7 Continents for 7 Koopas

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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Episode
"7 Continents for 7 Koopas"
Airdate November 17, 1990
Writer(s) Perry Martin
Opening Curtain Grass Land
Featured Song "I'm a Hurricane"
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"7 Continents for 7 Koopas" is the twenty-second episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3; it aired alongside another episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 entitled "Up, Up, and a Koopa". The episode's name is based off the musical film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The group witnesses as the Doom Ship covers them.

In the Mushroom Kingdom, Frog Mario and Frog Luigi are hopping across a bridge over a pond, while Princess Toadstool and Toad follow in swim-wear. Looking up at the clear sky, Princess Toadstool comments that it's a great day for swimming, as there isn't a single cloud in the sky. Luigi corrects Princess Toadstool's comment, pointing out to her the huge rain cloud that has suddenly appeared above them. Upon paying closer attention to the "cloud", Mario exclaims that it's actually the Doom Ship, surrounded with steam. Not wanting to be spotted by the Koopas, Princess Toadstool directs her friends to jump into the water.

Inside the Doom Ship's engine room, steam from the radiator is starting to flood the place. Kooky, Cheatsy, and Kootie Pie use a monitor to communicate with King Koopa at the helm. Kooky explains that the radiator has overheated, much to Koopa's dismay, as he just got the Doom Ship back from the repair shop. As the entire room starts to shake, Cheatsy remarks that they need water immediately, and Koopa orders his kids to activate the Super Slurp Pipe.

The Super Slurp Pipe extends down from the hull of the Doom Ship into the pond, and starts sucking up the water. Not wanting to get sucked up along with the water, Luigi and Toad hold onto some blocks, while Mario and Princess Toadstool hold onto some coral. However, the force of the Super Slurp Pipe proves to be too much for Princess Toadstool, as she loses her grip and is sucked up the pipe into the Doom Ship. As Princess Toadstool ends up in the radiator, Cheatsy comments that the water managed to cool down the radiator just in time. Kootie Pie, however, whines that it wasn't just in time, and cries about how the steam melted her mascara. Wanting to change the subject, Koopa tells his kids about his latest idea for a "Koopa Caper." With that, Cheatsy recalls the Super Slurp Pipe, and the Doom Ship flies away.

Toadstool escapes out of the Doom Ship's engine.

Mario, Luigi, and Toad then surface from the water and head for land, noting that Princess Toadstool has been Koopnapped by accident, and that they need to find Raccoon Power so that they can fly after the Doom Ship. Meanwhile, Princess Toadstool escapes from inside the radiator through a hatch, and climbs out into the now-empty engine room. Wanting to find out what the Koopas are up to, Princess Toadstool heads for the helm, and spies on them from behind the door.

King Koopa steers the Doom Ship through a Warp Pipe, warping it into the Real World. Not wanting the Mario Bros. to follow them, Koopa orders Kooky to activate the Koopa Klogger, which, as Kooky claims, will clog every Warp Pipe in the Mushroom Kingdom. Upon being activated, a large, spherical force field appears in the Warp Pipe that the Doom Ship went through, just as Raccoon Mario, Luigi, and Toad fly towards it. Unable to slow down in time, the trio crashes into the force field, lose their Raccoon Power, and fall to the ground. With the Warp Pipe blocked off, Luigi remarks that they can't follow the Doom Ship and save Princess Toadstool.

King Koopa assigns the Koopalings to each of the World's seven continents.

Back aboard the Doom Ship, Kooky is gloating about his Koopa Klogger, and as the rest of the Koopalings cheer, Koopa orders them to get ready for his latest plan; the Real World has seven continents, so he assigns each of his seven kids to wreak havoc on one. As the Koopalings are called off by name, they parachute down to their assigned continent.

Toadstool surrounded by two Paragoombas.

Princess Toadstool tells herself that she needs to stop the Koopalings before they take over the entire Real World, and realizes that she must disable the Koopa Klogger. However, just as she touches the handle, she triggers an alarm, and is quickly surrounded by two Paragoombas and a Bob-omb. King Koopa tells Princess Toadstool that the Koopa Klogger has an "Echo Goody-Good Warning Device", and calls her his prisoner as a Chain Chomp wraps itself around her.

Mario, Luigi and Toad using the giant plunger.

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, and Toad have Raccoon Power again, and are struggling to pull the force field out of the pipe using an enormous plunger. However, they wind up pulling the plunger off of the force field, and fling themselves down to the ground, losing their Raccoon Power in the process. Luigi remarks that they've tried everything, and have been unsuccessful in unclogging the pipe. Mario comments that it's the worst clog he's ever seen, but Toad reassures them that Princess Toadstool probably has Koopa begging for mercy by now.

Still tied up by the Chain Chomp, Princess Toadstool tells Koopa that he will never get away with his takeover, but Koopa shows her the truth, and directs her attention to a screen with seven monitors, each one linked to a Koopaling. He first checks in on Bully, who's spraying graffiti all over a wall; he is disappointed with Bully's vandalism, until he learns that the wall is actually the Great Wall of China. Next, Koopa checks in on Kooky, who has turned all the African animals into stuffed animals with his magic wand. He then checks in on Cheatsy, who's used his Magic Wand to turn every human in Australia into a kangaroo, with the exception of a "Crocodile" Dundee-type man, who he turns into a prawn, explaining that they are "throwing shrimp on a barbie." After that, Koopa checks in on Big Mouth, who's built an Abominable Snowkoopa, which he brings to life to terrorize the penguins of Antarctica. He then checks in on Kootie Pie, who used her Magic Wand to transform all the artwork in the Louvre into portraits of herself. Checking in on North America, Hip announces that he's taken over all of the TV stations, and is holding a "Koopathon," which won't end until everyone gives him all their money. Lastly, Koopa checks in on Hop, who's turned the Amazon Rainforest into a parking lot.

Toadstool about to aim the Bob-omb at the Koopa Klogger.

Needing a plan to escape, Princess Toadstool looks down at the Bob-omb that's guarding her, and gets the idea to start taunting it. Princess Toadstool calls the Bob-omb a dud that can't explode, tricking it into setting off its fuse. This reaction scares off the minions guarding Princess Toadstool, who hurriedly picks up the Bob-omb, runs to the upper deck of the Doom Ship, and tosses it at the Koopa Klogger, blowing it up. With the Koopa Klogger destroyed, Princess Toadstool comments that Mario and Luigi can now enter the Real World to help her stop the Koopalings.

Mario using Bully's wand on the Great Wall of China.

Mario, Luigi, and Toad watch as the force field disappears, and each hop onto a Para-Beetles, which they ride through the Warp Pipe. As they come out in the Real World, they meet up with Princess Toadstool, as she parachutes down from the Doom Ship. Mario heads to the Great Wall of China, where he grabs Bully's wand from out of his hand, and uses it to turn the wall into a Chinese dragon, which chases after Bully. Luigi heads to Africa and steals Kooky's wand, which he uses to turn the stuffed animals back to normal. Normal again, the animals chase after Kooky. Princess Toadstool heads to Australia, steals Cheatsy's wand, and turns all the humans back to normal. She also uses the wand to remove the crocodiles' teeth. As a human, the hunter grabs Cheatsy and nearly throws him on a barbie. Luigi then arrives in Antarctica, steals Big Mouth's wand, and uses it to destroy the Abominable Snowkoopa. Luigi then uses the wand to make the penguins grow huge, and they chase after Big Mouth. At the Louvre, Mario steals Kootie Pie's wand, and uses it to make water pour out of "The Birth of Kootie" portrait, washing her away. Luigi then arrives in North America to whisk Hip away from the camera with a cane. Mario then arrives in South America, pulls Hop's wand away from him, and uses it to restore the rainforest, to the delight of two natives.

King Koopa, who has been observing these events from the Doom Ship, is startled to see his children all running into the helm, tumbling on top of him, screaming for help. Known that they've been defeated, the Doom Ship flies back through the Warp Pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom. Afterward, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad have all met up again. Mario thanks Princess Toadstool for helping them save the continents of the Real World from the Koopas. Princess Toadstool reminds Mario that after all the times that he and Luigi had saved the Mushroom Kingdom, it was the least she could do.


Animation and continuity errors[edit]

Cheatsy's incorrect colouring.
  • When Mario and Luigi ride on the Parabeetles, the Parabeetles are pink instead of red.
  • When Mario steals Hop's magic wand, Hop is incorrectly depicted as Hip; he is also depicted as Cheatsy when he parachutes to South America and when he finished telling Bowser his evil deed.
  • When Kooky says, "With pleasure, Pop," Bully mouths the words but does not say them. In the same scene, Kooky's head is miscolored the same as his skin.
  • When Kooky tells Bowser that he turned the wild animals into stuffed animals, the animals are normal. They only appear as stuffed when Kooky is defeated.
  • When Luigi makes the penguins giant, their feet are blue and feathers are black. After, their feet are yellow and feathers are blue.
  • When Cheatsy retracts the pipe that vaccuumed water to cool down the Doom Ship, the third lever is in the down position even though nobody had pushed it down.
  • When Peach grabs Cheatsy's wand, his head is brown.
  • When Mario turns the Amazon Rainforest back to normal, there's grass on the ground, but, in the next shot, the ground isn't covered by grass.
  • At the end of the episode, while King Koopa is watching his screen, there's a giraffe in the Asia screen, Toad is in Africa, Princess Peach is in Antartica and a lion is seen in Australia.
  • When Mario thanks Toadstool for saving all the continents, not only did Mario, Luigi, and Toad save some of them, but Toad's pants are gone.
  • When Koopa is saying how he just got the Doom Ship back from the repairs, Cheatsy's head is the same color as his skin.
  • The sleeve of Princess Toadstool's puffy pink dress shows up as she grabs the wand from Cheatsy, but she's still wearing her one-piece. Also, look carefully at the edge of the cel; the arm appears to not even be connected to her body. Additionally, Toadstool appears in her dress in some of the footage on King Koopa's Doom Ship monitors.
  • When Hip is assigned a continent to conquer, both him and Hop are shown walking away from Koopa; in the next shot, only Hip is seen walking through the door, and after Hop is given his assignment both are seen parachuting off the Doom Ship.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Siete Continentes para Siete Koopas Seven Continents for Seven Koopas
French À chacun son continent To each its continent
German Koopa-Welt Koopa World
Italian I sette continenti The Seven Continents
Portuguese Sete Continentes para Sete Koopas Seven Continents for Seven Koopas
Romanian Șapte continente pentru șapte Koopa[1] Seven continents for seven Koopas


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