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Super Paper Mario Enemy
44 SquigletCard.PNG
Max HP 2
Attack 1
Defense 0
Location(s) Various
Card Type Common
Card Description
Awww...look at that adorable little Squiglet. So adorable under your foot.
This is a Squiglet... It's a small little creature that scurries around on its many legs... Max HP is 2 and Attack is 1. There isn't much else to say about Squiglets... When it spots an enemy, it gets excited and hops up and down...
List of Catch Cards
43           44           45
Artwork of a Squiglet.

A Squiglet is an enemy in the game Super Paper Mario. It attacks by running into the player. It has 2 HP and its attack is 1. It has at least four black legs. Their card is found on top of Bestovius' house. It is number 044.

Squiglets fill the role of Goombas in the game, as they simply walk back and forth, and can only damage Mario if he comes in contact with one of the creature's sides. When it spots Mario, a Squiglet will hop up and down instantly, a behaviour it seems to outgrow in its other forms. Squiglets are more common then the Goombas.

They appear in the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials in rooms 1, 3, 8, and 97.

Related Enemies[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テトラ
Tetra (Possibly also from tora meaning tiger)
Spanish Oinky Possibly it's a diminutive of oink, an onomatopoeia of a pig's oink
French Minigroin Minisnout
German Squiglie German spelling of "Squiglet"


  • The name "Squiglet" probably derives from "squirt" (as in, something small) or "square", given its squared form, and "piglet".
  • Based on its name, it is possible that a Squiglet is actually a baby Squig.