Twilight Trail

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Twilight Trail
Twilight Trail Forest.PNG
Greater Location Twilight Town
Inhabitants Crazee Dayzees, Hyper Goombas, Hyper Clefts, Amazee Dayzees
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
Mario and Yoshi encounter a Hyper Paragoomba and Hyper Spiky Goomba.

Twilight Trail is a large woodsy trail that connects Twilight Town to Creepy Steeple. It is found during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Twilight Trail is a dark area full of bare trees and dark green grass; the ground on which Mario must travel is purple in color. During Chapter 4 of the game, Mario must travel back and forth throughout these woods many times in order to find The letter "p" and defeat Doopliss. In order to gain access to Twilight Trail, Mario must enter a pipe — which Flurrie must unveil — and head towards the dark forest. Flurrie must also blow away certain parts of the woods to enable Mario to continue forth. In these woods, many enemies can be found; it is also hard to avoid contact with these enemies, as the paths in which they travel are considerably narrow. Towards the end of the forest, a large rock must be pushed in the background by Mario in order for its larger version in the path to move. Twilight Trail is also the home for the dangerous Amazee Dayzees.

In a yellow ? Block in the woods' first screen, a Thunder Rage can be retrieved. In the second screen, a red ? Block holds the Hammer Throw badge.


Enemy HP Attack Defense Additional Ability
Amazee Dayzee 20 20 1 Sleep
Crazy Dayzee 7 2 0 Sleep
Hyper Cleft 4 3 3 Charge+6
Hyper Goomba 8 2 0 Charge+6
Hyper Paragoomba 8 2 0 Charge+6
Hyper Spiky Goomba 8 3 0 Charge+6


For enemy formations in Twilight Trail, see here.

Items Found[edit]

Item Icon Found In
Black Key Blackchestkey.png In the first screen to the right of Twilight Town, it's in the wooden house near the entrance.
Earth Quake EarthQuake PM2.gif In the first forest screen, it's in the question block in the northeast.
Hammer Throw Hammerthrow.gif In the second forest screen, it's in the red block on the path.
Shine Sprite PMTTYDShinespritesprite.png In the third forest screen, it's behind the last tree before Creepy Steeple.
Shop Key PM2 StorageKey.gif In the third screen to the right of Twilight Town, it's to the right of the fallen tree. Mario gets it with Koops in Chapter 4.
Star Piece Star Piece.GIF In the third screen to the right of Twilight Town, it's behind the fallen tree.
In the third screen to the right of Twilight Town, it's behind the pipe that leads to the forest.
Super Shroom SuperShroom PM2.png In the second screen to the right of Twilight Town, it's in an invisible block above the question block on the north side.

Hidden ? Blocks[edit]

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Item Description Image Image (block revealed)
Super Shroom
In the second area from Twilight Town, Mario should find a ? Block, then jump up from it to reveal the hidden ? Block. PMTTYDHiddenBlocks5.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks5R.png
Coin Block In the dark wooded area with the boulder that must be pushed, Mario should jump left of the first hole to reveal the hidden ? Block (covered by a tree in the foreground). PMTTYDHiddenBlocks6.png PMTTYDHiddenBlocks6R.png

Area Tattles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウスグラの道
Usugura no Michi
Dim Trail


  • Twilight Trail may be Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door version of Forever Forest. They are both dark, creepy woodlands and they both end in a building filled with Boos.