Creepy Steeple

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Creepy Steeple
Creepy steeple.JPG
Greater Location Twilight Trail
Ruler Doopliss
Inhabitants Boos, Swoopers, Buzzy Beetles
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
The stained-glass window in the foyer of Creepy Steeple.
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The Creepy Steeple is the home of many Boos and the Atomic Boo in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but the most important resident is Doopliss, who is even depicted in the stained-glass window in the Steeple's foyer. This location is where Doopliss steals Mario's identity and name, temporarily making him a shadow. After being defeated twice by the real Mario in Chapter 4, Doopliss abandoned Creepy Steeple and joined the Shadow Sirens (in place of Vivian, who had joined Mario).

The Creepy Steeple is located beyond Twilight Town at the end of the Twilight Trail. There is a secret entrance through the well in front of the Steeple. There is also a secret path in the northern corridor of the building which leads to a golden tree behind the Steeple. This golden tree is the only source of Golden Leaves, which are useful items for recipes.


Area Tattles[edit]

  • This is Creepy Steeple. Seeing it in the moonlight gives me the willies... It looks like a ghost could pop out at any minute. No way I'm going in there. Uh... Although, I guess since YOU'RE with me, Mario, I'll give it my best...
  • We're inside Creepy Steeple. At least the moon provides a LITTLE light, y'know? This place seems super-old, huh? I'd like to research soon as it's not haunted.
  • This appears to be the Creepy Steeple storeroom. Sheesh, have a few cobwebs! I'm not so good with ghosts OR spiders, to be honest... And ghost spiders...horrible.
  • Who knew we could get down here from up there? Wow! This room's well hidden! Talk about minimal decor: one jump pad and one door. Think there's anything else?
  • This is an underground corridor in Creepy Steeple. The flames are kinda freaky. The fact that they're burning means someone must've been here recently, though.
  • This is a courtyard of Creepy Steeple. Pretty decent breeze out here, huh? Aside from the switch, there isn't much here.
  • This is a courtyard of Creepy Steeple. Boy, that garden sure could use some love. Aside from the switch, there isn't much here.
  • The winding stair leads up to the belfry. Talk about a doozy of a climb! I mean, it's almost like the staircase is saying... "Go away. I totally hate you."
  • This is the well's bottom... but it seems to have dried up. Which is good for us. There's a corridor leading out of here... smells like a puzzle to me, Mario!
  • I gotta say, I'm outta ideas. I mean, you can't pull it out, push it away, hammer it... What should we do, Mario? Hmm... I got nothing. I'm thinking we probably oughta just leave it for now.
  • Who knew the bottom of the well connected to this place? This place is totally crazy. I wonder if Doopliss knew about this passage?
  • This is an underground room in Creepy Steeple. There's a parrot here, but no people. That parrot must get pretty bored with no one around. Think he talks to himself?

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オドロン寺院
Odoron Jiin
Surprise Temple
Spanish Templo Lúgubre Gloomy Temple
French Eglise Occulte Occult Church
German Spukabtei Spook Abbey