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Platformer World
Special 2
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Appearance Super Mario 3D Land
Levels 6
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Special 2 is the second Special World in Super Mario 3D Land. The world appears as a dark yellow field at night which is unlocked after beating Dry Bowser in Special 1. At the beginning of the world is a Warp Pipe leading to World 2. There is one Toad House in the world.


Special 2-1[edit]

The level takes place in an area that is auto-scrolling both horizontally and vertically at the same time. It begins on a platform, in which the player must jump up onto the next section of the platform until he or she reaches the end. The next platform can be reached with the Jump Blocks directly underneath it. On this platform is a Piranha Plant. The player must then jump across two elevators to reach another platform, with several elevators going up at the same time; in the corner of one is another Piranha Plant. The next set of two elevators has a Venus Fire Trap on it. The next elevator has a Red Ring over it, and the next is a group of five elevators have two Piranha Plants on it. This leads to a vertically moving elevator taking the player to two Jump Blocks, which allow the player to jump onto another elevator. This one leads up to another set of platforms, with two more groups of Jump Blocks allowing the player to reach yet another elevator. This one takes the player to another series of elevators; on the corner of one is a Venus Fire Trap. Some Jump Blocks let the player access the next elevator, more allow the player to reach the next platform, and the next group allow the player two reach the Warp Box leading to the end of the level. On the elevators directly before the Flagpole is a Piranha Plant.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: The Star Medal is floating above the first set of Jump Blocks.
  • Star Medal 2: Floating above a yellow platform near the second Venus Fire Trap is the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 3: On the roof of the castle-like structure at the end of the level, the Star Medal is visible.

Special 2-2[edit]

The level appears similar to World 3-2, but this level takes place in the sunset and the player has 30 seconds to complete the level. However, blue + Clocks are scattered throughout. Like with 3-2, the player starts on a shore directly in front of the water, with a + Clock directly in front of them. The underwater area has two more clocks inside rings of coins, a Coin Ring, and two Bloopers. A Warp Pipe leads the player to the next area, and in front of it is another + Clock. Another clock leads the player into the water. There is a Coin Ring in front of the way to the next area, which has another clock inside a ring of coins. Next, there are two Bloopers guarding two more clocks, and there are two coin rings above a yellow-spotted orange block. On the land portion after this, there is a Spiky Plant in front of a + Clock. The next area has a Blooper with another + Clock on a grate barrier. After a little bit, there is a Spike Eel; above it is a Coin Ring and a + Clock, and beneath it area Blooper and two clocks. The next orange-yellow block takes the player out of the water and onto land once more; this section has a Warp Pipe which takes the player to the area with the Flagpole.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: The Star Medal is in plain sight, in the corner next to the first underwater rectangular Question Block.
  • Star Medal 2: The second Star Medal is right above a Rubber Platform.
  • Star Medal 3: The third Star Medal is near the end of the level, on top of a pair of Wooden Blocks stacked on top of each other.

Special 2-3[edit]

The level appears similar to World 1-4. However, the area beneath the player is covered with lava instead of water, and the primary enemies are Fuzzies. The player starts on a platform. He or she must leap onto a Switchboard to continue. The player is first confronted by a swinging spiked drum. After a while, the player must then avoid several Fuzzies, with a Statue Leaf being amongst the second group. Next, the player must jump over a gap and onto a second Switchboard; on this one's path, the player is encountered by two Blokkabloks and a spiked drum before the Checkpoint Flag. The next Switchboard takes the player over another Switchboard underneath; the path to the left takes the player to a block containing a Poison Mushroom, and in front of it are two more Switchboards, as well as a Red Ring; the third board allows the player to advance, but he or she must dodge Fuzzies to reach it. A geyser then allows the player to access the next Switchboard, and the same happens for the next one. The board heads down a ramp, which ends with two geysers the launch the player into the air and onto another set of tracks far below; the player must then avoid a long line of Fuzzies to reach the platform with the Warp Pipe leading to the Flagpole. In this area, there is an Exclamation Mark Block that creates three Platform Blocks, allowing the player to access another Switchboard and the Flagpole.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: The Star Medal is located near the Checkpoint Flag, above the chained spiked cylinder.
  • Star Medal 2: By using the first water geyser the player can access the Star Medal, located to the left of the geyser.
  • Star Medal 3: On the final rail the player must make the Switchboard go backwards near the edge of the rails to get it.

Special 2-4[edit]

The level is similar to World 6-5. The player starts on a snow-covered platform, with a Propeller Box in front of them. The player must use this to conquer three higher up platforms, the third one having another Propeller Box inside a Question Block and a Goomba Tower consisting of three Goombas. The player must then use the box to reach a Paragoomba to reach a distant platform. The next platforms are divided by Paragoombas, and the Question Blocks contain only Propeller Boxes. The platform after this has a Goomba Tower ten Goombas high, as well as another block with a Propeller Box inside. The player next has to use the box to reach higher platforms, then must reach a lower platform with the Checkpoint Flag on it. There are then two Paragoombas dividing the player from two small platforms, and afterward there is a wooden structure the player must wall jump up, leading to several Brick Blocks. The next area has two more platforms with two more Paragoombas. Mario or Luigi must then cross two Donut Lifts above using the Propeller Box, then must use it to pass a tall Goomba Tower and finally to conquer several more higher up platforms to reach the Flagpole.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: There is a Brick Block and a Question Block after a thin platform with Coins. Using a Propeller Box to get to a previously impossible area leads to the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 2: This Star Medal is in a high area close to a Question Block and a tall Goomba Tower. Using the Question Block and the Goomba Tower can get Mario to the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 3: Near some Donut Lifts, Mario should use a Propeller Box to reach the final Star Medal.

Special 2-5[edit]

The level is patterned after World 4-5. However, the area is a snowy area, and the Snake Panels move faster. The player starts on an orange and yellow-checkered platform. On the area above, there is a switch which activates some Snake Panels which lead to another platform; a Stingby is on the path. This next platform has another switch on it, but the panels mostly form a wall instead of a floor; the player must long jump across to the panel at the end, leading to a small platform with another switch on it. This switch creates two paths of Snake Panels, which lead to a large platform. There is a Question Block between two Brick Blocks on the other end, but it contains a Poison Mushroom. The three Snake Panels on this platform create a path leading to a platform with three Stingbies and a Warp Box. The box takes the player to a platform with the Checkpoint Flag on it. On this platform are two Snake Panel switches. The paths lead the player to three Warp Boxes. The first takes the player above the platform, to a green + Clock, the lower one at the end takes the player to the Star Medal, back above the aforementioned platform, and the higher one takes the player to the next area. On this large platform, there are three Snake Panel switches. The path leads to another two switches. The player should hit the one more off in the distance, which has a Warp Box adjacent to it. The Warp Box takes Mario or Luigi to the platform with the end Flagpole on it.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: On the highest Snake Panel after the first switch, the Star Medal will be there.
  • Star Medal 2: After three Stingbys, in this part the player needs to go to the third Warp Box seen. Close by is the Star Medal, which is collected automatically.
  • Star Medal 3: After three sets of Snake Panels, there is one that does not lead to a Warp Box. When the panels stop going south, Mario should jump down, and the Star Medal will be there.

Special 2-Airship Sprite.pngAirship[edit]

The level is similar to the World 3 Airship. However, the level uses Banzai Bills instead of Spiked Pillars. The level also takes place in a daytime setting instead of night. The player must have 120 Star Medals to unlock the level. The player starts on one airship with two Question Blocks on it; one has coins, and the other has a Poison Mushroom. The player must pass by some retractable spikes to reach the next section, which has a Bob-omb. The section slightly above this has spikes on it, and a Donut Lift divides the player from the next section. This platform has spikes in the middle, and a Bob-omb on the other end. The next platform is covered in spikes, and the platform after that has only spikes. The platform after that has a Banzai Bill Blaster, with the player only being safe on the edge areas that aren't covered by spiked blocks. The platform after that is another platform of spikes, and the next a cannon that launches Spiked Balls. The wall of at the end of the platform afterward is retractable spikes, and the platform above contains two Spiked Ball launchers. The next section of the ship has the Checkpoint Flag on it. On the platform below, there are three Bob-ombs and a Green Koopa Shell, with Brick Blocks covering the edges. Climbing two Donut Lifts takes the player to the next area, which has a Banzai Bill Blaster activated by obtaining the Star Medal. Two Donut Lifts divided by a platform then take the player to the next section; there are retractable spikes across the floor, with the safe areas being in the path of Banzai Bills. To reach the airship at the end with a Warp Box, the player must cross Donut Lifts, the gaps being in the paths of Banzai Bills. The Warp Box leads to an airship with the Flagpole on it; however, the staircase path on it has retractable spikes.

Star Medals[edit]

  • Star Medal 1: The player will notice the Star Medal floating above a Spiked Ball launcher.
  • Star Medal 2: The first Star Medal is located on a platform just in front of a Banzai Bill Blaster.
  • Star Medal 3: The third Star Medal is on a Spike Platform, in a location similar to the second Star Medal on the World 3 Airship.


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