thinking he was deranged. He's the lead singer in a Sammer band.

Mystical Whistle[edit]

This is a reference to the Warp Whistle in Super Mario Bros. 3. He says that only cheaters who enter codes can change his tune.

Laughing X-Naut[edit]

Laughing X-Naut is a Sammer Guy who loves comedies. An X-Naut is an enemy from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. When Mario and co. first went to Sammer's Kingdom, he was the very last Sammer Guy to appear before The Void destroyed everything. While his personality dictates that he is indeed Laughing X-Naut, if the player flips into 3D, they can scan him and Tippi will give the description for "Dances on Turtles," the Sammer Guy who guards the following gate. This error is only made the very first time.

Dances on Turtles[edit]

This name refers to the famous "Koopa Stomping". He's not very tech savvy, and any machine with buttons sends him into a panic.

Fathomless Chasm of Falling[edit]

His name is a reference to the numerous bottomless pits in various Mario games. His hobbies include knitting and scrapbooking.

Thirsting Bones[edit]

His name is a pun on Dry Bones, an undead Koopa. He plays softball on weekends.

Molten Panther[edit]

Unlike the other Sammer Guys, Molten Panther may be a reference to a character from a series other than Mario: the Fire Lion from Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dreamland. He says he is "half cat, half geological event". Due to his fiery powers, Molten Panther is very popular at the annual Sammer Guy Barbecue.

Peeking Boo[edit]

His name is a pun on Boos, which only follow people when their back is turned. It is also a reference to the classic children's game of "peekaboo." He reads the dictionary on weekends, and his favorite word is "revenge".

Action Commander[edit]

Action Commands are popular in Paper Mario games. After defeat, he says he will miss the crowd's cheers of "Stylish!", in reference to the word appearing when the player pulls off a stylish move in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He likes to relax on weekends and not leave his couch.

Bullet Ill[edit]

His name is a pun on Bullet Bill and his tattle information is a reference to the Mecha-Bowser boss fight from Super Mario Sunshine. Though Bullet Ill fights Mario with a stomach cramp, the Sammer Guy loves rollercoasters.

Sliding Shell[edit]

Sliding Shell is a mustachioed blue Small Sammer Guy. His name is related to how Koopa Shells slide when Mario kicks them. However, he jumps more than he slides.

Software Pirate[edit]

His name is a reference to illegal, pirated software. He is a red Sammer Guy who jumps.

Flailing Boom Boom[edit]

His name is a reference to Boom Boom, the mini-boss found in every mid-world castle in Super Mario Bros. 3. Boom Booms' battle technique is simply jumping around the room and flailing their arms, hence the name. His great finger-painting skills earn him thousands of coins.

Sun of Displeasure[edit]

This Sammer Guy's name is a pun on The Angry Sun. It is hard for him to make friends, partly due to his "burning."

Furious Fang of Goomb[edit]

His name is a reference to the teeth (or fangs) that most Goombas are shown to have. He "believes strongly in aromatherapy" and his favorite scent is lavender.

Zesty Recipe[edit]

His name references the recipes from Zess T.. Zesty Recipe is known among the Sammer Guys for the warm, gooey brownies that he bakes every day for the Sammer Guy break hour.

Warping Pipe[edit]

His name is a reference to Warp Pipes. Warping Pipe tends to get annoyed due to many people jumping on his head, trying to access other worlds. His name refers to the fact that he is the first encountered Sammer Guy who can flip ("warp") to 3-D.

Fruit in Belly[edit]

His name references to the Yoshis in Super Mario World that consistently eat fruit. He claims that Mario is the only fruit left uneaten. He has been banned from several Sammer Guy supermarkets for gulping fruit without paying.

Last Sheep[edit]

His name derives from the Sleepy Sheep item, where, after a herd of sheep run over the opponent, the player can see one last sheep running distanced from the herd. His hobbies include playing a pretend guitar and singing with his reflection in a mirror.

Infinity Shlurp[edit]

His name comes from the Shlurp, an enemy from Super Paper Mario. He has an odd habit of going, "SHLURP SHLURP SHLURP!" The "Infinity" part of his name may be a reference to the fact that Shlurps are invincible to all attacks and only die from swallowing Boomer - therefore they can be attacked an infinite number of times with no effect.

Spanner of Rock[edit]

His name comes from Rocky Wrench ("spanner" is another term for "wrench"). By far, he is the best at the wrench throwing game at the carnival.

Star of Seven Shards[edit]

This is a reference to the subtitle of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, "Legend of the Seven Stars". He spends every moment of spare time polishing his armor so it shines and glitters.

Ice World[edit]

A big knight Sammer Guy. His name is a reference to the Ice World that appears in many Mario games. He has a milkshake dispenser built into his armor. The authorized Prima Games Guide calls this Sammer Guy "Avalanche".

Chapter 6-3 (Rounds 51-75)[edit]

Weeping Pokey[edit]

He is named after the Pokey. He power-walks in the park every morning.

Hammer Uncle[edit]

His name is a pun on Hammer Bro. He enjoys a hot bath every evening.

Squatting Toad[edit]

His name is a pun on Toad. He once threw out his back and was out for the season. His name is similar to Squatting Birdo.

Ageless Goomba[edit]

This green Sammer Guy's name is a reference to the fact that Goombas always come back, game after game.

The Negative One[edit]

The Negative One is a reference to the World -1 glitch in Super Mario Bros. He is portrayed as a pessimist. His apartment is full of stuffed animals, some of which talk.

Bob the Silent Blade[edit]

His name evokes Silent Bob from the famous movie duo, Jay and Silent Bob.

Piranha Root[edit]

His name is a pun on Piranha Plants' roots. His garden is overrun with weeds.

Over the Flagpole[edit]

His name comes from the flagpole at the end of every non-dungeon level in Super Mario Bros.. A famous glitch involved players jumping over the flagpole, which is referred to in Over the Flagpole's speech. The other Sammer Guys salute him every morning.

Cheep Chop[edit]

His name is a pun on Cheep-Cheep and a classic martial arts move. He learned all his moves from looking at comic books, a reference to the kung-fu craze that swept the U.S. during the early 1970's. The martial art was popularized through movies, television, and of course, comic books.

Raging Blargg[edit]

His name is a reference to Blarggs. He likes to buy souvenirs on every trip he takes.

Sleeping Turnip[edit]

His name comes from the Vegetables in Super Mario Bros. 2 in which some appear sleeping. He is often late for work.

Way of the Blooper[edit]

His name refers to the common enemy, Blooper. He used to be a comedian, but his act scared all his fellow Sammer Guys. When defeated, he wants to change his name to "Way of the Loser."

Phanto Grin[edit]

His name comes from the evil grin of Phantos. He plays as himself in Duel of 100: The Home Edition.

Invisible Brock[edit]

His name is a pun on the invisible ? Blocks. He loves to collect shells and arrange them with his books.

Chomp of Eternity[edit]

His name is a pun on Chain Chomp. He chomps his food loudly when eating with others.

Monty Who Waits[edit]

His name is a pun on Monty Mole. It references the fact that Monty Moles only pop up from the ground to attack once the player comes near.

Mustard of Doom[edit]

This Sammer Guy's name is an allusion to Fawful, who frequently mentioned "Mustard Of Doom". Before battle he says his sword "has fury", and upon losing he says he "had fury", both referencing another well-known Fawful quote. If the player were to say the words said by him "Be off, awful person", it would sound like "Be a Fawful person". He likes his food as spicy as possible.

Peanut-Butter Pider[edit]

His name is a pun on Piders. He thinks of the stage as a cracker and spreads his opponents thinly. He spreads every condiment he uses with his sword.

Wrath of Whacka[edit]

His name is a pun on Whackas, who are often bumped (and who may desire revenge for such abuse). At the annual Sammer Quiz, he always presses the button too soon.

Micro Boomba[edit]

His name is a pun on Micro Goomba. He is said to enjoy watching Flint Cragley's Cragtrotter.

Steel Clubba[edit]

His name is a reference to Clubba. However, Steel Clubba makes two references to the giant Clubba boss from Paper Mario, Tubba Blubba. The first is that he decides to consult his master atop a hill (Tubba Blubba's castle is atop a hill, and he is the lord of Clubbas), and he wishes to start his life anew (Tubba Blubba decides to stop eating ghosts and fade into obscurity). Tubba Blubba was invincible for the majority of Chapter 3 in Paper Mario, possibly making "Steel" be a reference to his invincibility.

Staggering Dizzy Fuzzy[edit]

This Sammer Guy refers to the enemy Fuzzy. It also refers to their behavior in Yoshi's Island, in which they caused Yoshi to become dizzy. Staggering Dizzy Fuzzy's line "Has the prophecy come true? 'Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy?'" refers to the well-known level in which Fuzzies appeared in Yoshi's Island: Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy. He once created a new dance craze just by staggering on a dance floor.

Upward Leaping Ninji[edit]

His name is a reference to Ninji, and their jumping pattern of attack in Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario World.

Bronze Shroom[edit]

His name is a pun on Golden Mushrooms. He heats his food by breathing on it.

Lakitu Storm[edit]

His name is a pun on Lakitu, Thunder Lakitu and/or Lakithunder. He likes pineapples, but not mangoes.

Chapter 6-4 (Rounds 76-100)[edit]

Wandering Spiny[edit]

His name is a reference to Spinies, and the way they wander about aimlessly when they hit the ground. He never asks for directions.

Ripper Van Fish[edit]

His name is a Portmanteau pun on Rip Van Fish and a reference to not Mario but literature: Hans Van Ripper. He has tried sleeping underwater, but it has never worked.

Infinite Jump[edit]

His name references when the player could keep jumping on the enemies on stairways in Super Mario Bros. to get as many lives as they want. This could also be a reference to the Power Bounce badge in Paper Mario which allowed Mario to jump on an enemy until he missed an action command. He is not famous, but just in case, he practices his autograph every day.

Alternate Path[edit]

His name comes from Super Mario World's hidden paths in levels which, if taken, would open up a different area on the map. This was later replicated in New Super Mario Bros. He loves to experiment with casserole recipes.

Dayzee the Merciless[edit]

His name is a reference to Crazee Dayzees, but the fact that he is merciless may be a nod towards the menacing Amazy Dayzee, which could deal up to 20 damage and put the target to sleep with one attack in the Paper Mario series. He is very sensitive about his name and dislikes it when people smirk as he announces it.

Smiling Cloud[edit]

His name is a reference to the clouds Lakitus ride on, or the clouds that appear in Super Mario Bros., both of which have smiling faces. He apparently believed that, since he was a smiling warrior, no one could fight him back. Thus he would tell them to stand there and take their defeat. When defeated, he claims that you lost a lot of honor from beating up a smiling warrior. His heart breaks when the sky is overcast.

Bullet Bull[edit]

His name is a reference to the Bullet Bill. His pre-battle taunt, saying that brown is "the next generation", is a reference to how many next-gen games have monotone palettes. He also mentions that the bright colors in his world are childish. This is most likely a reference to the common claim that Nintendo is "kiddy".

Block of Pow[edit]

His name is a pun on the POW Block. He collects unicorn figurines.

Inferno Flower[edit]

His name is a reference to Fire Flowers. He refuses to eat vegetables of any kind.

Plugged Snifit[edit]

His name is a reference to Snifits, and it's a play on the possibility of a Snifit getting a bullet stuck in its mask nozzle. Plugged Snifit talks as if he has a clogged nose. Once defeated by Mario, his illness is cured, and he changed his name to Unplugged Snifit after that. Nobody likes shaking his hand.

Bounding Star[edit]

His name is a pun on the Super Star item, and the way it bounces across the ground when it comes out of a ? Block. When defeated, he talks about a song formerly playing in his head which would spur him to fight, which the player "robbed" him of. This refers to the Super Star themes which play whenever Mario or Luigi is invincible. He draws ponies while waiting for challengers.

Metal Cap[edit]

His name is a reference to the Metal Cap from Super Mario 64. He makes clanking sounds even when his armor is off.

Belly of the Yoshi[edit]

His name is a reference to Yoshi (or possibly Yoob, who eats the protagonists in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time). He is reviled by local all-you-can-eat buffets.

No Charging Chuck[edit]

His name is a play on Chargin' Chuck. He collects rare Sammer-dynasty antiquities.

Climbing Vine[edit]

His name is a reference to the vines that lead to Coin Heaven in various Mario games. He bakes pastries with fluffy, buttery crusts.

Quizmo Question That Has No Answer[edit]

His name is a pun on Chuck Quizmo, a character from the first Paper Mario. He shouts answers when he watches one of many quiz shows on Sammervisions.

Strolling Ptooie[edit]

His name is a portmanteau pun on Ptooie and Strollin' Stu. It also references to how Ptooies walk on the ground rather than stay in pipes like most Piranha Plants. He cares a lot about manners and etiquette.

Fuzzy on Face[edit]

This Sammer Guy's name is a pun on the way Fuzzies attacked players in the first two Paper Mario games. He cochairs the Sammer Council for the Advancement of Facial Hair.

Glitz Blade[edit]

His name comes from the Glitz Pit in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He enjoys listening to silky jazz and sipping espresso.

Cloak of Tanooki[edit]

His name is a pun on Tanooki Suit. He hates heat and is always trying to convince King Sammer to install an air conditioner, which might be a reference to Super Mario Bros. 3 artwork of Tanooki Mario at Ice Land.

Coin Harvester Without Remorse[edit]

His name is a reference to players of Mario games who go for as many coins as possible rather than focusing on getting through the levels, as well as the common tactic of "farming" for money in RPGs.

Pidget on Wind's Breath[edit]

His name is a reference to Pidgit. He used to be an actor.

Sensei Ruff Puff[edit]

He was once a cover model for Sammer Guy Monthly. His name is a reference to Ruff Puff.

Pit of Crying Shames[edit]

His name comes from the Pit of 100 Trials and how people make it so far and then die on the last levels. He eats his toast cold.

End Boss[edit]

Artwork of End Boss.
His name is fittingly a reference to the last boss in a game. When End Boss is defeated, he attempts to cue end credits. An incredibly powerful Sammer Guy, End Boss can breathe fire, use a rolling attack, and attack with his club. He also has a spike on his head, making jump attacks useless (unless Carrie is used). Despite his name, it is possible to have him as the second-to-last, or third-to-last Boss. He can be seen in the cutscene after the player defeats Jade Blooper for the first time on the very right on the stage, only part of his shoulder can be seen though.