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Merluvlee, as she appears in Super Paper Mario.
Full Name Merluvlee
Species Shaman/Flipsider
First Appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Latest Appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)

“Tell her this: 'Now we're even.'”
Merluvlee, Super Paper Mario

Merluvlee is the name of several female characters in the Paper Mario series. They always appears in some kind of a helpful fortune teller role, although the exact nature of their clues varies from game to game. According to Wonky, the Merluvlees come from a tribe that names people based on their profession, explaining why so many characters have the same name. It is possible that the aforementioned tribe is actually the Tribe of Ancients, as the Merluvlee of Super Paper Mario is expressly stated to be their descendant. Merluvlee's name is a portmanteau of "Merlon" (therefore making her indirectly named after the fictional wizard Merlin) and a corruption of the word "lovely", which several characters use to describe her. A Dryite in Dry Dry Outpost makes a typo in Paper Mario when he refers to Merluvlee as Merluvee, dropping the second "l".


Paper Mario[edit]

Merluvlee as she introduces herself in Paper Mario.

In Paper Mario, a Merluvlee lives in a house on Shooting Star Summit, with her brother Merlow. Throughout the game, many characters comment that she is the most beautiful woman they have ever seen. Somewhat comically, the player is never allowed to see her face, because she always wears a hood. She is also notable for being the owner of the companion to the mysterious chest in Peach's castle. According to a gossip-loving Toad near Tayce T.'s house in Toad Town, one of Merluvlee's hobbies is cultivating bonsai trees.

For one of Koopa Koot's favors, Mario is requested to retrieve Merluvlee's autograph. The reward for doing so is three Star Pieces, making this one of Koot's more lucrative favors.

She can predict the locations of Star Pieces, Badges and Super Blocks. For the Star Pieces, she charges 5 coins, and can only predict 63 of 160, namely those found in the overworld instead of owned by characters. For the Badges, she charges 20 coins, and can predict all but the Power Jump which is owned by Goompa. For the Super Blocks, she charges 30 coins, and can predict all of them.

Merluvlee's Predictions
For Star Piece predictions, see here. For Super Block predictions, see here. Badge predictions will be listed in the individual articles for the Badges.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

PMTTYD Merluvlee.PNG

In the sequel to Paper Mario, a Merluvlee lives in a house on the east side of Rogueport Underground's main square. Though she can no longer see the locations of badges, she can still tell Mario where Star Pieces are hidden, and she has gained the ability to locate Shine Sprites, and she can tell Mario what to do to progress generally in the game. She charges five coins for Star Pieces, ten coins for the locations of Shine Sprites, and varying amounts of coins to hear the next destination. Once again, characters comment on her beauty, and once again, the player never sees her face.

Super Paper Mario[edit]

Merluvlee in Super Paper Mario.

Another Merluvlee lives in Super Paper Mario's Flipside. Here, she is Merlee's rival and has been ever since they were classmates. They share the same theme music, which is titled "The Road for the Lost". Merluvlee wears 3D glasses and has a chant very similar to that of Queen Jaydes.

Merluvlee is part of a long sidequest to get a new crystal ball for Merlee. She needs a training machine (which looks like a Nintendo DS) which belongs to Bestovius. When Mario gets this for her, she will give Merlee's Crystal Ball to Mario.


  • "She's a gorgeous lady named Merluvlee. I can't believe I'm in the same room with her! She foresees events and uses her magic powers to find what you're looking for. She's very accurate. I think I'm in love... She's incredible! Pinch me, will you, Mario?" -- Goombario
  • "That's the fortune-teller, Merluvlee. She's kind of mysterious, as you'd expect... She divines the locations of things, or where we should go. People say she's always right. And... they say she's really cute under that veil. I hear some people even fall for her!" -- Goombella
  • "That's the fortune-teller, Merluvlee... She shows lost souls the path forward... She's pretty flamboyant, and some assume she's fake... But she has true vision..." -- Tippi

Catch Card[edit]

Merluvlee's Catch Card.

The Catch Card for Merluvlee may be found in a pit in the outskirts of Flipside, alongside the Merlon card.

  • Card Type: Uncommon
  • Card Descrpition: This fortune teller with a wild laugh lives in Flipside. She uses the stars to read your future. Sorta.


  • In Super Paper Mario, Merluvlee mentions that she and Merlee are 'even' when she gives the Crystal Ball - this may serve as a reference to the original Paper Mario, in which Mario had to give Merluvlee a crystal ball from Merlee.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミステール
Pun on mystery and Merlon's Japanese name, Deāru.
Spanish Merluli Variation of English name
French Merladorable From adorable
German Merlieblich lieblich means "lovely"
Italian Merlastra From astro (star)
Chinese 莫露丽
From the English name.