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Full Name Notso
Species Flopsider
First Appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)

“Not so bad a day to you!”
Notso, Super Paper Mario

Notso is a shopkeeper in Super Paper Mario. Unlike Howzit, who has shops all over the place, Notso runs a shop only in Flopside. Also, he uses the term "Not so," in his sentences frequently, as Howzit uses "good."

Notso's Merchandise[edit]

Notso's shop.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Patro Derived from pas trop (not so)
Italian KozìKozì Derived from Così così (Not so)


  • Harold, a Flopsider living on the first floor of Flopside, got a wedding ring that he couldn't afford for 60 years for his wife Gertrude by working the graveyard shift at Notso's shop.