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The team emblem logo.

Wario Greats is the name of a Baseball Team led by Wario in Mario Superstar Baseball. Although the team's main name is Wario Greats, it is sometimes called Wario Garlics, Wario Steakheads, or Wario Beasts. When the Sub-Captain, Waluigi, heads the team, it is called Waluigi Mistiques, Waluigi Smart-Alecks, Waluigi Mashers, or Waluigi Flankers. Like most other teams, the characters on the team are chosen by the game during Challenge Mode, but can be chosen by the player in Exhibition Mode. The Wario Greats practice in the desert, which is where the Wario Palace is located. The Wario Palace also acts as the teams' stadium.

Mario Superstar Baseball[edit]

Team Members[edit]

The Wario Greats have a very widespread team, as they have six different kinds of players. Alongside the Bowser Monsters, the Wario Greats have the second most-widespread team, losing only to the DK Kongs. He also has King Boo and Petey Piranha on his team. He also has four Magikoopas on his team. Petey Piranha is also unlockable, unlocked by beating Challenge Mode with the Wario Greats.

Team Logos/Marks[edit]

Mario Super Sluggers[edit]


The team reappeared in Mario Super Sluggers, now known as the Wario Muscles, but it is known as the Waluigi Spitballs when the Sub-Captain, Waluigi, heads the team, and their home stadium is Wario City. The team has the least number of team players, with hardly any of them showing positive chemistry with Wario and Waluigi. In fact, the Wario Muscles is primarily composed of characters who are common enemies to Mario and Luigi. The teammates also tend to have positive chemistry with characters from other teams; for one example, Koopa Troopa would show positive chemistry with some of the members of the Bowser Monsters.


Teammate Gallery[edit]

Team Names[edit]

  • Wario Garlics comes from Wario's favorite food.
  • Wario Steakheads (when Wario has a majority of team members with a high Power stat): is derived from Wario's brute strength.
  • Wario Greats is named after Wario's arrogance, as he believes that he is great.
  • Wario Beasts is also derived from Wario's brute strength.
  • Wario Muscles comes from Wario's strength.
  • Waluigi Mistiques could be from many of Waluigi´s powers that are rather mystical, like the giant baseball he throws or the random trajectory of his Star Swing.
  • Waluigi Smart-Alecks may come from Waluigi's sarcastic personality.
  • Waluigi Flankers comes from the baseball term "flanker".
  • Waluigi Mashers has the same origin as the above name.
  • Waluigi Spitballs may be derived from Waluigi's cheating behavior.