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This article is about the species of goggle-wearing fish from the game Super Mario World. For information about the Cheep Cheep-like enemies from the game Yoshi's Story, see Red Blurp. For the related enemies from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, see ????.
An official artwork of a Blurp from Super Mario World.
First Appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Maker (2015)
Parent Species Cheep Cheep
Derived Species
Mad Blurp

Blurps are green colored, goggle-wearing fish encountered in the various underwater levels of Super Mario World. Blurps, unlike Cheep Cheeps, will often simply swim aimlessly in one direction, injuring Mario if it collides with him. As Blurps are fairly weak, they can simply be defeated by shooting a fireball at them as Fire Mario or by bashing them with a cape as Cape Mario. They appear to be relatives of Cheep Cheep, as they share a similar name in Japanese.

Blurp in Super Mario World and Super Mario Land 2.
Blurp in Super Mario World and Super Mario Land 2.
Blurp in Super Mario World and Super Mario Land 2.

Blurps make a reappearance as underwater enemies in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Much like their Super Mario World counterparts, Blurps aimlessly swim in one direction and can be defeated by a Fireball. Blurps are found primarily in the Turtle Zone.

A single Blurp appeared in the Super Mario World TV series episode "Mama Luigi" where Luigi was attacked by it but he swim and stomp on it. The appearance of the Blurp is different, looking more like a Boss Bass than its game appearance. Like the Blurp, it is green in colour and has red fins, but it doesn't wear goggles and is very fierce.

Like various enemies of Super Mario World, Blurps also return in Super Princess Peach. Some of them are affected by the rage vibe of the Vibe Scepter and are called Mad Blurps. They will pursue Peach if she is in front of then.

Blurps reappear in Super Mario Maker, replacing green Cheep Cheeps in the Super Mario World style. However, the voice heard when placing elements onto the course will still call them Cheep Cheeps.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブクブク
Japanese onomatopoeia for a bubbling noise; officially romanised as "Buku Buku"
French Blurp -
Italian Pesce Gulp Gulp Fish