Motley Bossblob

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Motley Bossblob
Species Unknown
First Appearance Super Mario 3D World (2013)

Motley Bossblob is a boss introduced in Super Mario 3D World. He is a jester who uses gelatinous blobs to transform into a large clown-like monster. His name is derived from the word "motley" which refers to an assortment, referring to the many blobs that make up his clown form, but it also refers to a jester's costume, which he wears. He makes his first appearance in World 6-C: Motley Bossblob's Big Battle.

Double Mario fighting against Motley Bossblob.

Motley Bossblob serves as the second boss of World 6. In this boss-only course, Motley Bossblob gathers large gelatinous blobs to transform himself into a large clown-like monster. He will then try to jump on the player. On the last jump, Motley will split into many smaller blobs along with his jester form, where he will be vulnerable to attack. The player must defeat him by attacking the fleeing jester when he is defenseless, while avoiding the blobs that hurt the player. The player can also attack or step on the smaller blobs to make his clown monster form smaller when they combine. The more blobs that get attacked, the smaller he gets. Every time the boss splits, a set of Double Cherries will appear. After three hits, Motley Bossblob is defeated and the Warp Pipe to the Goal Pole is revealed.

Motley Bossblob reappears in World Bowser-A: Motley Bossblob's Encore and World Flower-12: Boss Blitz with a similar strategy. His jumps will now create shockwaves, and in each reappearance, he and his blob form have different colors; In his first appearance in 6-C, he wears red and blue with beige scales and has a silver form, in Bowser-A, he wears green and purple with pink scales and has a gold form, and in Flower-12, he wears teal and ruby red with green scales, and has a red form. In each appearance, his star-like pupils match the colors of the costume on the side they are on.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボスブンレツ
Bosu bunretsu
Portmanteau of the word "boss" and bunretsu, which is a Japanese word meaning "to split".
Spanish (NOE) Burbufón Jefe From "burbuja" meaning bubble, "bufón" meaning joker and "jefe" meaning boss.
French (NOA) Grobloboss Portmanteau with "gros", which means big, "blob" and "boss".
French (NOE) Globuloboss Globule Boss
German Boss-Blubbarrio
Italian Giullabolla Portmanteau of "Giullare", which means "Jester" and "Bolla", which means "Bubble".
Portuguese Boss Globolha Globolha is a portmanteau of "glob" and "bolha," meaning "bubble."