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The following is a bestiary for all 124 enemies encountered in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Please note that some of these enemies are variations of a single enemy, were fought in a grouped-battle, or had several battles where the enemy had a different stat-spread or form. For convenience, these variations are listed as separate enemies. This bestiary also serves as the Tattle Log, providing all Tattle information provided by Goombella.

Tattle Log[edit]

Enemy names that are stylized in bold text are main-story Bosses. Mini-bosses are defined by italics, while optional bosses are defined by both. All enemies are listed according to the Tattle Log in the game.

Notes on Enemies
  • As the tattle log uses a large font, some enemies use initials for parts of their name (i.e Bombshell Bill Blaster -> B. Bill Blaster), initials aren't used here.
  • The information for Sky-Blue Spiny is incorrect because they do not spawn from a pipe thrown by the Dark Lakitu, but are instead thrown just like their red counterparts.
  • In some older versions of the game (such as the NTSC-U version), Rawk Hawk is incorrectly listed as having 3 attack and 1 defense, and the Red Spike Top is incorrectly listed as having 5 defense. These errors were corrected for later releases, such as the PAL version.
  • Any fire based enemy will regain HP when attacked by a fire-based move (e.g. Vivian's fire moves, or a Fire Flower), and possibly even multiply. Similarly, any ice based enemy (e.g. Ice Puffs or Frost Piranhas) will regain HP when hit by an Ice Storm or ice based attack, but thunder based enemies are a special case: Dark Puffs will not be healed by a Thunder Bolt or a Thunder Rage; they will take damage as normal, but Ruff Puffs will be healed. A Frost Piranha's bite is not considered an ice-based attack - it is a non-elemental attack that can inflict Frozen. This can be observed if they are Confused; they will still damage each other.
  • Fuzzies, Swoopulas, Swampires, Bandits, Big Bandits, and Badge Bandits cannot steal HP or items if the player wears Zap Tap.
  • If Bulky Bob-ombs or Bob-ulks are attacked with an explosion, lightning or any fire-based attack except Shade Fist, it will set off a chain reaction of explosions. Shade Fist is an exception because it is not actually a fire-based attack - it is a non-elemental attack that causes the Burn status if the Action Command is correctly performed. This Burn status, however, will set off the explosion at the end of the turn.
# Image Name HP ATK DEF Location Description
1 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Goomba.png Goomba 2 1 0 Rogueport Sewers
Petal Meadows
Shhwonk Fortress
Hooktail Castle
Riverside Station
The underling of underlings. No other distinguishing characteristics.
2 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Paragoomba.png Paragoomba 2 1 0 Rogueport Sewers
Petal Meadows
Shhwonk Fortress
Hooktail Castle
A Goomba with wings. Can't reach it with a hammer while it's in the air, but once it's damaged, its wings get clipped. It's kind of sad really.
3 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Spiky Goomba.png Spiky Goomba 2 2 0 Rogueport Sewers
Petal Meadows
Shhwonk Fortress
Hooktail Castle
A Goomba that wears a spiked helmet. Slightly higher attack power than a typical Goomba.
4 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Hyper Goomba.png Hyper Goomba 8 2 0 Twilight Trail When this hyperactive Goomba charges up, its Attack rises to eight, so watch yourself!
5 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Hyper Paragoomba.png Hyper Paragoomba 8 2 0 Twilight Trail When this winged Hyper Goomba charges up, its attack power rises to 8.
6 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Hyper Spiky Goomba.png Hyper Spiky Goomba 8 3 0 Twilight Trail When this hyperactive spike-headed Hyper Goomba charges up, its Attack rises to nine, so heads up!
7 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Gloomba.png Gloomba 7 3 0 Pit of 100 Trials A Goomba that likes dark, damp places. It must look like that because it lives below ground.
8 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Paragloomba.png Paragloomba 7 3 0 Pit of 100 Trials A Gloomba with wings that may or may not get moldy.
9 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Spiky Gloomba.png Spiky Gloomba 7 4 0 Pit of 100 Trials A Gloomba with a painful-looking spike that likes damp places.
10 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Koopa Troopa.png Koopa Troopa 4 2 1 Petal Meadows
Shhwonk Fortress
Hooktail Castle
Koopa Troopas have been around forever. Jump on them to flip them over and drop their defense to 0.
11 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Paratroopa.png Paratroopa 4 2 1 Rogueport Sewers
Hooktail Castle
A Koopa Troopa with wings that stays airborne until you stomp on it and send it plunging to the ground.
12 PMTTYD Tattle Log - KP Koopa.png KP Koopa 4 2 1 Glitzville A Koopa warrior that battles at the Glitz Pit in Glitzville. It may be a different color than your average Koopa, but its abilities are the same.
13 PMTTYD Tattle Log - KP Paratroopa.png KP Paratroopa 4 2 1 Glitzville A Koopa Paratroopa who's dyed its shell. Otherwise, it's the same as any other Paratroopa, which means one stomp and it loses its wings.
14 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Shady Koopa.png Shady Koopa 8 3 1 Glitzville
Pit of 100 Trials
When a Shady Koopa flips back up from its back, its attack increases. Shady Koopas have a place of honor in the Koopa family tree because of this distinction.
15 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Shady Paratroopa.png Shady Paratroopa 8 3 1 Glitzville Other than having wings, this creature isn't very different from a Shady Koopa. Once it flips off its back, it boosts its attack.
16 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dark Koopa.png Dark Koopa 8 4 2 Pit of 100 Trials A Koopa that prefers dark places. It has a very hard shell but you can flip it by jumping on it.
17 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dark Paratroopa.png Dark Paratroopa 8 4 2 Pit of 100 Trials A Paratroopa that lives in dark, damp places. In has a very hard shell, but you can flip it over by jumping on it.
18 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Koopatrol.png Koopatrol 6 4 2 Rogueport Sewers Occasionally uses an attack called Charge that saves up energy, and can call in backup for support if you don't defeat it quickly.
19 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dark Koopatrol.png Dark Koopatrol 25 5 2 Glitzville
Pit of 100 Trials
A member of the elite forces of the Koopa clan. Its pair of red eyes is its most charming feature. After charging its attacks, it deals devastating blows, so watch yourself!
20 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dull Bones.png Dull Bones 1 2 1 Hooktail Castle
Palace of Shadow
Pit of 100 Trials
A Koopa Troopa that became a skeleton. It throws bones to attack and builds buddies to help it fight.
21 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Red Bones.png Red Bones 5 3 1 Hooktail Castle
Palace of Shadow
The ugly, red Dull Bones is stronger than a normal Dull Bones. Even if its HP drops to 0, it can come back to life.
22 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dry Bones.png Dry Bones 8 5 2 Palace of Shadow
Pit of 100 Trials
A skeleton Koopa that sometimes builds friends. Even after it collapses at 0 HP, it will sometimes get back up.
23 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dark Bones.png Dark Bones 20 5 2 Palace of Shadow It's the baddest of the Bones bunch, so its HP are really high. When its HP get down to 0, it might rise again.
24 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Hammer Bro.png Hammer Bro 7 4 1 Glitzville
Rogueport Sewers
Well-known for their vicious and relentless hammer jobs, Hammer Bros. have a reputation for being one of Mario's toughest enemies...
25 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Boomerang Bro.png Boomerang Bro 7 2 1 Glitzville A Koopa who uses boomerangs instead of hammers. Beware of returning boomerangs!
26 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Fire Bro.png Fire Bro 7 3 1 Glitzville A relative of the Hammer Bros. who can spit fire. If one of his blasts hit you, you may catch on fire!
27 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Lakitu.png Lakitu 5 2 0 Glitzville
Pit of 100 Trials
A cloud-riding member of the Koopa tribe, Lakitu attacks by throwing Spiny Eggs, which slowly hatch into Spinies.
28 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dark Lakitu.png Dark Lakitu 13 5 0 Pit of 100 Trials A Lakitu on a rain cloud. It throws pipes at you that sometimes turn into Sky-Blue Spinies.
29 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Spiny.png Spiny 3 3 3 Glitzville
Pit of 100 Trials
A spine-covered member of the Koopa tribe with extremely high defense. It cannot be damaged when it rolls.
30 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Sky-Blue Spiny.png Sky-Blue Spiny 6 6 4 Pit of 100 Trials Spawned from a pipe thrown by Dark Lakitu it will charge at you. When it's balled up, your attacks won't work.
31 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Buzzy Beetle.png Buzzy Beetle 5 3 4 Creepy Steeple
Pirate's Grotto
Pit of 100 Trials
It's well-protected and immune to fire or explosion, but if you flip it over, its defense drops to zero.
32 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Spike Top.png Spike Top 5 3 4 Creepy Steeple
Riverside Station
Pit of 100 Trials
This Buzzy has high defense and a pointy spike on its shell. You'll take damage if you stomp on it.
33 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Parabuzzy.png Parabuzzy 5 3 4 Pirate's Grotto
Pit of 100 Trials
A Buzzy with wings and high defense. It flies in the air, but it'll come down if you stomp on it.
34 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Spiky Parabuzzy.png Spiky Parabuzzy 5 3 4 Riverside Station
Pit of 100 Trials
A Buzzy with wings and a spike. It flies, so a hammer won't reach. It's hard to find attacks that work.
35 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Red Spike Top.png Red Spike Top 5 3 4 Glitzville The sturdiest of all the Buzzy Beetles, a red spike top is impervious to fire and explosions. Plus, the spike on its back protects it from being flipped over.
36 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Magikoopa.png Magikoopa 7 4 0 Rogueport Sewers A Koopa wizard that'll use all sorts of magic. It breaks apart into multiple copies, so beat it as quickly as you possibly can!
37 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Red Magikoopa.png Red Magikoopa 7 4 0 Glitzville This red-garbed Koopa wizard uses a wide variety of magic, including attack and defense boosting spells.
38 PMTTYD Tattle Log - White Magikoopa.png White Magikoopa 7 4 0 Glitzville A white-robed Koopa wizard that uses a wide variety of magic, including magic that replenishes its own HP and that of its allies.
39 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Green Magikoopa.png Green Magikoopa 7 4 0 Glitzville A green-robed Koopa wizard that uses a variety of magic spells, including ones that electrify allies or make them invisible.
40 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Kammy Koopa.png Kammy Koopa 50 5 0 Palace of Shadow An old witch who's always with Bowser. She's a nasty, magic-using crone, but you should still respect your elders. Remember that!
41 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bowser.png Bowser 30/70 3/7 1/2 Glitzville
Palace of Shadow
  • Mario's fated enemy. Bowser the Koopa King is a foe to be feared. His typical turf is NOT Glitzville.
  • Mario's sworn enemy. He's a big galoot who's come to swipe Princess Peach and the Crystal Stars.
42 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Gus.png Gus 20 3 0 Rogueport A super-annoying guy with a big pointy spear that he tends to throw at people. Some think he's just a bunch of sass talk, but he's tough.
43 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dark Craw.png Dark Craw 20 6 0 Glitzville
Pit of 100 Trials
A ghastly-looking spear man that will poke your feet if you try to stomp it when its spear is pointing up. It attacks by throwing spears or charging.
44 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bandit.png Bandit 5 2 0 Glitzville
Pit of 100 Trials
A petty thief that charges at people and tries to steal coins. If you guard well, though, he can't steal a thing!
45 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Big Bandit.png Big Bandit 8 3 0 Glitzville A Bandit boss that steals items as well as coins. Guard when he charges at you to hold on to your goods!
46 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Badge Bandit.png Badge Bandit 12 5 0 Pit of 100 Trials A bandit who steals badges. His HP and attack are high. Use your Guard well to keep your badges!
47 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Spinia.png Spinia 3 1 0 Rogueport Sewers
Pit of 100 Trials
A strange creature made of thin, papery boards. Still a completely mysterious species.
48 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Spania.png Spania 3 1 0 Rogueport Sewers
Pit of 100 Trials
A Spinia with spines on its head. If you stomp on it, you'll take damage. For whatever reason, it looks really peeved.
49 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Spunia.png Spunia 12 7 2 Rogueport Sewers
Pit of 100 Trials
A creature with a body made up of springy discs. It may not look like much, but it's pretty tough.
50 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Fuzzy.png Fuzzy 3 1 0 Shhwonk Fortress
Pit of 100 Trials
A parasite that sucks up its opponent's HP to replenish its own. Fuzzies are so hyper that it's hard to time your Guard Action Command.
51 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Gold Fuzzy.png Gold Fuzzy 10 1 0 Shhwonk Fortress A gold-colored Fuzzy that attacks by charging at you. Unlike normal Fuzzies, it won't drain your HP.
52 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Green Fuzzy.png Green Fuzzy 5 3 0 Glitzville
Keelhaul Key
This minty Fuzzy replenishes its HP as it drains yours. And it can multiply.
53 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Flower Fuzzy.png Flower Fuzzy 6 3 0 Glitzville
Keelhaul Key
Pit of 100 Trials
A Fuzzy with lovely coloring. It'll suck your FP and attack with magic when full.
54 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Pokey.png Pokey 4 3 0 Glitzville
Pit of 100 Trials
A cactus ghoul covered from head to base in nasty spines. It attacks by lobbing sections of itself at you, and can even call other Pokeys to come fight alongside it.
55 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Poison Pokey.png Poison Pokey 8 4 0 Riverside Station
Pit of 100 Trials
A poisonous Pokey that attacks with poison and sometimes calls in friends. Take it out quickly.
56 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Pale Piranha.png Pale Piranha 4 2 0 Boggly Woods
A monochrome Piranha Plant that attacks with a nasty bite. If you see one, throw all you've got at it, or run.
57 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Putrid Piranha.png Putrid Piranha 8 3 0 Keelhaul Key A poisonous Piranha Plant. It'll poison your allies. Use your guard effectively to avoid poisoning.
58 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Frost Piranha.png Frost Piranha 10 5 0 Fahr Outpost
Pit of 100 Trials
A Piranha Plant with ice powers that's weak against fire. Its biting attack sometimes freezes you.
59 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Piranha Plant.png Piranha Plant 15 9 0 Pit of 100 Trials The strongest of the Piranha Plants. It likes to live... in pipes.
60 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Crazee Dayzee.png Crazee Dayzee 7 2 0 Twilight Trail This fleet-footed flower foe is super cute, and it sings one hypnotically sleepy lullaby.
61 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Amazy Dayzee.png Amazy Dayzee 20 20 1 Twilight Trail
Pit of 100 Trials
A mystical Dayzee that's almost never seen. Since it has such high HP, and since it's so quick to run away, this creature is almost impossible to beat.
62 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Pider.png Pider 5 2 0 Great Tree
Pit of 100 Trials
A spidery creature that drops down on webs. It can shoot out three webs wads to attack consecutively.
63 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Arantula.png Arantula 16 7 0 Pit of 100 Trials A spiderlike creature that lives deep underground and spits web-wads. Its coloring is intimidating, but don't worry; it isn't poisonous.
64 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Swooper.png Swooper 6 3 0 Glitzville
Creepy Steeple
A roosting creature that will hang from the ceiling until damaged.
65 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Swoopula.png Swoopula 9 4 0 Palace of Shadow
Pit of 100 Trials
An HP-sucking batlike thing. Its name comes from its swooping, bloodsucking attack.
66 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Swampire.png Swampire 20 6 0 Pit of 100 Trials A feared health-sucking bat that lives in the darkness. It steals your HP to add to its own.
67 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dark Puff.png Dark Puff 3 2 0 Boggly Woods
Pit of 100 Trials
A thunderhead that attacks with lightning. Don't touch it when it's charged up, or you'll be in for a shock!
68 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Ruff Puff.png Ruff Puff 7 4 0 Riverside Station A relative of the Dark Puff... or perhaps just a different-colored one. It charges up and shocks you with lightning.
69 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Ice Puff.png Ice Puff 9 4 0 Fahr Outpost
Pit of 100 Trials
Ruff Puff's chilly brother, it will sometimes freeze you with cold breath. You get hurt if you touch it while it's charged with icy energy.
70 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Poison Puff.png Poison Puff 15 8 0 Pit of 100 Trials A poisonous cloud creature. It'll charge you or try to poison you, and if you touch it while it's storing poison, you'll get hurt.
71 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Boo.png Boo 7 3 0 Creepy Steeple
Pit of 100 Trials
A somewhat shy ghost that can make itself and its allies invisible. It may be a ghost, but it's pretty cute.
72 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Atomic Boo.png Atomic Boo 40 4 0 Creepy Steeple A massive creature made up of countless Boos. It attacks by breaking apart and sending out hundreds of Boos.
73 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dark Boo.png Dark Boo 8 5 0 Poshley Sanctum
Pit of 100 Trials
A creepy-looking Boo with high HP and Attack. Get it before it turns invisible!
74 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Ember.png Ember 8 3 0 Keelhaul Key
Pirate's Grotto
These blue flame spirits are susceptible to ice and explosive attacks. They're said to be vengeful spirits of the recent dead.
75 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Lava Bubble.png Lava Bubble 6 4 0 Pirate's Grotto
Pit of 100 Trials
This flame spirit is vulnerable to explosions and ice attacks. If you stomp on it, you'll take damage.
76 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Phantom Ember.png Phantom Ember 10 5 0 Palace of Shadow
Pit of 100 Trials
An angry spirit from beyond. Its flame attack will set you on fire.
77 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bald Cleft.png Bald Cleft 2 1 2 Shhwonk Fortress Basically, a rock monster with a swarthy-looking face. It attacks by charging and is impervious to fire. Its defense falls to zero if it is flipped over.
78 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Hyper Bald Cleft.png Hyper Bald Cleft 3 2 2 Glitzville A hyperactive Bald Cleft that can charge up energy, boosting its Attack to eight.
79 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Cleft.png Cleft 2 2 2 Boggly Woods
Pit of 100 Trials
Shhwonk Fortress
A spiky, rock-headed jerk that's impervious to fire attacks and has a solid body.
80 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Iron Cleft Red.png Iron Cleft 6 4 ??? Glitzville No attacks can pierce the defense of this hard, metallic Cleft. Are they impossible to defeat???
81 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Iron Cleft Green.png Iron Cleft 6 4 ??? Glitzville No attacks can pierce the defense of this hard, metallic Cleft. Since this one is wearing green shoes, it must be the younger brother.
82 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Hyper Cleft.png Hyper Cleft 4 3 3 Twilight Trail
Pit of 100 Trials
A hyperactive Cleft that uses charge moves to boost its Attack power to nine.
83 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Moon Cleft.png Moon Cleft 6 5 5 The Moon
Pit of 100 Trials
A Cleft living on the Moon. Its defense is high, but if you turn it over with an explosion, its defense goes down to zero.
84 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bristle.png Bristle 2 1 4 Shhwonk Fortress
A petrified spine-covered monster that attacks by charging at you and is impervious to fire. If you approach, its spikes will pop out and poke you.
85 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dark Bristle.png Dark Bristle 8 8 4 Pit of 100 Trials An ancient creature made of rock. Its Defense is high. You can't jump on it because of its spikes, and you can't get close to it because of its spears.
86 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bob-omb.png Bob-omb 4 2 1 Glitzville
Pit of 100 Trials
A round bomb soldier that gets furious when damaged and attacks by charging and then exploding.
87 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bulky Bob-omb.png Bulky Bob-omb 6 2 1 Pirate's Grotto
Pit of 100 Trials
A big pink Bob-omb that explodes after 4 turns. That explosion is big, so take it out before then.
88 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bob-ulk.png Bob-ulk 10 4 2 Pit of 100 Trials A really, really big Bob-Omb that explodes after 4 turns. Take it out before then or you'll be peeling your lips off the ceiling!
89 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Chain Chomp.png Chain Chomp 7 6 5 Palace of Shadow
Pit of 100 Trials
It's tough to damage this creature, but it has somewhat low HP, so it's possible to take it out with one decisive blow.
90 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Red Chomp.png Red Chomp 6 5 3 Glitzville
Pit of 100 Trials
A red, brutal Chomp-Chomp. Attack and defense are high. Rumor has it that it's so angry because someone painted it red while it was sleeping...
91 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bill Blaster.png Bill Blaster 5 0 2 Pirate's Grotto A large black cannon that shoots Bullet Bills. Unknown whether it is alive or not.
92 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bullet Bill.png Bullet Bill 2 4 1 Pirate's Grotto A projectile that attacks after being shot from a Bill Blaster. Take it out before it slams into you.
93 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bombshell Bill Blaster.png B. Bill Blaster 10 0 4 Palace of Shadow A much tougher Bill Blaster. It's really strong, but if you don't beat it, it will keep shooting Bombshell Bills
94 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bombshell Bill.png Bombshell Bill 3 6 2 Palace of Shadow A souped-up Bullet Bill. It'll hit you hard if you don't take it out first. Its HP are low, so do it quickly!
95 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Dark Wizzerd.png Dark Wizzerd 10 5 2 Palace of Shadow
Pit of 100 Trials
A part-machine, part-organic, magic-using entity. It'll multiply itself to confuse you if it's the last enemy left.
96 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Wizzerd.png Wizzerd 10 6 3 Pit of 100 Trials A part-machine, part-organic creature who uses different kinds of magic. It looks to be the best tickler of all time.
97 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Elite Wizzerd.png Elite Wizzerd 12 8 5 Pit of 100 Trials The top of the heap for the half-machine organisms. It uses various magic moves, and if it's alone, it'll create illusions of itself.
98 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Blooper.png Blooper 12 1 0 Rogueport Sewers A giant, squid-like thing that attacks with its ink and tentacles. Based on its dialect, it may come from the western sea.
99 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Hooktail.png Hooktail 20 5 1 Hooktail Castle This giant dragon attacks by munching, stomping, and breathing stinky, fiery breath. She hates things that make chirping noises, especially creatures that start with "cr" and end with "icket".
100 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Gloomtail.png Gloomtail 80 8 2 Palace of Shadow Hooktail's brother. He's a big, dark, poison-spewing baddie. Watch out for his famous mega-breath attack!
101 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Bonetail.png Bonetail 200 8 2 Pit of 100 Trials The oldest brother of Hooktail. He's just bones now and is incredibly tough... Maybe even the toughest?
102 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Rawk Hawk.png Rawk Hawk 40 4 0 Glitzville A champion fighter. Battling him requires a certain level of artistry. "You wanna hate me, but you can't help but love the RAAAAWWWWWKKKKK!"
103 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Macho Grubba.png Macho Grubba 60 4 0 Glitzville Macho Grubba has the confidence to match his muscles after being powered up by the Crystal Star.
104 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Doopliss.png Doopliss 40 4/6 0 Creepy Steeple
Twilight Trail
Palace of Shadow
  • This is the beast that's plunged Twilight Town into the depths of fear and despair. It enjoys turning innocent people into pigs.
  • A fiend who takes the shapes of Mario and friends, then attacks. Currently a member of the Shadow Sisters.
105 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Cortez.png Cortez 20 4 1 Pirate's Grotto A pirate spirit who stayed at Keelhaul Key to guard his treasure.
106 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Smorg.png Smorg 50 5 1 Excess Express A monster made of tons of smaller Smorgs. It uses Smorg tentacles to attack.
107 PMTTYD Tattle Log - X-Naut.png X-Naut 4/6/10 3/5/5 0 Great Tree
Keelhaul Key
X-Naut Fortress
A foot soldier that uses potions and attacks by ramming. This X-Naut is the lowest of Grodus's underlings.
108 PMTTYD Tattle Log - X-Naut PhD.png X-Naut PhD 9 4 0 X-Naut Fortress An X-Naut that throws chemicals. Research is ongoing about the effects of the chemicals they throw.
109 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Elite X-Naut.png Elite X-Naut 10 5 1 X-Naut Fortress The pinnacle of the X-Naut troops, this soldier tackles and throws potions. Elite X-Nauts may be enhanced with nutrients developed by X-Naut PhDs.
110 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Yux.png Yux 3 2 0 Great Tree
X-Naut Fortress
These pathetically ugly creatures were created in the X-Naut laboratories. With Mini-Yux around them, they're impervious to all attacks.
111 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Mini-Yux.png Mini-Yux 1 0 0 Great Tree
X-Naut Fortress
Each one can divide into two. As long as you clear these out first, ordinary Yux are nothing to be feared.
112 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Z-Yux.png Z-Yux 7 4 0 The Moon
X-Naut Fortress
A genetic improvement to the original Yux. Mini-Z-Yux often appear to restore HP or protect the main unit from damage.
113 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Mini-Z-Yux.png Mini-Z-Yux 2 0 0 The Moon
X-Naut Fortress
A protector of the Z-Yux. There can be as many as four. They must be all defeated to make the Z-Yux vulnerable.
114 PMTTYD Tattle Log - X-Yux.png X-Yux 10 3 1 X-Naut Fortress A new Yux designed to protect important areas. Its attacks will sometimes immobilize you.
115 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Mini-X-Yux.png Mini-X-Yux 1 0 0 X-Naut Fortress A protector of the X-Yux. You can't attack the main unit until you clear these things out.
116 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Grodus X.png Grodus X 3 4 0 Palace of Shadow An annoying magical protector of Grodus. When he has four of these, he's invincible!
117 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Magnus.png Magnus Von Grapple 30 2 1 Great Tree A powerful and cutting-edge robot built by X-Naut scientists. It has all the features expected of a robot, including rocket fists.
118 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Magnus 2.png Magnus Von Grapple 2.0 70 6 2 X-Naut Fortress The biggest upgrades seem to be the flying features. Watch out for the improved machine guns!
119 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Lord Crump.png Lord Crump 5/30 1/3 0 Rogueport
Keelhaul Key
The X-Naut leader. He likes to attack with body slams. Always an interesting foe...
120 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Grodus.png Grodus 50 7 1 Palace of Shadow The nasty creature who kidnapped Princess Peach. He's into world domination. Some hobby, huh?
121 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Beldam.png Beldam 9/30 1/5 0 Boggly Woods
Palace of Shadow
  • The eldest sister and leader of the Shadow Sirens, she uses magic to attack. Her personality stinks.
  • Leader of the three Shadow Sirens. She'll throw all sorts of magic at you and has a very unpleasant disposition.
122 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Marilyn.png Marilyn 12/40 2/7 0 Boggly Woods
Palace of Shadow
  • She's one of the Shadow Sirens, which makes her Beldam's younger sister. She has strong Attack power, so it might be best to defeat her first.
  • Beldam's sister, and therefore one of the Shadow Sirens. Her Attack is high, so take her out first.
123 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Vivian.png Vivian 10 1 0 Boggly Woods One of the Shadow Sirens and Beldam's youngest sister. She's so cute, she's able to infatuate anyone.
124 PMTTYD Tattle Log - Shadow Queen.png Shadow Queen 150 7 0/1 Palace of Shadow The demon who possessed Peach. She tried to cast the world into darkness but Mario whipped her butt good. And Peach is back to normal, thank goodness!