Sky Guy

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Paper Mario Enemy
Sky Guy
Max HP 7
Attack 3
Defense 0
Location(s) Shy Guy's Toy Box

Moves Slingshot (3)
This is a Sky Guy. Sky Guys are master balloonists. We can attack the balloon, too. Once they fall, they're just like normal Shy Guys. I wish I had a balloon so I could float.

Sky Guys are Shy Guys that float using balloons. They appear in Paper Mario, where they shoot at Mario with a slingshot. Sky Guys are always red. The balloons keeping them afloat can be attacked, grounding them and turning them into normal Shy Guys.

Outside of battle, Sky Guys attempt to swoop down at Mario to try to make the First Strike just like Paragloombas. They attack like Spy Guys but with their Hammer attack as well and are in camouflage gear.