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Not to be confused with Wildflower Fields.
Mario and Lakilester walking through Flower Fields.

Flower Fields is a plain where flowers bloom constantly. In Paper Mario, Mario and company gain access to Flower Fields with four Magical Seeds given to the heroes by Bub-ulbs scattered across the world. When the insidious cloud Huff N. Puff and his cloudy gang invaded this fair place, they had plans to cover this place in clouds and prevent the Sun from shining on the fields, in addition to imprisoning Klevar, one of the Star Spirits. All hope seemed lost for the inhabitants of the fields, until Mario and his team showed up to take out the Puff-Puff Machine and rescue Klevar from Huff N. Puff and his cloud and Lakitu army, and even have Lakilester (alias Spike) join their team. Huff N. Puff dwells within Cloudy Climb, high above the fields. Wise Wisterwood, the eldest tree in the fields (and most likely the elder of the fields), serves as the portal to Toad Town.

Flower Fields has a main hub with three paths on each side leading to various areas. The center hub also contains the vine that leads to Cloudy Climb, Wise Wisterwood, and a naughty flower named Tolielip that gives false information.

The paths that sprout from the hub:

Flower Fields is the only area in the game devoid of a Heart Block, Toad House, or any other form of instant healing.

The Magical Seeds are indeed the only way to get to Flower Fields; according to the map, the area is surrounded by mountains. This area also does not have a Warp Pipe leading to it.

Enemies found[edit]

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "This is the portal between the flower garden in Toad Town and Flower Fields. The Wise Wisterwood, who's the elder of this fair land, watches over the area. Talk about a big tree!"
  • "There's another platform up there, but I don't think we can get up there. I hate these flower patches! They totally cover me! Those three trees seem to be important to me. If we hit them right, something might drop."
  • "Petunia makes her home here. But I didn't know that Monty Moles did, as well."
  • "A tree's been cut down here. And there's a well. Do you think we can get water from there? You never know, something might be living in there... What if something weird jumps out at us? Well, it could!"
  • "Since it's called Flower Fields, you know there have to be lots of flowers around here. But there are also a few trees."
  • "What crystal clear water! Just looking at it refreshes me! I feel like a new Goomba!"
  • "I guess they couldn't call it Flower Fields without flowers. Me, I'd rather have some tasty fruit than pretty flowers. As short as I am, when we walk through flowers, I can't see a thing! And I have allergies! It's not a whole lot of fun."
  • "Boy, if you like flowers, this is the place to be. Look at all the foliage! Hey, by the way, blue trees produce Bubble Berries."
  • "It looks like there hasn't been water here in a while. And there's just one flower. How very sad."
  • "Look at all the flowers. Even the flowers blooming along the road are beautiful here in Flower Fields."
  • "It's a hedge maze. I hope we don't get lost. I'm not very good at mazes. Still, I know you'll get us through all right. You're Mario!"
  • "Oh, I love rose gardens! Roses are just the best. Although they do have thorns, don't they? All of the most beautiful flowers have thorns. At least that's what they say."
  • "Lily looks happy in her replenishing spring, huh? It's so much more beautiful here when there's water flowing. Do you think this water flows to all parts of Flower Fields? I've heard that this water is absolutely bursting with healthy nutrients."
  • "Look, a flower blowing lots of bubbles! Will wonders never cease?"
  • "This area is full of flowers. Red flowers, blue flowers, yellow flowers... even orange flowers are blooming. It looks like there are a lot of Lakitus in bloom, too."
  • "It's the Sun Tower. This is where the sun comes to rest. Do you think it's waiting here or being forced to stay?"
  • "Green, purple and red... the platforms are all different colors. If you jump on them hard, they'll move up and down. We need to figure out the right order to move them in."
  • "There are flower patches bordering this path. It looks peaceful, but there are lots of briar patches and enemies around, so be careful."
  • "What happened to the wall here? It looks like it collapsed. This place seems very different from the rest of Flower Fields."

Names in other languages[edit]

Bowser's CastlePrincess Peach's CastleStar HavenStar WayShiver CityShiver SnowfieldStarborn ValleyShiver MountainCrystal PalaceGoomba VillageGoomba King's FortressMario's HouseShy Guy's Toy BoxClub 64Toad Town DojoShooting Star SummitKoopa VillageKoopa Bros. FortressWindy MillTubba Blubba's CastlePleasant PathDry Dry RailroadToad TownGoomba RoadFlower FieldsBoo's MansionForever ForestDry Dry OutpostDry Dry DesertMt. RuggedGusty GulchYoshi's VillageMt. LavalavaJade JungleLavalava Island
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラワーランド
Furawā Rando
Flower Land
Spanish Campos Floridos Flowery Fields
German Blütenfelder Flower Fields