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Yakkey talking to Mario and Lady Bow.

Yakkey is a talking key in Paper Mario. Yakkey's name is a portmanteau of "yak", which means to talk non-stop, and "key". He is needed to open the door to Windy Mill. The key is locked away in a treasure chest in Tubba Blubba's bedroom.

During the events of the game, Mario had to sneak past Tubba Blubba, who was sound asleep in his bed, and open the treasure chest containing Yakkey. Unfortunately for Mario, Yakkey was a talking key who was completely loyal to his master Tubba Blubba. As a result, Yakkey screamed as loud as he could, causing the "invincible" Tubba Blubba to wake up. Mario ran away with the key, and Tubba Blubba chased him through his fortress. Eventually, Mario reached the windmill that held Tubba Blubba's weakness, his heart. When the game came to a close, Yakkey desired another master to guard his secret in the Windmill.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese まほうのカギ[1]
Mahō no Kagi
Magic Key
French Biquet Goatling


Mystical Key
PM Mystical Key.png
"A key found in Tubba Blubba's room."

First Appearance

Paper Mario (2000)
  • When Mario is opening Windy Mill, the game refers to Yakkey as "Mystical Key."
    • He is also listed as the "Mystical Key" when viewed in the Key Items menu. His item description reads "A key found in Tubba Blubba's room."


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