List of shops in Paper Mario

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Throughout his journey in Paper Mario, Mario would encounter a variety of item selling shops, located everywhere from Lavalava Island to Bowser's Castle.


Toad Town[edit]

Shroom Grocery
Merchandise Price
Fright Jar 5 Coins
Sleepy Sheep 10 Coins
POW Block 5 Coins
Fire Flower 10 Coins
Honey Syrup 10 Coins
Mushroom 5 Coins

Harry's Shop
Merchandise Price
Stone Cap 30 Coins
Dizzy Dial 15 Coins
Thunder Rage 20 Coins
Tasty Tonic 5 Coins
Volt Shroom 10 Coins
Super Shroom 20 Coins

Shy Guy's Shop (replaces Harry's Shop at chapter 4).
Merchandise Price
Stone Cap N/A
Dizzy Dial
Thunder Rage
Tasty Tonic
Volt Shroom
Super Shroom

Rowf and Rhuff's Badges Shop
Merchandise Price
Speedy Spin 50 Coins
D-Down Pound 75 Coins
Multibounce 75 Coins
First Attack 100 Coins
Sleepy Stomp 75 Coins
Double Dip 100 Coins
Dodge Master 100 Coins
Jump Charge 50 Coins
Spin Smash 75 Coins
Group Focus 100 Coins
All or Nothing 100 Coins
FP Plus 150 Coins
HP Plus 150 Coins
S. Smash Chg. 100 Coins
Damage Dodge 150 Coins
Mega Quake 200 Coins

Koopa Village[edit]

Koopa's Shop
Merchandise Price
Dizzy Dial 10 Coins
Fire Flower 8 Coins
Honey Syrup 8 Coins
Mushroom 4 Coins
POW Block 4 Coins
Volt Shroom 15 Coins

Dry Dry Outpost[edit]

Little Mouser's Shop
Merchandise Price
Dried Pasta 3 Coins
Dried Shroom 2 Coins
Dusty Hammer 2 Coins
Honey Syrup 5 Coins
Mushroom 3 Coins
Thunder Bolt 5 Coins

Boo's Mansion[edit]

Boo's Shop
Merchandise Price
Life Shroom 50 Coins
Maple Syrup 25 Coins
Mystery 1 Coin
Snowman Doll 15 Coins
Stop Watch 25 Coins
Super Shroom 13 Coins

Lavalava Island[edit]

Yoshi's Cabana
Merchandise Price
Fire Flower 5 Coins
Honey Syrup 6 Coins
Snowman Doll 15 Coins
Super Shroom 15 Coins
Tasty Tonic 2 Coins
Thunder Rage 15 Coins

Shiver City[edit]

Shiver Shop
Merchandise Price
Dizzy Dial 15 Coins
Life Shroom 40 Coins
Maple Syrup 20 Coins
Shooting Star 30 Coins
Snowman Doll 8 Coins
Super Shroom 20 Coins

Star Haven[edit]

Star Haven
Merchandise Price
Stop Watch 15 Coins
Shooting Star 15 Coins
Super Soda 3 Coins
Maple Syrup 10 Coins
Life Shroom 25 Coins
Super Shroom 10 Coins

Bowser's Castle[edit]

Bowser's Castle
Merchandise Price
Dizzy Dial 25 Coins
Maple Syrup 30 Coins
Mystery 5 Coins
POW Block 15 Coins
Super Shroom 30 Coins
Thunder Rage 30 Coins

Toad Town Tunnels[edit]

Rip Cheato
Merchandise Price
Star Piece 64 Coins
Life Shroom 64 Coins
Bump Attack 64 Coins
Repel Gel 64 Coins
Star Piece 64 Coins
Super Shroom 64 Coins
Mushroom 64 Coins
Dried Shroom 64 Coins
Dried Shroom 64 Coins
Star Piece 64 Coins
Dried Shroom 64 Coins
Every item purchased after the eleventh Dried Shroom will be another Dried Shroom costing 64 Coins