Shadow Sirens

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Shadow Sirens
Full Name Beldam, Marilyn, Vivian (formerly), and Doopliss
Species Shadow (Beldam, Marilyn, Vivian), Duplighost (Doopliss)
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros. Brawl (as a Sticker) (2008)

“Let's go, my lovelies! Marilyn! Vivian! Come! We've got a job to do!”
Beldam, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

The Shadow Sirens are three witches in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They consist of Beldam, Marilyn, and Vivian (later replaced by Doopliss). They aid Sir Grodus and the X-Nauts in their quest for Crystal Stars and retrieve the Magical Map from Mario and his friends. After Vivian joined Mario's team, Doopliss took her place.

Beldam, the leader of the Shadow Sirens, is often forgetful, and on more than one occasion, her forgetfulness gets Vivian in trouble. She is more of a magic user than the other two are. Marilyn is the biggest and strongest Shadow Siren in the bunch. Other than one line, "The Three", she is unable to say more than "Guh", and various forms of it. She can become stronger and hit hard. The Shadow Sirens are fought twice in the game. Beldam was the merchant from the intro of the game, as when Sir Grodus is talking to the 3, he asks Beldam why she didn't kidnap Princess Peach when she had the chance. Also near the end, Beldam says to the Shadow Queen "I spread rumors of the treasure and found a pure-hearted maiden."


Paper Mario series[edit]

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

They were first sent by Grodus to ambush Mario, Goombella, Koops, and Punio in Boggly Woods and retrieve the map from them, but Mario and co. weren't able to battle them because they were missing the picture of Mario. When Mario and co. learned that they stole Flurrie's necklace, they fought them to get the necklace back. After their defeat, they dropped the necklace.

While Mario, Goombella, Koops, Flurrie, and the Yoshi were searching for the Ruby Star in Creepy Steeple, they planned to use an explosive item called a Superbombomb against them. Beldam blamed Vivian for losing the explosive. Mario, after Doopliss stole his appearance, found the item for Vivian and she joined the team, not knowing the person who helped her was Mario. After Mario and Vivian defeated Doopliss, Doopliss took Vivian's place in their nefarious group.

After Mario, Goombella, Koops, Flurrie, the Yoshi, Vivian, Admiral Bobbery, and possibly Ms. Mowz cleared Chapter 5, Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss were sent to find the Garnet Star in Poshley Heights. No matter the costs, Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss had to prevent Mario and his friends from reaching the Star during a three-day train trip aboard the Excess Express. They first stole a Businessman's briefcase, Toodles' Gold Ring, and the waitress' shell earrings, and planned to mix them together to bomb the train with Nitro Honey Syrup, thus resulting in a sticky, yummy, gooey mess. Beldam and Marilyn even had Doopliss disguise himself as Zip T., a pop star, so that way nobody will suspect they committed the crime, and frame Zip T. for the crime. Before putting their evil plans into fruition, Mario and his friends, with Pennington's help, managed to crack the case and return the briefcase, the shell earrings and the gold ring to their rightful owners. Since their Nitro Honey Syrup bomb idea failed, they used an alternative - they ordered Smorgs to raise the drawbridge at the Riverside Station to stop the train from going far, but Mario and his friends managed to fend off the Smorgs and lower the drawbridge. During Day three of the train voyage, the Smorgs stowed away onto the train, attacked it, and took passengers hostage. Mario and his friends beat the Smorg and made it to Poshley Heights. When Mario and his friends reach the Poshley Sanctum, they discover Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss beat them to the Garnet Star, but eventually, Beldam, Marilyn, and Doopliss discovered the Garnet Star they grabbed was a red herring - a fake.

While Mario and his friends were venturing through the Palace of Shadow, the Shadow Sirens ambushed them again and after Mario and co. defeated them, they continued on to stop Grodus from awakening the Shadow Queen. After Grodus awakened the evil queen from her eternal rest, getting destroyed in the process, Beldam took full credit for the awakening of the queen. In fact, it turns out the Shadow Sirens tricked Grodus into awakening the Shadow Queen. At the very end of Mario's adventure, Beldam and Marilyn tell Vivian they'll never be mean to her again.

Super Paper Mario[edit]

It was intended to return Vivian and Mario's partners as well, but they were all removed for unknown reasons, though they still appeared as Catch Cards. While Vivian only appears as a Catch Card, Beldam and Marilyn are just mentioned on it.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Though neither Beldam nor Marilyn appears, Vivian serves as a sticker. Her sticker is small and increases the attack power of energy related attacks by 5. Her sticker can be used by any character.

Stats and Tattle information[edit]

Boggly Woods battle[edit]

Beldam's stats[edit]

  • HP: 9
  • Attack: 1
  • Defense: 0
  • Tattle Log: The eldest sister and leader of the Shadow Sirens, she uses magic to attack. Her personality stinks.
  • Tattle: That's Beldam. She's the oldest sister, the leader of the Shadow Sirens. She can make her partners big and make us tiny, and attacks with weird magic. The worst thing about her is that sinister snicker. She sounds so totally evil! I mean, she's just the sort of person you want to avoid like the plague, y'know?
Attack stats
  • Ice Punch (1 damage to 1 character)
  • Blizzard (2 damage to each character, regardless of defense)
  • Grow (ally gets "big" status)
  • Shrink (enemy gets "tiny" status")

When Beldam's HP goes under half, all concious shadow sirens will use their magic attacks.

Marilyn's stats[edit]

  • HP: 12
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 0
  • Tattle Log: She's one of the Shadow Sirens, which makes her Beldam's younger sister. She has strong Attack power, so it might be best to defeat her first.
  • Tattle: That's Marilyn. She's a Shadow Siren, Beldam's younger sister. She charges up her attacks occasionally. Says here she's the toughest of the sisters, so it might be best to defeat her first, huh? Other than that, she doesn't have any particularly outstanding characteristics.
Attack stats
  • Slap (2 damage to 1 character)
  • Lightning (2 damage to both characters, regardless of defense)
  • Charge (+2 to next attack)

Marilyn will use her lightning attack while Beldam is alive when her HP is below half her Max.

Vivian's stats[edit]

  • HP: 10
  • Attack: 1
  • Defense: 0
  • Tattle Log: One of the Shadow Sirens and Beldam's youngest sister. She's so cute, she's able to infatuate anyone.
  • Tattle: That's Vivian. She's the youngest of the three Shadow Sirens. She doesn't seem all that noteworthy. Uh... She is kinda cute... I guess... She might even be cuter than I am... I guess... ...Uh... What am I thinking?
Attack stats
  • Shade Fist (1 damage to 1 character)
  • Fiery Jinx (1 damage to each character, regardless of defense)

Vivian will use her fire attack while Beldam is alive when her HP is below half her Max.

Palace of Shadow battle[edit]

Doopliss, the replacement of Vivian.

Beldam's stats[edit]

  • HP: 30
  • Attack: 5
  • Defense: 0
  • Tattle Log: Leader of the three Shadow Sirens. She'll throw all sorts of magic at you and has a very unpleasant disposition.
  • Tattle: That's Beldam. She's the leader of the Shadow Sirens. Her special move is a blizzard blast. If it hits you, you'll totally freeze. She has lots of other tricks up her sleeves, too. I wonder what that plan was that she mentioned? What do you think they're up to?
Attack stats
  • Ice Punch (5 damage to 1 character)
  • Blizzard (6 damage to both characters, may cause freezing)
  • Grow (ally gets "big" status)
  • Shrink (enemy gets "tiny" status)
  • Slow Time (enemy gets "slow" status and attacks only once every 2 turns)
  • Speedy (ally gets "fast" status and attacks twice per turn)
  • Toxic Magic (poisons an enemy)
  • No Status (Allergic)

Marilyn's stats[edit]

  • HP: 40
  • Attack: 7
  • Defense: 0
  • Tattle Log: Beldam's sister, and therefore one of the Shadow Sirens. Her Attack is high, so take her out first.
  • Tattle: That's Marilyn. She's Beldam's sister, another one of the Shadow Sirens. She'll attack you directly or use lightning. She also saves up energy for a big attack sometimes. So long as you avoid the brunt of her attacks, she shouldn't be too tough...
Attack stats
  • Slap (7 damage to 1 character)
  • Lightning(7 damage to both characters, regardless of defense)
  • Charge (+7 to next attack)

Doopliss' stats[edit]

  • HP: 40
  • Attack: 6
  • Defense: 0
  • Tattle Log: A fiend who takes the shapes of Mario and friends, then attacks. Currently a member of the Shadow Sirens.
  • Tattle: That's Doopliss. He's a shapeshifter, and even turned into you once, Mario! He may turn into one of us and attack. When he does, he'll have our abilities! Hey, how do you think he became one of the Shadow Sirens? Isn't that...weird? How do you think he stands Beldam's abuse? You think he's all right in the head?
Attack stats
  • Headbutt (6 damage to 1 character)
  • Mimic (becomes Mario or his ally and uses their basic attacks)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カゲ三人組
Kage 3-Ningumi
Tri-Shadow Group
Spanish Trío de las Sombras Shadow Trio
French Obscur Trio Dark Trio
German Schattentrio Shadow Trio

For the names in other languages of the individual Sirens, see the respective Shadow Siren's page.


  • The Shadow Sirens' theme sounds somewhat similar to the song playing when the player is talking to ghosts in Luigi's Mansion.
  • The Three Sisters from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon are very similar to the Shadow Sirens.
  • The color of each Shadow Siren's hat is a reference to their attacks. Beldam's hat is blue, while she can use blizzard to freeze Mario and his partner in the second battle. Marilyn's hat is yellow, while she can use thunder to attack in the second battle. Vivian's hat is red, while she can use many fire attacks as Mario's Partner.