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This article is about an item in Super Paper Mario. For information about the Game & Watch minigame of the same name, see here. For the microgame from WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania, see here.
Helmet SPM.png

The Helmet is an item in the game Super Paper Mario. When Mario reaches Outer Space, he isn't able to breathe, and thus sets out on a quest to get something to solve this problem. While doing this, Mario comes across Pook, who gives him his Goldfish Bowl. After dumping out Pook's pet goldfish Captain Gills into the sewers, Mario uses it as his helmet in space. If the player refuses to put the Helmet on enough times upon re-entering Chapter 4-1, they will get a Game Over.

A helmet also appears in Super Mario Sunshine. During certain missions in Noki Bay, Mario borrows a helmet from the Noki Elder's Grandson. While equipped, it prolongs Mario's ability to stay underwater without returning to the surface to breathe. Though Mario's Health Meter runs out considerably slower when this helmet is used, he must still collect Coins to replenish it when it gets low.


  • Captain Olimar from the Pikmin series has a helmet similar to this one.
  • If the player enters an asteroid in the background of a section of Chapter 4-1, they will still be wearing their space helmet, yet Bowser can breath fire as if it were not there. In addition, Tippi will perch herself atop Mario's hat if he falls asleep due to inactivity, passing right through the helmet in order to do so. This can only be seen in this asteroid, as the heroes do not fall asleep while floating in space and Bowser cannot use his fire breath.
  • In beta screenshots of the game, Mario was shown wearing his space helmet while exploring the Whoa Zone, despite the fact that it is not needed there in the final game.