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Super Paper Mario Enemy
Max HP 255
Attack 4
Defense 3 (6 against fire)
Location(s) Whoa Zone
Card Type Uncommon
Card Description
This is Mr. L's hovering, head-shaped robot. He must have tricked it out with all kinds of weapons. I guess that means Mr. L is a pretty awesome inventor, huh?
That's the Brobot. This super robot is one of Mr. L's creations... Max HP is 255. Attack is 4. Defense is 3. Defense against fire is 6. It is loaded with different weapons that allow it to attack from any angle... Just try to avoid its attacks and use Squirps's beam when you get a chance... And try to grab a few Choco-Bars that float by...
List of Catch Cards
192           193           194

“That is my DEAR metal brother. He and I share a spiritual bond, you know.”
Mr. L, Super Paper Mario

Brobot is Mr. L's giant robot in Super Paper Mario. Its name is a portmanteau of "bro" (a slang word for "brother") and "robot". He was created in the image of Luigi's head. It is the Super Paper Mario equivalent of the Magnus von Grapple robot found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

After Mr. L loses to Mario and his team in combat, he summons his giant robotic "brother" and fights Mario's team in a battle oddly similar to scrolling space shooters such as Gradius. Once he loses, Mr. L vows to face Mario again. He has kept his promise, for he comes back in Chapter 6-1, after Sammer's Kingdom gets destroyed by The Void. His new improved Brobot L-Type has arms and legs this time and is much powerful and able to swallow Mario and fire rocket punches at him. However, Mario uses Boomer to destroy Brobot.

Brobot's 255 HP may be a reference to the data storage abilities of classic consoles. It is also the largest amount of HP in the game (tied with Dark Muth as the highest HP in the game besides Shadoo), even more than its improved version. However, this is countered by the fact that Squirps' laser rapidly delivers large amounts of damage.


Bowser and Squirps fighting Brobot.

In battle, Brobot fires homing missiles and straight shots at the party. The missiles can be destroyed by shooting them. Brobot also fires lasers from his eyes, but they can be dodged by flipping. He can also open his mouth and inhale to try and suck the gang in, then eat them and spit them out, doing major damage in the process.

During the battle, Choco-bars will float by. The player can get them and use them for his or her advantage. There are five different colors, and each color has a different effect;

  • Red bars will increase the player's Attack power by 1.
  • Yellow bars will make the player faster.
  • Green bars will allow the player to shoot missiles for a short time.
  • Blue bars will create a barrier that will nullify all of Brobot's damage.
  • Purple bars will have the player shoot two Squirps rays at once.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エルガンダー
L Gunder. Possibly playing off of Gundam.
Spanish Fratibot Frati, "Fraternal", referring as a brother; bot, "Robot".
French Frérobot Brobot
German Bruboter Brobot
Italian Frabot Brobot