Toopa Striker

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Super Paper Mario Enemy
Toopa Striker
39. Toopa Striker Card.PNG
Max HP 8
Attack 2
Defense 1
Location(s) The Bitlands
Card Type Uncommon
Card Description
Toopa Strikers are true team players. Watch out for the no-look shell-to-face assists!
This is a Toopa Striker. These Koopas display brilliant teamwork... Max HP is 8, Attack is 2, and Defense is 1. They always go for the assist... They spend all their time together just to build their team chemistry...
List of Catch Cards
38           39           40
A Toopa Striker.

Toopa Strikers are deadly versions of Koopa Striker enemies found in the Wii game Super Paper Mario; they are encountered in the Bitlands, in Chapter 3-1. They are a kind of Koopa Striker, and as such, resemble Koopas with large brown eyebrows and a black and white checkered shell, although they can be told apart from the other species by their green-yellow clothes. They have the same stats as a Koopa Striker too, but they behave differently: pairs of Toopa Strikers will kick the shell back and forth between them in an attempt to damage their foes. Their name is a reference to this teamwork: "Toopa" comes from "two", but is spelled so that it resembles "Koopa". Toopa Strikers will also try to trick the player by kicking the shell upwards, and may kick the shell so hard, it catches on fire. If one partner is defeated, the other one attacks like a regular Koopa Striker. They are the only striker to not appear in the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials however they are quite rare, only 4 of these enemies appear in the game. Their card tells them that they are uncommon.

Toopa Strikers all have the ablity Flip between dimensions.

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Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツインシューター
Twin Shooter
French Koopasseur Pun on "Koopa" and passeur (passer)
German Toopa-Stürmer Stürmer means "attacker" in soccer-language