Yellow Magikoopa

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Paper Mario Enemy
Yellow Magikoopa
Max HP 11
Attack 3
Defense 0
Location(s) Flower Fields, Crystal Palace

Moves Magic Blast (3), Electrify (charges an ally)
This is a Yellow Magikoopa. He's one of the magicians in the Koopa clan. Yellow is the new black, didn't you know? He can use magic to give his companions an electric charge. While his cohorts are electrified, don't attack them directly or you'll be in for a shocking surprise.

“Hoo ha! That's far enough! This lighthouse is off-limits!”
Yellow Magikoopa, Mario Super Sluggers

Yellow Magikoopa is a sub-species of Magikoopa found in the game Paper Mario. In-game, its name is abbreviated as Y Magikoopa.

When the player encounters this enemy, it can electrify an ally, making it immune to direct attacks. When riding a broom, it attacks with electricity, but a double jump will make the Magikoopa fall off. When on the ground, it walks up to Mario and smacks him. However, if the Magikoopa's allies have been defeated, it will turn yellow and run from the battle.

A Yellow Magikoopa along with 3 Lakitus acts as a mid-boss thus the player has to defeat them since they are keeping Mario from destroying the Puff-Puff Machine.

In Mario Superstar Baseball and its sequel Mario Super Sluggers, one of Magikoopa's alternate colors has it wearing yellow robes, making it resemble a Yellow Magikoopa.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Kamek Jaune Yellow Magikoopa
German Gelber Kamek -