North America

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North America
Greater Location Earth
First Appearance NES Open Tournament Golf (1991)
Latest Appearance Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (2009)

North America is featured in an episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, "7 Continents for 7 Koopas". When Bowser tried to conquer the entire Real World, he put Hip Koopa under control of North America. Hip used his magic wand to take over all of the TV networks, causing them to broadcast nothing but a Koopathon of himself, and refused to go off the air unless everyone in North America gave him all the money. Luigi later stopped him.

Because the United States is located within North America, all the live-action segments of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, which are set in Brooklyn, technically take place there, as well as a few animated episodes, and part of the movie. Additionally, several other episodes of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 take place within the United States, and therefore take place within North America as well.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games takes place in Vancouver.

In their common languages, North America is translated in these ways:

  • Spanish: América del Norte / Norteamérica
  • French: Amérique du Nord
  • Hawaiian: ‘Amelika ‘Ākau
  • Greenlandic: Amerika Avannarleq

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 北米
Kita Amerika
米 in Rōmaji is read "Amerika", like アメリカ (both translations mean "America").
Spanish Norteamérica Literal translation
French Amérique du Nord Literal translation
Dutch Noord-Amerika Literal translation
German Nordamerika Literal translation
Italian America del Nord Literal translation
Portuguese América do Norte Literal translation
Russian Северная Америка
Severnaya Amerika
Korean 북아메리카
Buk Amerika
North America
Chinese 北美洲
Romanian America de Nord Literal translation