Special 6

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Special 6
Appearance Super Mario 3D Land
Levels 6
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Special 6 is the sixth of the special worlds appearing in Super Mario 3D Land. The world takes place in a sky-based area at night, with a grey checkered ground and various sparkles, hills, and clouds in the background. Its theme is a remix of the normal World 6. There are six levels and one Toad House.


Level Preview Description
Special 6-1 Special61.png An easier version of World 3-1 but takes place at night with lots of Propeller Blocks.
Special 6-2 Special62.png A harder version of World 3-3 with the time set to 30 seconds.
Special 6-3 Special63.png A harder version of World 2-2.
Special 6-4 Special64.png A harder version of World 4-3 and Special 3-2 that has the Cosmic Clones, the first that is not the second level.
Special 6-5 Special65.png A harder version of World 8-4 with a foggy twist.
Special 6-Airship Sprite.png Special6Airship.png A harder version of World 4-Airship Sprite.pngAirship with the boss not at the end.


Audio.png Super Mario 3D Land - Special World 6 Theme
SM3DL-Special World 6.ogg

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