World 4 (Super Mario 3D Land)

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Platformer World
World 4
W4 SM3DL.png
Appearance Super Mario 3D Land
Levels 6
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World 4 is the fourth world contained in Super Mario 3D Land. This world is a pale green meadow with small, medium and gigantic mushrooms. World 4 contains six levels and a Mystery Box. It is also the first encounter with Pom Pom, the boss of this World.


Level Preview Description
World 4-1 SM3DL 4-1b.jpg This is the first forest level of the game.
World 4-2 4-2SM3DL.png This is an underground level with colored walls and ground.
World 4-3 ! Block and face blocks scene SM3DL.png This course takes place in the sky, with colored spinning blocks and checkered grass platforms.
World 4-4 Tanooki Boo SM3DL.png The first Ghost House in the game.
World 4-5 3DS SuperMario 2 scrn02 E3.png This level is notable for having many green flipping panels.
World 4-Airship Sprite.png SM3DL W4-airship.png This course introduces Pom Pom.

Mystery Box[edit]

The 2 possible contents of this world's Mystery Box are:

New enemies[edit]


Audio.png Super Mario 3D Land - World 4 Theme
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