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The Orbs in Super Paper Mario are items needed to make a bridge leading to Grambi's Castle. The three different orbs consist of the Yellow Orb, the Blue Orb and the Red Orb. These orbs are elliptical in shape compared to traditional orbs of the circular variety. All of these are obtained in Chapter 7-4 and after placing them all on a glowing pedestal, the bridge is made.

Yellow Orb[edit]

Yellow Orb

Mario, on the hunt for the Orbs, encountered Yebbi. He was hiding in a restroom, worried that a Skellobit was at the door. Mario had to tell Yebbi that he was a monster, therefore Yebbi knew that a monster would never confess their real identity, and exited the restroom. Relieved, Yebbi gave Mario the Yellow Orb.

Blue Orb[edit]

Blue Orb

Mario also encountered Blubi on his journey. When they found him, he was frozen. Bowser had to use his Fire Breath to melt the ice, freeing Blubi. However, when he woke up with amnesia, Mario had to speak with him until he came back to his senses and gave Mario and company the Blue Orb.

Red Orb[edit]

Red Orb

Lastly, Mario encountered Rebbi on his journey. He was battling a horde of Skellobits and tiring due to the vast number of the creatures, instructed Mario to defeat them. After they are all defeated, Rebbi rewards Mario with the Red Orb.