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This article is about the boss of Chapter 6 from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. For information about the smaller enemies that it is composed of, see Smorg (species).

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Enemy
Max HP Smorg: 50
Smorg Miasma: 4
Smorg Miasma (Pincher): 6
Attack Smorg Miasma: 5
Smorg Miasma (Pincher): 10
Defense Smorg Miasma (Both): 1
Location(s) Excess Express
Log A monster made up of tons of smaller Smorgs. It uses Smorg tentacles to attack.
Items None
Moves Tentacle Slap (5), Pinch (10)
That's a Smorg. Lots of Smorgs gathered to create this huge monster. It attacks with weird tentacles. Defeating the tentacles will drop the body's defense to 0, making it easier to attack. The tentacles will regenerate, but use that time to deal a ton of damage, OK? It may also take other forms with higher Attack powers, I don't really know. Let's just hurry and beat this thing so we can save those trapped passengers!
105           106           107

Smorg, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Smorg is the sixth major boss of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Its name may come from the word smog, based on its dark, cloudy appearance, and the term miasma, referring to a poisonous cloud and/or dangerous atmosphere, likely referencing the appearance (the "tentacles," specifically) and hostile nature of the Smorgs. Their vocabulary consists of one word, "Smorg".

This boss does not hold a Crystal Star, but it attacks the Excess Express during the track to Poshley Heights. This boss is made up of massive horde of smaller Smorgs and the base was made up of Magenta Smorg. The appearance of the smaller Smorgs somewhat resembles that of Fuzzies. They are first seen at the Riverside Station, where they lift the drawbridge to stop the train from going far (it is unknown if it is working for the Shadow Sirens to stop Mario and his teammates from reaching the Garnet Star). Later on, they stow away on the train and kidnap the passengers. Mario and his teammates fight the Smorgs on the rooftop of the train to rescue the passengers. When they are defeated, they will blow away in the wind and release the passengers.

At the beginning of the battle, three tentacles will surround the main body, and near the end, they are replaced with a pincer claw that can do a large amount of damage to Mario and his partner.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モアモア
Could be related to the English word "more", referencing the vast number of individual creatures.
Spanish Miomio Mio from "miasma" and the word "mío" (mine).
French Moahmoah French pronunciation of the Japanese name.
German Fluffy -
Italian Moa Moa Variation of Japanese name.