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Platformer World
Special 1
Appearance Super Mario 3D Land
Levels 5
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Special 1 is the first extra world of Super Mario 3D Land that the player unlocks after defeating Bowser in World 8-Bowser's Castle 2. It takes place in a sea green field at night with flowers and hills in the background. The map music is a remix of the game's World 1 map music. If Mario defeats Dry Bowser in the last stage of this world, Luigi is saved and becomes a playable character.


Special 1-1[edit]

This level is similar to World 2-1, but has few differences. The level now takes place in a sunset and the Binoculars are replaced with a Statue Leaf on top of a stump. There are several Spinies and Prongos in the level, as well as multiple stumps near the beginning of the stage. A Question Block with a Poison Mushroom appears as well, replacing the Roulette Block from before. There are three Stars in the level, so Mario can earn 1-Ups easily.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: Located in the place where Toad would put the first Star Medal in 2-1, but is on top of a Brick Block.
  • Star Medal 2: Located in the place where there is a moving Rubber Platform, to the left, Mario can bounce on it to get the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 3: Located near the end of the level. When the player sees a piece of land that sticks out, Mario should jump on to it, he should jump on the Wooden Blocks, and would reach the Star Medal.

Special 1-2[edit]

This level is based on World 1-2 but this level has different enemies such as Spinies and different items like more Ball 'n' Chains. A small version of a Cosmic Clone is also in this level, mimicking the plumber's moves.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: Located a little bit above the rocky like Donut Lifts shaped in a square.
  • Star Medal 2: A little bit after the Midway Flag, the Star Coin will be above a spike cylinder attached to two strings.
  • Star Medal 3: Located above and very very close to the right of a small bouncy platform.

Special 1-3[edit]

This level is loosely based on World 2-3 only the platforms are shaped like 8-bit sprites of enemies from Super Mario Bros.. There are Cannons to help the player get around. There are Baddie Boxes, Bullet Bills, and Cheep Cheeps. At the last cannon, there are two Wooden 1-Up Mushrooms and one real 1-Up Mushroom. If the player aims at the top 1-Up Mushroom, they will get an Extra Life, as that was the real one.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: In the first cannon, the player should aim left, and land on a Fireball sprite with the first Star Medal. There is a Warp Box to take Mario back.
  • Star Medal 2: In the third cannon (the one with a cloud sprite on it), the player should aim left, like the previous Star Medal, and land on another Fireball sprite with the second Star Medal. There is a Warp Box to take Mario back.
  • Star Medal 3: In the last cannon (the one with the Cheep Cheep sprite on it), the player should aim right this time, and land on the last Fireball sprite with the third Star Medal on it. There is a Warp Box to take Mario back.

Special 1-4[edit]

This level is loosely based on World 6-1. Although its appearance on the world map shows Cheep Cheeps, there are none in this level. Instead they are replaced by Boomerang Bros and Paragoombas. On the first bridge there is a Coin Block, two Boomerang Bros and it will lead to an island where the first tightrope connects to. Along the tightrope are some Paragoombas, Coins and a Red Ring. On the next island is a Boomerang Bro which leaves a Boomerang Flower when defeated and a tightrope which leads to the Midway Flag. After the Warp Boxes, there is a row of Blocks (one of which contains a Poison Mushroom) and then one Paragoomba and many Boomerang Bros. Beyond them is the end Flagpole.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: At the start the level, on the highest rock to the right is a Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 2: After the first tightrope, is the section of the island with the Boomerang Bro, the shadow of a Star Medal is seen above. Mario/Luigi must Wall Jump off the wall to obtain it.
  • Star Medal 3: The last one is in the same place as 6-1. Mario/Luigi needs to double jump on to a floating tightrope.

Special 1-MysteryBoxIcon.pngMystery Box[edit]

The possible contents of this Mystery Box are:

Special 1-Castle Icon.pngCastle[edit]

The player must have 110 Star Medals to access this level. This level is based on World 1-Castle, but with the hero having only 30 seconds at the beginning. The player starts on higher ground with a + Clock and a Prongo below. After are two turning wheels, the first with a Podoboo in the middle and the second, a firebar with a + Clock to the right. There is a platform with a Prongo and a Rectangular Coin Block and a platform when elevated by lava, allows the player to reach the next part of the stage. After two + clocks and a row of Podoboos, there are two Hammer Bros, another + Clock and a higher platform with a Prongo and a + Clock. To the left is a Firebar, some Thwomps with more + Clocks (in which if Mario wall jump behind one, he will be on higher ground with a + Clock and Binoculars), a Prongo and yet again a + Clock.

Dry Bowser, who acts the same as Fake Bowser, appears at the end. After Mario/Luigi presses the button that sinks Dry Bowser into the lava, the hero can process, save Luigi (only on the first try), and then go into the Warp Box to the Flagpole. After completing the level, there is a cutscene of Mario and Luigi coming out of the castle.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: On top of the Rectangular Question Block.
  • Star Medal 2: After passing some Boomerang Bros., there will be a Prongo and a + Clock. Above it is the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 3: Located in the same place the third Star Medal is in World 1-Castle.

Enemies introduced[edit]


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