World 7 (Super Mario 3D Land)

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World 7
World7 SM3DL.png
Appearance Super Mario 3D Land
Levels 6
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World 7 is the seventh world traveled to in Super Mario 3D Land. The setting of this world is a jungle-like area. The overworld's background is covered in purple haze and many trees, both big and small are spread throughout the background. World 7 contains six levels and a Toad House. Boom Boom and Pom Pom are both fought together in the airship at the end.


Level Preview Description
World 7-1 3DS SuperMario 6 scrn06 E3.png The second underwater course of the game.
World 7-2 7-2SM3DL.png
World 7-3 7-3SM3DL.png
World 7-4 7-4SM3DL.png
World 7-5 World 7-5 (Super Mario 3D Land).png
World 7-Airship Sprite.png World 7-Airship (Super Mario 3D Land).png The fifth airship in the game.

New enemies[edit]


Audio.png Super Mario 3D Land - World 7 Theme
SM3DL- World 7.ogg

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SM3DL- World 7.ogg
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  • The gate lowered by the P-Switch in 7-1 resembles the top of a Thwomp.