Chocolate Cake

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Chocolate Cake
ChocolateCake SPM.png
Appears in: Super Paper Mario
Made by: Dyllis
HP restored: 15
FP restored: 0

A Chocolate Cake is a recipe cooked by Dyllis in Super Paper Mario. It is cooked by mixing a Mild Cocoa Bean and a Cake Mix. It restores fifteen HP and cures Poison.

The Chocolate Cake is very similar to the Choco Cake made by Zess T., except that the Choco Cake requires Inky Sauce rather than a Mild Cocoa Bean.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Pastel de Chocolate -
German Schokokuchen -
Italian Ciocotorta From "cioccolato" (chocolate) and "torta" (cake)