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PaperMario Items Lemon.png

Lemons are found alongside Limes in Dry Dry Desert's oasis in Paper Mario. They restore one HP and two FP and can be cooked by Tayce T. to make a Tasty Tonic.

Lemons don't sell well anywhere and are largely only good for cooking. However, retrieving at least one is necessary for unlocking Dry Dry Ruins, as the way to earn the Pulse Stone (the only artifact capable of opening the Ruins) involves giving a Lemon to Sheek, who will then allow Mario to "meet" Moustafa (actually himself), owner of the Pulse Stone.

In Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Lemons appeared at the end of every level in the Lemon Kingdom. After Donkey Kong reaches the end of that level, he munches through the whole lemon. This lemon is larger than Donkey Kong himself.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item
Lemon Tasty Tonic
Honey Syrup + Lemon
Cake Mix + Lemon Lemon Candy
Melon + Lemon Special Shake
Jammin' Jelly + Lemon
Lime + Lemon Super Soda
Apple + Lemon
Maple Syrup + Lemon
Koopa Leaf + Lemon
Red Berry + Lemon
Blue Berry + Lemon
Yellow Berry + Lemon


  • Lemons were quickly mentioned in Lumpy's diary in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, where he stated that the last revision of his foodstuff during his Dry Dry Desert expedition consisted of Lemons and Limes.